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Grand Lodge of British Columbia Petition and Examination for Membership

'Does he possess the proper physical qualifications'?

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Author: [redacted]
Date: [redacted]

Hi [redacted],

To become a Freemason you need to ask one for a petition. You'll also need two sponsors. My mother Lodge is in the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia but all "regular" lodge petitions will be similar.

You'll need to fill out the front page and return it. Our petition goes like this:

To the Worshipful Master, Wardens and members of [redacted] Lodge, A.F & A.M., No [redacted], B.C.R.

I, (your name), of the (city, town, village), of (name of city) in the province of British Columbia, (#) years of age, being born at (city) on the (#) day of month, (19??) , by occupation (???) being free born and of mature age, do declare that uninfluenced by mercenary or other unworthy motives and unbiased by the improper solicitation of friends, I freely and voluntarily offer myself a candidate for the mysteries of Freemasonry; that I am prompted by a favorable opinion conceived of the Institution, a desire for knowledge and a sincere wish to render myself more extensively serviceable to my fellowmen, and that if admitted, I will cheerfully conform to all the ancient usages and established customs of the Fraternity. I do also declare that I have resided in the Province of British Columbia for one year or more, and at the place above mentioned six months or more preceding the date of this petition; and that I have not made application for admission into any other Masonic Lodge during the last twelve months.

Witness my hand this (#) day of (month) 2002

Once you return your petition, if everything goes well, you will be contacted by a Mason. He’ll set up an interview, preferably at your house. Three Masons will show up and ask you a bunch of questions. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions. They have to ask you three mandatory questions:

1: Do you believe in the existence of a Supreme Being?

2: Do you believe that the Supreme Being will punish vice and reward virtue?

3: Do you believe that that Supreme Being has revealed His will to man?

After the interview, the investigative committee will fill out the back of your petition responding to the following fourteen questions:

1: Are you satisfied that the facts stated by the petitioner in his petition are correct?

2: Does the petitioner possess a good moral character?

3: What is his occupation and by whom is he employed?

4: Is he married?

5: What family has he?

6: Is he addicted to the excessive use of liquors or other pernicious habits?

7: Has he previously made application for admission? If so, when and where?

8: Does he possess sufficient intelligence and education to understand and appreciate the science and teachings of Freemasonry?

9: Are there any other circumstances which you deem necessary to be known by the Lodge before balloting on this petition?

10: Do you recommend his application and consider him proper material to be made a Freemason and become a member of this Lodge?

11: Have you had an interview with the petitioner?

12: In your opinion does he possess the proper physical qualifications for membership?

13: Is he possessed of average good health?

14: Are his financial circumstances such as, in your opinion, properly warrant him in seeking membership?

If everything goes well you’ll be contacted and told when to show up at the front door of the lodge.



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