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Cayman Islands: Government should introduce Freemasons disclosure for public servants

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An Oath of Secrecy

by Dale Fogis

Friday, March 3, 2006

“Wearing a shoe on one foot and a slipper on the other, they roll up their trouser leg, bare their chest, are blindfolded and tied with a hangman’s noose and, whilst standing on a marble chess board with a dagger pressed to their heart, swear oaths of secrecy, allegiance and mutual aid.”

For the un-informed I could very well be describing some far fetched occult practice performed by drug crazed zombies, yet this ritual is performed by every one of the estimated 350,000 plus members in England and Wales, over 30,000 in Scotland and an estimated six million members world-wide.

I am talking about Freemasonry, whose all male membership includes the Duke of Edinburgh; and the Duke of Kent as well as policemen, prison officers, judges, politicians and a multitude of other public servants, and businessmen, all who go through such a bizarre ritual.

Freemasonry has come under attack by various individuals, groups and governments since the 18th Century. So I will try not to get my name added to the long list of attackers neither will I try to explain what Freemasonry is about because there is stacks of information to be found on the Internet. I will, however, pose some thoughts for people to ponder on.

Freemasons seem to be a harmless and benevolent group to the public and the majority of its membership. Members are sworn under oaths of secrecy and there is worldwide evidence that there is little doubt that retribution, from the top ranking masons, for public disclosure is a real threat in the minds of all those who have ever been initiated.

When you start looking at the number of people with influence, which are freemasons, you will expect to find that it is an organization with influence in any society and we all know that influence equates to power.

Where we have a society of a small nation like the Cayman Islands, which is mostly transient in nature, there exists, I believe, the perfect conditions for Freemasonry to take a stronger hold of that society with their influence than in any larger nation.

Freemasonry, around the world, has long been a target of conspiracy theories which see it as an occult, hidden from view; concealed, an evil power, sometimes tagged as a powerful and secretive group with plans to take over the world.

Personally I hope someone takes over the world and sorts it out for all mankind and not just for the few, but in the meantime I will try not to add to the global conspiracy theories.

At a national level there is the need for transparency from any group or organization within its borders and within the government and the criminal justice system there is always a need of transparency.

There may be no evidence of any group including freemasons exerting any improper influence within Government or the criminal justice system but suspicions about the influence of any particular group including freemasons can be damaging to the credibility of the government and the criminal justice system.

The greatest cause of such suspicions will always be due to a lack of transparency within the groups, in the public eye and the secrecy surrounding groups such as the freemasons who are, after all sworn to secrecy and indeed carry a lot of influence whether the intent is there or not.

It is my understanding that freemasonry in the Cayman Islands is closely linked with the brotherhood in Jamaica putting freemasonry in a somewhat better position to influence the community of the Cayman Islands whether that is its intent or not.

Freemasons will always speak about how moralistic their organization is and quote the Masonic constitution, which states the use by a Freemason of his membership to promote his business, professional or personal interests is forbidden. And goes on to say a Mason’s duty as a citizen must always prevail over any obligation to other Freemasons.

That might be the case on paper but people are people and in the competing world of business and commerce, influence, power and the mighty dollar goes a long way and it will be hard for some people to stick to the rules especially when the Cayman Islands is the fifth largest financial centre in the world and struck in the middle of a multi billion drugs trade passing from South America to North America.

There is public interest in the possible influence of freemasons in Government but due to the lack of trust in being able to speak up without persecution or being bullied out of their job and finding their recourse to justice obstructed at every turn people keep quiet.

The public interest is real but silent just like the oaths of secrecy sworn by some when holding a dagger close to their heart.

Government should introduce a policy of disclosure for all Public Servants including the judiciary to be open and honest about their membership of groups such as the Freemasons because transparency is the key to honesty and to improving public confidence in Government.

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