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Freemasonry Watch

Freemasonry Launches "Counter-Publicity Campaign" as it nervously awaits Dan Brown's new book

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Dan Brown's Next Book

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Dan Brown Takes A Deep Dive Into Washington’s Secret History In Da Vinci Code Sequel

Thursday, Dec 6th, 2007

Washington DC is, according to those who’ve taken the time to notice, filled with the symbolism of the Freemasons. For good reasons. The entire district of Columbia was originally planned and built by Freemasons, using ancient geometric designs. There’s even a beautiful Freemason temple, just down the road from the White House.

The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown’s next book reportedly dives deep into the ’secret history’ of Washington DC. Although it was originally to have been called ‘The Solomon Key’ and was due for release this year, it is now expected to be renamed and will be hitting bookstores instead in March 2008.

The Grand Master-elect of the Washington DC Grand Lodge, Akram Elias, has revealed that Dan Brown was in contact, while researching the new novel, but he “cut it short”. The Washington Freemasons are now nervously waiting to see what Brown writes about their institution and its most curious involvement in the history of the United States, and some of its most important historical events.

Of the new, now untitled novel, Brown wrote “this new novel will explore the hidden history of our nation’s capital.”

The Washington DC Freemasons have now launched their own counter-publicity campaign, to try and sheer off the level of surprise that revelations in Brown’s new novel may induce in Americans, many of whom remain completely unaware that their capital is basically an historical Freemason central.

From Brisbane Times :

Washington has strong historic roots in Freemasonry - an old and widespread fraternity which traditionally practised secret rituals.

The first US president after whom the city is named, George Washington, was a Mason, as were his fellow founding fathers James Madison and Benjamin Franklin, plus James Hoban, the architect of the White House.

The broad steps, stone sphinxes and colonnades of a Masonic temple dominate a corner of 16th Street near the city centre - one of a number of Masonic lodges in the capital - and just a stone’s throw from the White House.

Elias cites theories that the city’s streets themselves are laid out in the shape of secret Masonic signs. “It may be a coincidence, but there are indications that are difficult to ignore,” he said.

Establishing the nation’s capital, George Washington is said to have demanded that it be laid out in a symbolic square.

“It’s fascinating. If you take an aerial view of Washington, you cannot but see the perfect square and the compass which are the universal symbols of Freemasonry, meaning rectitude and equality,” he said.

“Was it on purpose? I don’t know, but I think it’s difficult to ignore those mysterious aspects,” he added. “It adds another level of mystery to the city of Washington.”

The shape of a square and compass is also formed by drawing a line on the map between two of the city’s major landmarks, the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, and along the walls of the White House and the Jefferson Memorial.

At the centre of these stands the George Washington monument, a vast brick obelisk whose dimensions themselves are symbolic: 555 feet high by 55 wide (170 metres by 17).

Inside the Capitol building, the heart of US lawmaking which sits at the dead centre of the square city boundaries, lies a cornerstone laid by George Washington himself, dressed in his ceremonial apron, in a Masonic ritual in 1793.

Digging into the ’secret history’ of a private men’s club, obsessed with geometry, will probably not set the world on fire like the ’secret history’ claims about Jesus in the Da Vinci Code did.

With open membership, family day activities, websites, temple tours, and brochures filled with smiling faces, the Freemasons will probably welcome all the publicity that Brown’s new book will bring, and the new membership.

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