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Daily Mail: Texas Father Carved Pentagram on Six Year Old Son's Back For Occult 'Holy Day'

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Pictured: Crazed father 'who carved PENTAGRAM into six-year-old son's back in honor of 12-12-12 then smeared the boy's blood on his door'

PUBLISHED: 12 December 2012

By Daily Mail Reporter

A North Texas father was arrested for allegedly carving a large pentagram into his six-year-old son's back, telling a 911 dispatcher that he did it because it's a holy day.

Brent Troy Bartel, 39, faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he was arrested early Wednesday on suspicion of attacking his young son with a box cutter. He's jailed in lieu of $500,000 bond.

According to police, Bartel called 911 shortly after midnight to report the incident, The Dallas Morning Star reported.

'I shed some innocent blood,' he calmly told the dispatcher. 'I inscribed a pentagram on my son.'

Asked why he did it, Bartel said, 'Because its a holy day.' Wednesday's date is 12-12-12, a once-in-a-century event.

Shortly after, the boy's mother ran to a neighbor's house and also called 911 to report that her husband is hurting her son and is armed with a knife.

Officers who responded to the two calls arrived in the 3700 block of Ruth Road to discover the boy shivering in the front yard dressed in pajama pants without a shirt.

The child's back was covered with a large pentagram. Officers wrapped the six-year-old with a jacket and called the paramedics.

Inside Bartel's house police recovered a box cutter they believe was the weapon used to carve the symbol.

Pentagram is a five-pointed star inside a circle that is most commonly associated with the occult, including Neopagan faiths and Freemasonry, as well as satanism.

In a bizarre twist, Sgt. Nathan Stringer, of Richland Hills police, said that Bartel smeared some of his son's blood on the frame of his front door, according to CBS DFW.

'This is something you normally hear about in the movies, not something you expect to see,' Stringer told the station KENS5.

The injured child was taken to Cook Children's Hospital, where he is listed in stable condition. The cuts to his back were not very deep, and the boy is expected to make full recovery.

According to police, they had responded to Bartel's home in the past over verbal domestic abuse, but they said that none of the previous incidents involved the child.

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