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Barry Chamish: There is a danger of a coup in Israel

g and compass

Special to Freemasonry Watch

21 April 2005


by Barry Chamish

It's that time of the year again when we sweep all the Khametz from our In boxes. The cleanup is a bit early this year since you won't hear from me, barring unforeseen developments, until the end of the holiday. Next week I go selling twice in Hebron, in Gush Katif and finally, at Homesh. This year I won't be alone. I will share duties with Atalia Ben-Meir, who wrote an impressive book on the Oslo process.

My new book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust sold out its first edition in just three months and now I'm working on distributing the improved second edition. Atalia has already sold out the first edition of her book in English and wants to share similar success with her Hebrew edition. So we will be sharing a table all next week and in May at the Hebrew Book Fair in Jerusalem.

It's going to be a busy week coming up, so let's get the cleanup on the road:

Many of the items have been stored since last Pesach. There were many reasons for the storage including, boasting isn't nice. My readers know I was the first to report on the coup plans being cooked up in Israel. A lot of readers thought I was doing the cooking. But is it polite to say, 'I told you so?'

Former Mossad head: There is a danger of a coup in Israel

By Mazal Mualem, Haaretz Correspondent

There is a danger of a military coup in Israel if the trend of right-wing figures refusing to serve in the military widens "and more and more religious Jews that answer to rabbis enter the General Staff," Labor MK Danny Yatom warned on Friday.

Yatom, a major general in the reserves and a former head of the Mossad, made his remarks at a discussion of Tzvi Emitai's book "Code Blue" at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. The book describes a situation in which the radical right gains control of the Israel Defense Forces and overthrows the government.

Yatom was asked if he believed a coup could happen in Israel. He answered that up until a year ago, the possibility did not occupy his attention, but that recent developments forced him to conclude that the danger exists.


According to both Barak and Debka's sources, there exists a cadre of 12 to 24 highly trained Mossad, Shabak and Tzahal officers preparing to prevent the withdrawal from Gaza and YESHA, "by all possible means". Government security agencies have dubbed this group "the Dirty Dozen", and warn that these individuals are extremely dangerous and not merely a collection of 21st century Ďgal Amir's.

The operatives are said to be experienced at infiltrating foreign and hostile populations as individuals or in small groups, where they attack the enemy's utilities and communications infrastructure, contaminate food supplies, hack into "secure" computer systems, and assassinate military and political leaders.

The "Dirty Dozen" do not sport kippas or beards, and are not connected with any known group of "Settlers" or Jewish Nationalists, making them virtually undetectable to investigators.

By the same token, have I not issued enough warnings that the Council On Foreign Relations is putting kitniot in Israel's matzah? And yet, with all the proofs I have offered, most Jews have not put the pieces together. Most, but not all:

Updated CFR membership list: http://www.geocities.com/benribqqq/

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Outgoing World Bank chief James Wolfensohn on Thursday was named special representative of the Middle East "Quartet" with the job of smoothing Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank.

"I look forward to assisting the Israelis and the Palestinians as they strive to reach and implement a peaceful solution that restores hope and confidence to the people of the region," he said in a statement released by the World Bank.

Wolfensohn, 71, will focus on Palestinian political reforms and economic needs and will report to the Quartet, which groups the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wolfensohn would help coordinate the non-military aspects of the withdrawal, including what to do with assets left behind, and to plan for the revival of the Palestinian economy.

So, let's see...Paul Wolfowitz (CFR) is heading up the World Bank, while its outgoing director, Wolfensohn (CFR) will be overseeing the Jewish expulsion of Jews from Jewish "settlements." Meanwhile, Dick Cheney (CFR) has authored a plan to unite Iraq and Jordan under the Hashemite flag under the rule of Abdullah II. The Expulsion Plan was created by the US, whose messenger, Condi Rice (CFR), has stated that the fictitious "Palestinians" must have a contiguous state, carving Israel up like cold deli turkey, and that Israel must not expand "settlements" in Ma'ale Adumim. The Central Bank of Israel is now headed up by Mr. Fischer (CFR).

Gee, if I was wearing a tin-foil hat, I might see and smell a conspiracy here. But since I'm so level-headed and naively trusting everything I see on my television set, and hear from our politicians' voices of righteousness, I'll assume that these coinciding events linking leading CFR puppets are fictitious, and any resemblance to persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

Here is the latest CFR plant in the American Jewish community:

NEW YORK, April 12 (JTA) — The nomination of Harold Tanner as chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations came as a surprise to many following the process...He also is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Now look who chose him:

Malcolm Hoenlein (CFR), the Presidents Conference’s executive vice chairman, said the process was run with the deepest integrity. The seven-member nominating committee, for which Hoenlein served only as a resource, was composed of a cross section of people from all sides of the political and religious spectrum, he said.

“We’re going to have to have somebody who can present the interests of and the views of this community and provide leadership to the community” at a critical time in the U.S.-Israel relationship, said Mortimer Zuckerman (CFR), a past chairman of the Presidents Conference and chairman of its nominating committee.

At least two of my readers also noted that my extensive warnings that Yeshiva University was taken over by the CFR were proven correct:

YU Rabbis Approve Disengagement Jewish World

Three leading rabbis of Yeshiva University, in a panel discussion on the disengagement/expulsion plan, agreed unanimously that the plan is Halakhically sound.

I am proud of the quality of thinker that has joined my newsletter list. One contributor is an award winning Czech filmmaker. He has provided me with outstanding research which I stored because it was way too good for the trash bin but not quite what most of my readers savor. Here is his report on the Czech activities of Ronald Lauder of the CFR. I kept his report in the original dialect:

I wanted to share with you my belief (and I am not alone), that "the powers" are executing orchestrated subversion of Jewish communities. Ronald Lauder is, as you probably know, head of the foundation named after him, which builds and finance Jewish educational institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. I just got his new booklet, full of nice pictures, including those of Prague. Now, I have some intimate knowledge of the situation in Prague Jewish community and the Lauder schools here, since my family member is the chairman of the community, and he got a lot of troubles because of that schools. First, majority of the pupils are not Jewish, even not in the broader sense of the word - not father, not grandpa or grandma, nothing in their families. This seems to be so in other countries also, judging from the so many very not Jewish looking faces pictured in the booklet (don`t want to sound as an racist, but I have some experience). Majority of the teachers are neither Jewish as well. And no word of criticism from any Rabbi visiting Prague. They often use to say, that I should go to Israel, there are all Jews (not true of course). Not long ago there was a scandal at the school, at the gymnasium. In the pc of the deputy director of the school (incidentally half Jewish one) was discovered a hard core mysophilia/sadistic porno stuff. Young girls and the ... ! So, my relative the chairman investigated the case, asked an sexologist (Jewish) - he saw this very dangerous and especially when the said person is an pedagogue, he warned of apparent tendency to sadism, as I recall. Another expert, from the IT field, declared that it was not possible to download the stuff accidentaly or without consent of the user. The guy was offered to leave his post of his own will, or to be fired on the loss of confidence. He took the first choice. But then the crusade against my relative and his colleagues started. They were accused of all kinds of nonsense, majority of the teachers and the pupils went into strike, the "Chief Rabbi of Prague and the Czech Republic" Karol Efraim Sidon ( son of Jewish father who converted some twenty years ago) joined them. Now I have to tell you, that the forementioned "Rabbi" studied for his giyur in Germany, in Heidelberg. Before his Jewish awakening he graduated from the Prague film school, the some like Milos Forman did. He belongs to the dissident and emigrees circles, close to Vaclav Havel and all the "better people". In 1991 two major incidents in the Jewish community occured - former Rabbi (altough graduate only from Budapest Neolog seminary) was exposed as an agent of the secret police ( which was of course a precondition for the studies and for his installment) and forced to leave to Israel, and the president of the Jewish communities was killed in an mysterious car accident ( many believe it was not so much an accident - me too, he had very interesting connections).

Other readers provided juicy tidbits which I just couldn't fit into the past year's menus. It feels great to have them out of the cupboard just in time for the holiday:


If you go to the cfr website you will see that the current president of the CFR is Richard Haas. Richard Haas was one of what was sometimes called the "Baker's boys" (The others if I recall most of them were: Daniel Kurtzer, Dennis Ross, and Aaron David Miller) These were the Jews among James Baker's top Israel advisors during George H.W. Bush term. They helped write the give up the "Dream of a Greater Israel Speech " during Baker's AIPAC speech which sent the opening shot over Israel bow during Shamir's Prime Ministership and started the downward spiral going.

While I do not, yet (but at this rate I might), subscribe to all of Barry Chamish's characterization of those involved in the CFR as guilty by association, I noticed that Aaron Miller* (http://www.seedsofpeace.org/site/PageServer?pagename=staffadmiller) also was a fellow at the CFR.

* During 1982 and 1983, he was a Council on Foreign Relations fellow and a resident scholar at the Georgetown Center for Strategic and International Studies. http://www.seedsofpeace.org/site/PageServer?pagename=staffadmiller

"William Kristol is not CFR but his father Irving is." William Kristol is CFR, Trilat and Bilderberg. Here's his bio from the CFR's site: http://www.cfr.org/bio.php?id=1863 I doubt they would have a bio for someone who is not a member. Prime real estate on the site has to be left only for paying members - Though I admit that both Djerejian and Kristol don't appear on APFN's CFR 2001 list.

Here's an American Freepress article as well naming him as a member of each of the big 3.


By contrast, Mahmoud Abbas, has spoken at the CFR before; at the behest of the President himself, Richard N. Haass:


Council on Foreign Relations William L. Langer (March 16, 1896-December 26, 1977) was an intelligence agent. In 1939, Langer and George Schuster, another intelligence agent and member of the Council on Foreign Relations would become editorial sponsors of the English version of MEIN KAMPF.

Related sites:



The next reason for keeping goodies in the cupboard, was great questions but no solid answers yet. I was coming close on the first question posed by several readers; why did Peres shut down his technology fund. The answer is because its illegalities and traitorous conflicts of interest were now being investigated and he's destroying the evidence:

Peres's Peace Technology Fund folds

Peres's Peace Technology Fund folds The fund's goal was to encourage economic cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Navit Zomer - "Yediot Ahronot" 17 Apr 05 17:35




In June 1999 Business Week reported:

A venture capital fund founded by former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres has taken a $9 million, 3.3% stake in Paltel, the Palestinian Telecommunications Co., according to officials of the Peace Technology Fund.

The investment is the first by the peace fund, which was established last year by Israeli and Palestinian investors. The fund has raised $60 million from Israeli, Palestinian, and foreign investors.

The Peace Technology Fund was established by Peres and the World Bank as part of an attempt to spur investment in the Palestinian economy.

The article and the prospectus of the PTF states clearly that Peres was the man who initiated the fund.

Was he paid a fee for this? Was the Peres Center which paid Shimon Peres' expenses while he was working on this deal to create this unique "regional private equity fund" paid a fee by the PTF after the money was raised? When the fund was registered- Peres was not a member of the Israeli government but a member of the Israeli parliament. Five weeks after he is appointed Minister of Regional Cooperation in Ehud Barak's government in June 1999- he announced to the press- on behalf of the PTF- the investment in Paltel.

The Knesset Ethics Committee needs to determine if at that moment in time, June 1999, was Mr. Peres and/or the Peres Center (managed by Uri Savir) a paid consultant to the PTF and did either Peres or the Peace Center or Uri Savir personally receive a fee for ensuring that the investment in Paltel by the PTF was made?

Peres is continuing to serve the Jesuit King of Spain but I kept the issue in the pantry because my Jewish readers just don't seem able to grasp the significance. Thank goodness for Passover or it would clutter the shelves for another year, until it grew too stale to keep:

Vice Premier Shimon Peres departs Wednesday March 9 to Spain in order to participate, along with other world leaders, in the International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism, and Security convening in Madrid.The Conference is taking place under the auspices of the King of Spain. Among the participants include: UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, the Nato Secretary General, Secretary of the Arab League, the Presidents of Cyprus, Afghanistan, Croatia, Poland, as well as the Prime Ministers of Luxembourg, Greece, Argentina, Holland, Norway, and others.

NATO sends AWACS to guard Spain terror conference




A reader asks:

Do you know anything about the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute of the Jewish Agency. It seems to be a think tank founded by the architects of Oslo, "planning" our future, apparently from the inside.

see http://www.jafi.org.il/agenda/2001/english/wk3-18/2.asp

All I can say is Dennis Ross of Oslo fame has spread his tentacles to the Jewish Agency of Israel!?

And for that American Jews donate to the UJA!?


Ideological Youths: Minister Ezra Should Resign

I keep Gideon Ezra info because I know the man personally for the snake he is. The former deputy head of the Shabak is a mole in the Likud and here's the proof.

Why Ovadia?

Israeli Arabs Arrested in Plot to Murder Rabbi Ovadia Yosef


Why, my reader asks, would the Arabs be interested in murdering Rabbi Ovadia Yosef? I can speculate but no more. Recall that on July 2, '92 the FBI opened a file on Arye Deri on suspicion that he ordered the murder of his wife's adoptive mother in Queens, New York. To close that file, Rabbi Ovadia agreed to support Oslo. The grim details are found in my book, Israel Betrayed. But lately, Rabbi Ovadia's conscience has been bothering him about the Gush Katif surrender and he's been condemning it in his way. That, the "peacemakers" would believe, is a betrayal of his blackmail conditions:

Yesterday 18 Adar II (March 19, '05), Harav Ovadia Yosef (former chief

Sefardic Rabbi of Israel), said:

All the talk about disengagement from Gush Katif is only temporary.

Immediately (tekef umiyad) Moshiach will come!! He is already at our gates! Very shortly he will knock on the door: "I am coming! Ahlan w'sahlan!" (familiar Arabic greeting) Moshiach will come and then -- who are all these dogs? (enemies of Israel) He will throw them to Azazel in the desert! He will return the crown of old, and all of Eretz Yisroel will be ours forever! Video: http://gog.web-site.co.il/gog/marang3.asx

Rabin's Mata Hari? Hebrew readers, look at the next site and ask if the woman portrayed had a role in Rabin's murder. I could use a hand on this one.


Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, the director-general of the Foreign Ministry, and all its employees are deeply sorry to announce the death of Israel's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Doron Grossman.

Grossman's death was undoubtedly suspicious. We are told he committed suicide because he found out he had cancer. He was only 48, and his reaction should have been treatment, not suicide. I have no answer, though one reader guessed that the cancer may have been Ethiopian AIDS. Numerous correspondents noted that Ophir Pines Paz was supposed to meet him the day after his death and cancelled his trip to Ethiopia. That fact alone is worthy of investigation.


Were it not for Avigdor Eskin, I may never have discovered the generosity and devotion of my readers. Just last week, he sued me for libel. Oddly, or not so, the Women In Green announced their libel suit on the same day:

April 15, 2005

To all our members, friends and supporters,

An emergency situation has arisen which requires immediate attention by our supporters. We are desperately in need of $25,000. in connection with an unjust pending libel law suit. Ed Banyai the former representative of American Friends of Women in Green instituted this unjustified $3,000,000. libel action against Nadia Matar, Ruth Matar, Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green), and Michael Levi Matar, in the United States. That libel action, is now pending in a Norfolk, Virginia Federal Court arising out of a purported claimed libel of Banyai over the Internet.

Just like the Green ladies, I issued an appeal to fight Eskin in higher court and that would require help. After a session with my attorney Dov Eben Or, we discovered there will be no fight. Eskin's suit is so idiotic, the court will have to throw it out.

But no one knew that when I made my appeal. A few people warned me that the Israeli judicial system is too corrupt and rigged to offer a fair hearing:

Hi Barry

I think you need to tread carefully and not go into civil court proceedings....especially now.

All your friends can pray and HaShem will hear us ....justice will be done..truth will be revealed !

Keep THE faith and trust in Him.....emunah v'bitachon.

No need to run the risk of an expensive case....


Yep, hope springs eternal. Judges in small claim courts become judges in big claim courts, who in turn become judges in.... like Beinish... Edmond Levy...

There's a career and one's ass to look after... Else you end up with a head shot, right in your own carpark at home like a certain Tel Aviv judge... get the picture?...

Do as you think.

But look at the response from others. I may suffer too much derision from the pettiest "minds" of my people, but who cares when my readers show what they're made of:

Hi Barry, we'll help if you set up a fund.

For Israel,


Hi Barry,

Count me in for at least $1000 if you go for it.

You can be the new Grunwald (that's s name, right? The guy who brought down Sharrett.)

Good luck, and hope you get a good response.


Do you have an address that I can make a donation? I am a nurse and have an average income. I have read some of your books.


Fight in court---I'll contribute something--at least the cost of a book.


I have limited financial resources but would be interested in contributing to a legal fund to enable you to bring this matter to a circumstance where it cannot be ignored by Israeli citizens and the world in general.

Now that I know many of my readers will fight with their wallets, bulging or not, Mr. Eben Or and I will seek a way to break open the corruption in open court. Patience, a strategy will emerge. Meanwhile, several people sent me their own Eskin stories:

Thanks for the info. A fellow in Modin who I think is a Shin B agent wanted me to go to a meeting with Eskin. I told him fine, you call me and nobody else as you know my number. I am afraid of Shin B agents. Usually for every 10 coming to a meeting, there are 3 agents there. I will be happy to meet with him. You should only know that at my age, I don't participate in demonstrations any more. Also I travel a lot to the States and have no time for anything more but to be a "potato sack" before the army on evacuation day or a paramedic.

Needless to say I was never called.


My informants are my richest source of tips. After every article, there is powerful follow-up data sent to me. The next three items are especially revealing holiday reading. We begin with my Czech filmmaker friend:

I have some info concerning your article about Sharansky. As you know, he was exchanged in Berlin. Together with him were released some other people, I don`t know more about them, but this is not the point. These men were exchanged for an agent of Czechoslovak espionage [ and most probably also Soviet], who was described as most succesful penetration into the CIA. His name is Karel Koecher. He is Jewish, he studied mathematics and emigrated to the USA in late 60` after he was trained as a spook. Then he went again to study, this time at Columbia and guess who picked this guy for the CIA? His professor, no else that Zbigniew Brzezinski himself! So he was recruited into the agency and worked as an analyst. After he was exposed, the exchange for Sharansky took place and he returned to Czechoslovakia. Interesting enough, that during the last years of communist domination he worked in an institution called The Prognostic Institute, from where emerged almost all of the post communist prominent economists, including current president Klaus, former premier Zeman [famous and criticised for correctly calling Arafat a murderer], Dlouhy - former minister and currently of Goldman Sachs and Valtr Komarek [altough very popular during the "revolution", did not attain any significant position afterwards, hidden Jewish child survivor of the Shoa, in the 60` advisor to Fidel Castro]. Koecher was reportedly among the organizers of first events of the so called "velvet revolution" in 1989. He was also the supposed accomplice of Le Winter in the case of the Diana murder documents in 1998. Now lives in Prague`s suburb and I met him at the Jewish community, where he sometimes eats his lunch.


Israel's national archivist, Dr. Tuvia Friedling, is accusing the Shabak (General Security Service) and the Mossad intelligence agency of withholding information that is supposed to be public.

He has resigned in protest after a three-year tenure.

Dr. Friedling explained that in 1998, the 50-year "secret" classification of secret defense documents from the time of Israel's establishment expired - but that the public has still not been permitted to see them. He added that already in 1996, former national archivist Dr. Evyatar Prizel gave warning to the security establishment leaders of this expected development.

Some of controversial issues into which researchers hope to gain insight through the declassification of the documents include the disappearance of up to 1,000 children of Yemenite immigrants in the early days of the State. Another issue is what some feel are the "questionable" tactics adopted by early Labor Zionists against Jewish underground organizations and in cooperation with British Mandatory restrictions on Jewish immigration to Israel.


I was speaking to a retired person from a DA in the south of Israel who investigated the death of the first wife of Eric Sharon. A.k.a. the sister of Lily.

She supposedly died an accidental death by one of Eric's weapons (or suicide). Since Lily is the mother of Omri it took place many many years ago. The person told me "Eric murdered his first wife to marry her sister". My wife and I argued with the person. The reply was, "I saw the file and the pathology report - it was murder" and the same with the accident of her son.

I don't know when she died and how one obtains that file but without it, the official story is still good.


I store all relevant Sabbataian material. There just wasn't enough to fill an article. So out it goes:

Yummy! Sabbatian cookbook from Salonika!



Give me some of that forbidden fat pie.

says one excerpt: As will be seen in many of the recipes in this book, preferences for certain combinations of meat and vegetables reflect traditional Sephardic cuisine with one very important difference: Jewish laws regarding 'kashrut' in which meat is forbidden to be cooked with any form of have been dropped if not ignored. For in essence, the Sabbatean movement was antinomian and, as with the heralding of Reform Judaism in nineteenth century, laws governing the types, combinations, and the manner of consumption of certain foods were abrogated. (p. 43)


Shalom, you might like to know this. I went to the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia to see the "Three Chazzannim" group. They sang traditional Jewish songs and recent Israeli songs. Then they sand a Ladino medley.

One song was "Cuando Nimrod." It says Avrohom was born under a star like Jesus! The song calls him "Padre Querido."

This is a song about the Shabbatean Doenmeh Jacob Querido, pretending to be a song about Avrohom.

This is a real true conspiracy! After e-mailing the Chazzanim website my mail application was shut down!


Rumors are flying that American troops are in Israel, training themselves to remove Jews from their rightful homes. There haven't been enough witnesses for my standards yet, but my correspondents know what to look for.


As for U.S. military personnel in Israel, they're there.

In reading "Code Names: Deciphering U.S Military Plans, Programs, and Operations in the 9/11 World" by former Army intel analyst William M. Arkin he states: that the U.S. maintains pre-positioned equipment and munitions on Israeli soil for use by U.S. and Israeli forces. The War Reserve Stocks for Allies- Israel( WRS-I) Program includes ammo owned by the U.S. but intended for Israeli use, overseen by the Army and Marine Corps. There's plenty of secret U.S. site facilities in Israel that include:

1. Site 51: U.S.Air-Force-managed munitions and equipment storage in earth-covered magazines.

2. Site 53:U.S. Air Force managed munitions storage and war reserve vehicles on Israeli air bases.

3. Site 54: A 500 bed contingency hospital in or near Tel Aviv.

4. Site 55: A munitions storage site.

5. Site 56: A munitions storage site.

Most of these sites are located in the middle of nowhere in the Negev desert.


Israel Is Considering Increased CIA Presence

19:05 Jul. 23, '01 / 3 Av 5761

It's still unclear whether Israel does or does not agree to an increased CIA presence to oversee security measures. In light of greater pressure for international observers, as expressed at the G-8 conference, some reports last night and this morning were that Israel had agreed "in principle" to the idea advanced by Egyptian President Mubarak, and that the proposal now awaits the consent of the Americans. The CIA was originally assigned to oversee the implementation of security aspects of the Wye Agreement of 1998.


The writer insisted that I give a review of his peace proposal. I told him I'd leave it to my readers. He was not satisfied but, on this one, I trust your instincts more than my own:


I kept this reaction to my new book Shantai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust as a fine endorsement. Nice to be finally parted with it:

Hi Barry

I've never a read a book where my blood just kept boiling ... so many deaths, lies and crimes in this conspiracy of conspiracies.


We conclude with months worth of sites recommended by readers. And with this, we conclude our cleaning. The In box has not a fleck of khametz within. Enjoy your holiday all, for after, the battle for Israel begins. http://web.israelinsider.com/Articles/Briefs/5149.htm


To order Rabbi Marvin Antelman's To Eliminate The Opiate Vols. 1 and 2: A limited number are available from Vendyl Jones 972-660-6222.

To order the two-DVD set of Barry Chamish's presentation, The Dirty War Against the Settlers, please send a check or money order in the amount of $20 made payable to Messengers of Messiah, 7439 Apple Blossom Court, Highland, CA 92346-3869. We also accept MC and Visa orders by phone (Tel. 909-425-8751). If your call goes to message, you can safely leave your name, address, city, state, zip, phone number, credit card account number and expiration date. You should receive your order within 5 to 10 US postal delivery days from receipt of order.

As usual, you can order my English books; Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; Save Israel!; Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed; The Last Days of Israel; from [email protected]


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