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How the Freemason Harvey Weinstein scandal has become a nightmare for Freemason Ben Affleck, Freemason Matt Damon and Freemason Jimmy Kimmel

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Yahoo News
October 11, 2017

How the Harvey Weinstein scandal has become a nightmare for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon


Taryn Ryder

As Harvey Weinstein continues his fall from grace, he’s dragging some big-name celebrities through the mud with him.

The Oscar-winning producer has been accused of sexual abuse and harassment across a period of decades, with stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie coming forward and telling their stories. Weinstein’s alleged behavior has prompted statements from George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon, among others, but many in Hollywood are feigning ignorance. And Affleck and Damon in particular have people really riled up.

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Sky News: ‘Hollywood’s Secret Scandal’ – YouTube (00:38)

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2 comments to How the Freemason Harvey Weinstein scandal has become a nightmare for Freemason Ben Affleck, Freemason Matt Damon and Freemason Jimmy Kimmel

  • Wm

    We have a VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM WITH FREEMASONS IN THIS COUNTRY , These are Freemasons also see my Twitter site “Complain_2_EPA” and “Yahweh_is_Love” They destroyed our home mother 85 could no longer live there.

  • Karma

    LOL…well most people do not know this but the soul of Walt Disney put all of this in effect. There is a book coming out next year that proves the reincarnation of Walt Disney called “Behind the Souls Looking Glass” with all the documentation and proof. The Freemasons were warned in the spring of 2017 by the soul of Walt Disney to not try and hide his reincarnation. Walt Disney is now a woman. They mocked her and this is what they got. Bob Iger is next if he doesn’t watch it. He’s skating on thin ice. He has known about this for the past year. Everywhere they have been suppressing her story. All the major networks have been instrumental in trying to not publicize it…so this is what they got. The soul of Walt Disney tore up Hollywood and this is the result. Until the Freemasons back down…it will only get worse.

    Here’s the lowdown..

    Walt Disney was reincarnated on Feb 15, 1976 (Lillian Disney’s Bday) almost 10 years after his death in Alameda Ca. and was born with the last name Donald. Disney is located on Alameda Rd/ Buena Vista. He is now a woman and had 3 children born 12/05/03 (his bday)~12/30/99 (his older brother Ray’s bday & the day Charles Mintz died who stole Oswald) and another child born 09/5/96 which is Frank Thomas Bday and Oswald’s bday)….this is also her brothers birthday as well born 9/5/84 her fathers name is also Tommy Frank (Frank Thomas backwards). Also her cousin was born 2/10 5 days before she was born in 1976 and that Bob Iger’s birthday. Her father in this life was born on
    Feb 16,1947…that is the day that Sharon Disney died. She also lost a boyfriend from a drowning on 2/2/94 and Ray Disney’s wife Meredith died 2/2/98~Feb 2, 1928 is also The day Charles Mintz signed a 3 year agreement with Universal to use Oswald the Lucky Rabbit without Walt’s involvement aka the day Oswald was stolen
    Unfortunately, she also had a slip and fall accident 3/4/14 that left her with the same cervical and spinal issues as her past life as Walt from a Polo accident. Four months before this accident Diane Disney died of complications from a fall. 3/4 is also the birthday of Frank Wells and the death date of Art Babbitt. March 4, 1927 is also the day Walt signed his contract with Charles Mintz in 1927 for Oswald.
    Also her son born 12/30 was born at Queen of Angels in Hollywood one block from Rays insurance company coincidentally.
    A book is being written on the reincarnation of Walt Disney titled “Behind the Souls Looking Glass.” Disney lawyers was informed Dec 2, 2017 of this book and to bring forth all documentation to be verified…yet the company is having a hard time dealing with this. They have really disrespected the soul of Walt Disney unfortunately. Reincarnation has not been proven so this book will be sufficient evidence that it exists. She was also able to go back and link together 7 previous lives she lived prior to Walt which will be quite a shock when this book comes out when people see what she discovered. Her mothers side of the family and mothers maiden name originate out of Kilkenny, Ireland…where the Disney’s migrated from as well.

    The soul of Walt Disney is horrified at what has happened to the company and has disowned it as well as any connections to the DeMolay and Freemasons which helped finance the company through Bank of America. Roy was the 33 degree Freemason who handled all the finances (Walt was in the DeMolay just clear this up from the rumors)

    All of this will be brought to light in the book…as well as all the documentation that will be verified and double checked for authenticity
    The soul of Walt Disney watches everything and reads everything that everyone says and most people are unaware of it until this book comes out.

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