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The C.F.R.'s Manipulation of the Mid-East Peace Process, by Barry Chamish

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Hussein, Masons of Peace, Jerusalem Post

Clinton, Masons of Peace, Jerusalem Post

by Barry Chamish ([email protected])

I prefer to space out my reports but I have been bombarded with requests to verify my report, sent earlier this week, of a CIA-PLO-Israeli hit squad charged with eliminating Jewish leaders of Judea, Samaria and Gaza and spreading mass demoralization as a prelude to removing the "settlers" from their homes.

Let us begin with George Tenet, appointed during Netanyahu's reign, by CIA head John Deutsch to be his liaison between Israel and the PLO. We jump ahead to Barak's regime and a ridiculously underlooked item which appeared throughout the Israeli media. Barak's Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and the CIA's resident spy, George Tenet had come to a little agreement: Peres assented to the PLO sending 40 "policemen" for an advanced CIA marksmanship course in Virginia.

Once in old Virginee, the best snipers, especially those with the loosest attitude towards murder, became a handpicked hit squad. Their assignments would be chosen by the CIA and a tiny, nearly independent cell of the Israeli General Security Services or Shabak. The cell would be limited to a handful of officers loyal to the very far left of the Israeli political spectrum. These officers had spent most of the decade organizing, often deadly, sting operations against the religious Right and were responsible for setting up Yigal Amir for the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, Dr. Baruch Goldstein for a massacre in Hebron, the Kahalani brothers Eitan and Yehodidya for a planned massacre they knew nothing about etc. etc. el al.

These officers preferred to let PLO Security Chief Jibril Rajoub murderers carry out most of the killing. All they had to do was supply the locations of the victims to the Arabs and they would take care of the dirty business. One indication of the ties between the two secret services was leaked to a religious newspaper Kol Hashavuah by a "high-ranking government official." He claimed that after Rabin's bodyguard Yoav Kuriel threatened to tell the truth of Rabin's assassination, Shabak chief Carmi Gillon ordered him permanently hushed up. He could not find an assassin under his command willing to murder a friend, so he had Rajoub's men pump seven bullets into his chest. All he did was supply the location.

Let's take a moment's breather. So far, published material has been the primary source of data. That Peres would be treacherous enough to send PLO thugs to the US for CIA advanced sniper training was confirmed many times over by the Israeli media. Of course, they believed these snipers, and their brand new up to the minute state-of-the-art CIA equipment, would be used to further peace because they believed Peres when he explained that the snipers would be aiming only at Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists. As for the Kuriel report in Kol Hashavuah...I have met the newpaper publisher Asher Zuckerman on several occasions and found him to be most responsible. Further, his reports (largely from Haredi civil servants working within the system at day jobs) have been reliable. One example stands out; he twice published claims that Rabin's surgeon's were suffering from unexplained debilitating diseases. Both stories were later confirmed to me at lectures by colleagues of the doctors.

I will accept Zuckerman's professionalism as verification of the story and now do the same with another journalist, Steve Rodan. In 1994, he was the security affairs reporter for the Jerusalem Post. Today, he writes for a variety of military and intelligence journals, including Jane's. At the time, I was co-editor of an intelligence newsletter, Inside Israel. I received a call from a source who said he possessed intercepted transmissions from the Oslo "peace" negotiations and they were both genuine and terrifying. I told my partner about the call and we met the caller in the lobby of the Jerusalem Hilton.

The caller was representing "an employee of a government ministry." This turned out to be the truth. I met the "employee" at his office and later saw his picture in the papers on occasion. The caller handed me reams of paper, which I read, and concluded that I didn't believe it, at least not the part about murdering settler leaders to rid the territories of unwanted Jews. The caller answered, "We gave these documents to Steve Rodan. The Post has been checking the story out for three months. I want you to publish the stuff the Post won't touch." I replied that I'd have to do my own checking.

I called Rodan and he confirmed the veracity of the story. The Post HAD been checking for three months. The leak was who he said he was and his facts were accurate. A few days later Rodan's story appeared on the front page of the Post. It maintained that the secret clauses of the Oslo Accord, negotiated by Yossi Beilin, call for Israel returning to its pre-'67 lines. The settlers would have to go.

The government Foreign Ministry lost its composure and cancelled all its subscriptions worldwide to the Post, This cost the paper $50,000 but they did not recant the story and no one sued them. My informant had passed enough tests for us, and we decided to run as our lead story in the next issue of Inside Israel, "The Secret Clauses Of Oslo." It has since been reprinted in full in my book Traitors And Carpetbaggers In The Promised Land (Hearthstone Publishing, 1997).

The documents the Post chickened out of publishing accuse Yossi Beilin, who at the time was Shimon Peres's parliamentary deputy, of approving the following plan with the PLO's Abu Mazen:

"The Foreign Ministry program for Israel's future is outlined in a document authored by Beilin himself called, 'The Palestine Interim Self-Government Agreement (PISGA). The PISGA's main points are that the ultimate aims of the peace process are to roll back Israel's territory to the 1949 borders; to create a Palestinian 'entity' which, after an interim period, will be granted statehood; and to permit the right of return for any Palestinian to the new nation...

"The Beilin plan calls for the removal of all Jews from beyond the Green Line. Before such a change can be implemented, opposition from the settlers of the Administered Territories is to be eliminated. Beilin is well aware that tens of thousands of territorial Jews will fight his program; and they will have broad support throughout the country. Thus, if they are to be removed, he decided it would have to be in stages. "Stage one calls for the disarming of the settlers...Once they become less able to defend themselves, army presence on the roads leading their homes will be greatly diminished, leading to heavy terrorist casualties along with feelings of fear and helplessness. This will cause the more passive residents to panic, sell their homes and flee. With the resulting crash in housing prices, the government will offer to buy up homes at current market price...

"To facilitate this need, Beilin requested and received a significant expansion of army intelligence (Aman), in order to supply the Shabak with information required for total suppression of opposition voices..." And onward this sick program continues through a media campaign aimed at turning the settlers into monsters, and the shutting down of voices of opposition. The plan was unleashed in February of 1994, when three political figures were attacked: Miriam Lapid, number four of the Moledet list lost her husband and son to snipers. She has since moved back to pre-67 Israel; Kahane Chai spokesman David Axelrod survived a knife attack; and NRP head Chaim Druckman survived a sniper ambush but his driver was killed. Shortly after Dr. Baruch Goldstein was lured into the Cave Of The Patriarchs as the fall guy for a massacre of over fifty Arabs. This is not hip-shooting on my part. I read the eye-witness testimonies of the massacre and no one, Jew or Arab, saw a lone shooter. And that's just for starts. Further details are in my book Israel Betrayed (write [email protected] for copies).

And yet with all the carnage, the program devised by the long-blackmailed homosexual Yossi Beilin hasn't worked. So recently, another stage has been added, increasing the demoralizing effect of each hit via the murder of settlers who had recently suffered a similar murder, horrid torture of victims, total heartlessness, going as far as shooting a baby from her mother's arms.

With the hope of stanching the agony, I will identify members of the hit squad, right to the top, and that is where I will lose most of the victims of this bloodletting because it will appear TOOOOOOO conspiratorial.


The current hit squad is a continuation in policy of the previous one, the one Shabak Chief Carmi Gillon ran, with Avishai Raviv the bigtime agent provocateur who got caught. It is fear of exposing the previous hit squad which is the primary force behind the endless delays of Raviv's trial. Since Gillon ran the first manifestation of the squad, could he still be directing operations? After all, he was fired from the Shabak. I am reliably told that if this was the case, then the squad would be run out of the Peres Center For Peace. That, I am informed, is far from impossible. Eli Barak, who operated the dirty tricks squad, which employed the likes of Raviv, is still in the Shabak and as violent and looney as ever. In short, he's still on the squad.

And it's been suggested to me that another Shabak agent, G. Ben Ami is privy to the secrets of the Gillon squad, strong evidence of an inside role. (See Gagging On The Protocols from The Last Days Of Israel, available as are all books on net bookstores such as The Beilin plan calls for cooperation with military intelligence (Aman). Three such squadmen are, most likely:

- Brigadier General (Ret.)Yisrael Blumenthal. He commanded numerous sting operations on behalf of the first squad, including the framing of 17 members of an underground that didn't exist and the similar framing of the Kahalani brothers for a massacre they had no intention of committing.

- Col. Shlomo Mofaz. Brother of the IDF's current Chief-of-Staff. An intelligence officer definitely seen meeting Baruch Goldstein in Hebron the day before the massacre. Was recently discovered on a PLO hit squad target list.

- Shlomo Edelstein - A communications officer, who coordinated the Hebron massacre operation at the most, or, at the least lied non-stop to the government commission of inquiry into the massacre. It is indisputable that, against regulations, he had his IDF Jeep pick up Goldstein and take him to "pray" at the Cave Of The Patriarchs. Again, that's just starters. These are the highest ranking officers of the squad but they let others do the killing and their identities are the most protected. The head of the PLO snipers can only be Jibril Rajoub chief of PLO security and police. No one else would be entrusted with such a squad and his liaison to the Israelis is former Shabak deputy chief, Yossi Ginosar. Ginosar is Rajoub's personal messenger to Peres and shares with Jibril numerous business interests, including undeclared shares of the once profitable Jericho casino.

Of members of the squad who actually pull the trigger, we know of one for certain. He is Yoram Rubin. Three days before Rabin's last night alive, his regular bodyguard, Tzahi, was sent abroad on a superfluous assignment. He was replaced by Rubin, who shot Rabin three times and this is beyond a shadow of a doubt.All the proof necessary is found my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin (Brookline Books, Boston, 2000). Within that book is ample evidence that Shimon Peres organized the Rabin murder. Those who have been following my work will not want me to recite the proofs again and few doubt them by now anyway.

But now here comes the part these people have the most trouble with. For years I've been rationally explaining that a 3800 member think tank in Manhattan, called The Council On Foreign Relations is out to get Israel. I sent their 1997 Middle East Task Force Report far and wide and still the victims of the hit squads just don't get it. The CFR is powerful; no Secretary-of-State in memory has not been a member and no president is unallied to them. And we know by this report that they want the settlers gone from their homes and Israel returned to its 1948 borders. I have before me this year's CFR members list. Recall that CIA chief John Deutsch appointed George Tenet to be his personal Israel/PA liaison. We look at the list and between I.M. Destler and Phillip J. Deutch, we find John Deutsch. And who follows Dina Simone Temple-Raston but George J. Tenet, the one and only agent who put together the PLO's hit squad with Shimon Peres's approval.

Yes, the CIA does the CFR's bidding and in Israel's case through their loyal members John Deutsch and George J. Tenet. And they are doing in Judea, Samaria and Gaza what they do everywhere. Here's a hint from the President's Intelligence Oversight Board (1996), investigating CIA operations in Guatemala:

"In the course of our review, we found that several CIA assets were credibly alleged to have ordered, planned, or participated in serious human rights violations such as assassination, extrajudicial execution, torture or kidnapping while they were assets - and that the CIA's Directorate of Operations headquarters was aware at the time of the allegations. "...a number of the station's liaison contacts - Guatemalan officials with whom the station worked in an official capacity - were also alleged to have been involved in human rights abuses or in covering them up."

Now we have the CIA's assets and liaisons, the PLO, assassinating, executing, kidnapping and torturing just like in Central America. And with the approval of a few Jews in power, utterly devoid of morality. Nothing could be clearer. The campaign of violence aimed at removing the settlers is deliberate. CIA-trained hit squads are roaming the land. The goals of the Oslo peacemakers will not be thwarted no matter how many settlers are in the way.

The Last Days of Isreal, by Barry 
Chamish On June 2, the Hebrew edition of my book The Last Days Of Israel will be unveiled at the Jerusalem Hebrew Book Fair. I'll be at the Zionist Book Club booth every day except the first Saturday night when I must lecture elsewhere.

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