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Iran: The 'Clash of Civilizations' - present or future?

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The 'Clash of Civilizations' - present or future?


Tehran Times Opinion Column

By Rolf Gentry

TEHRAN, Dec. 13 (MNA) -- California Senator Dianne Feinstein, after viewing a large number of photos of the obscene atrocities at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq by the U.S. army, was reported to have said, “If anyone wanted to plan a clash of civilizations, this is how they’d do it. These pictures play into every stereotype of America Arabs have: America as debauched, America as hypocrites.”

The phrase ‘clash of civilizations’ has become a popular expression. The Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer used it recently in relation to the war on terror. He called it a battle of ideas between democratic principles and a militant vision of an Islamic super-state.

The origin of ‘clash of civilizations’ is claimed to have come from the mind and ‘pen’ of Sir Bernard Lewis, a one-time British military intelligence officer during World War Two, in an article back in 1990, according to investigative journalists of the La Rouche website. Lewis who appears to be out of the same globalist stables as Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter’s National Security Advisor, is reported to also be the author of the “Arc of Crisis” strategy, promoted by Brzezinski, that aimed to draw the Soviet Union into a “Viet Nam” experience in Afghanistan.

But the phrase ‘clash of civilizations’ was to come to public attention by an associate of Brzezinski, Samuel Huntington, who used it as a title for a book-sized article about a 14 century long Islamic war against Christianity.

Between the three of them, Lewis, Brzezinski and Huntington, can be found a summary of the pretext and theme of the war on terrorism, justifying a ‘clash of civilizations’ from a feigned defensive position. What defensive position? A spread of U.S. military bases across Islam, the invasion of two Muslim countries after they have been bombed and wrecked almost into the Stone Age after many years of war?

Barry Chamish, researcher, author and journalist provides a broader backdrop to all this on the ‘Redmoonrising’ website under the title “The Globalist and the Islamists”, subtitled ‘Fomenting the Clash of Civilizations’. We are talking secret societies of the same origins, exclusive organizations and think tanks such as the U.S. Committee on Foreign Relations which has branches in a number of countries, including some in the Middle East, for the purpose of influencing U.S. foreign policy and numerous others, to which the likes of Lewis and Brzezinski lend their presence. Although the origins of some organizations are honorable, they have become the prey or means to an end and a cover for global interests that recruit and place members in places of power and influence. These tentacles have traditionally been used in European and Jewish societies and Chamish claims they penetrated the Islamic world likewise and fostered terrorism to effect destabilization, if not a third world war, to further the plans of a global elite.

There is much supporting material in the same but broader picture. Some of the most astonishing information comes from those who were once deeply involved in the occult and are well aware of the global ambitions which have links to Satanism. These people read the signs made by the exponents, such as President Bush senior’s use of the phrase “thousand points of light” when he spoke of the opportunity for a new world order. There is also the increase in numerology -- the relationship between events and dates and occult observances.

Then there is the worldwide capture of youth imagination by the Harry Potter cult which is based on hardcore witchcraft. George Bush, father and son, and John Kerry are Skull and Bones men, a black magic cult of the global Freemason fraternity; they have their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

They perhaps could all be said to have the same flag. Their ‘flag’ is depicted on the U.S. dollar, which features the Eye of Horus, representing the Anti-Christ, ascending onto the pyramid with ‘New World Order’ inscrolled underneath. This 1933 dollar announced the new world order which Herr Hitler, promoted into power in the same year, had intended to be fulfilled by a thousand-year Reich.

Freemason-Illuminati symbolism also features in U.S. history, in town planning such as in Washington, in architecture and monuments. Members were prominent in high places in its earlier political history just like membership of the CFR and other elitist organizations of today. The “pyramid” also features in the architecture of the Israeli Supreme Court, but visible only from the air.

The Illuminati, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica, was inaugurated in 1776 in Bavaria by Jesuit priest Adam Weishaupt. This secret society was to shortly start infiltrating the Freemason movement.

It is also pertinent that the forerunner movement to the Freemasons was the Knights Templars, who featured in an occult mission hidden behind the Crusades.

Texe Marrs, a prominent author in this field, has quoted the 1904 Encyclopaedia Britannica: “Nor is Antichrist unknown to Mohammedan theology in which he is called Masth al Dajjal, the false or lying Christ… He is to be one-eyed and marked on the forehead with the letters C.F.R., i.e. Cafir or Infidel.”

The symbol of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) is a man riding a horse, naked and only showing one eye. The Cutting Edge web site has presented this information as a feature of the Mel Gibson movie “The Passion of the Christ” in which Jesus for most of the movie was presented as one-eyed due to injury during his brutalization, which wasn’t the accurate representation of the Gospel records as claimed by Gibson. The movie, allegedly subject to advice by Jesuit priests, ended with Jesus having just been resurrected and walking off in a state of nakedness. Freemason authors have said that Jesus was the antichrist (black magic) and Satan the Christ (white magic), thus it is appropriate that President Bush claims to follow Jesus, given that the Bones faction are black magic orientated.

We now reach an impasse if the “jihad” and the “War on terrorism” is in fact a clash of ‘infidels’, orchestrated by the same global elite. The young and innocent forming cannon fodder on both sides, the huge collateral damage, the animosity that will result between faiths and peoples, and the huge psychological shift of the unprepared public on both sides will destabilize the monotheistic faiths and their place in their cultures. Naturally they should not conform to a world order and its emerging world religion with roots that go back to ancient Babylon, its occult and many gods from where Horus (666), the Pontifex Maximus title, Queen of Heaven-Mother of God, and the so-called “Christian” holidays originate and the Talmud-cabala of Judaism that Jesus exposed. Post-crisis people tend to conform readily to new circumstances.

The religion developing for the new world order is the ‘civilization’ Abraham was called out of. Is this the real clash of civilizations? Sura 14, verse 48 of the Holy Qur’an talks about the world one day changing into a new heaven and a new earth, consistent with the New Testament. So what business have the people of faith, the would-be sons of Abraham, fighting over the old world fast being polluted and worn out by the abuse of the power-hungry, who see so many useless eaters in their way?

The Apostle Paul in his letter to believers in Ephesus made it clear that the fight-struggle of faith is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, powers, the forces of darkness in high/heavenly places, not of this dimension. This is the world of the ‘guides’ and the origin of power-enhancing knowledge that evil men become slaves to for its rewards.

Another phrase from another author is the ‘Clash of Barbarians’. Gilbert Achcar, a lecturer at the University of Paris, who previously lived for many years in Lebanon, has written a book called, “The Clash of Barbarians: Sept. 11 and the Making of the New World Disorder”. In an interview on the Monthly Review web site, Achcar disapproved of the phrase clash of civilizations in the sense that civilizing brings pacification. He talked of “barbarian forms which are potentially included in every kind of civilization and which can take over in periods of crisis or some specific period of history”.

He compared Osama Bin Laden with President Bush, the inference being that they are the barbarians that are clashing, not civilizations.

Achcar’s view was that Bin Laden didn’t represent Islamic civilization and similarly the U.S. Administration didn’t represent Western civilization. “Actually,” he said, “this is the most anti-enlightened administration in the history of the United States…”

Is this not the Infidel vs. Infidel? Like Sharon vs. Arafat?

At the end of the day, both Bin Laden and Bush, as key players who lead the ‘clash’, will be seen as two rival ‘fundamentalists’ in a hopeless dirty war. The losers are the true believers of the One True God, the hope of Resurrection and a Day of Judgment in which the true believer will be judged as righteous. Today the word ‘fundamentalist’, which should relate to the essence of Abrahamic faith, is being rendered as the threat to world peace. And this is a pointer to the real clash of civilizations -- for the future world of true faith and the new world order of Antichrist forces which are opposed to all knowledge and faith in the true and living God as foretold by the prophet Daniel, Jesus and the Book of Revelation.




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