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Freemasonry Watch

So-Called Catholic DePaul University's Merle Reskin Theatre used to install 235 Thirty-third Degree Freemasons

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Catholic Citizens of Illinois

So-Called Catholic DePaul University's Merle Reskin Theatre used to install 235 Thirty-third Degree Freemasons

August 29, 2006

Taking heterodoxy to new levels, so-called 'Catholic' DePaul University recently provided the facilities for the installation of 235 Scottish Freemasons at their annual meeting held in Chicago.


Freemasonry, which cloaks itself in seemingly benign good works, has for centuries targeted the destruction of the Catholic Church by preaching a religion of universalism. It has long been their tradition that "Masonic knee bends at all altars" including Satan's. At the upper levels of Masonry, the truth that is revealed to "candidates" for illumination is an anti-Catholic mindset and agenda that focuses Masons on the secular world, and firmly away from Catholic theology.

For centuries, the Vatican has been aware of this threat and warned Catholics to steer clear of Freemasonry. As fanatical Ecumenism has been increasingly embraced at all levels of the Vatican, warnings against Freemasony have all but disappeared, but the danger of Freemasonry has not.

For complete discussion of Freemasony, see New Advent's detailed analysis at:


Also, go to the "Issues" bar on CCI's website and select "Masonry, New Age, Occult" or "Free masonry"


From the Scottish Rite Website:

Chicago will be the site of this year's annual meeting of the Scottish Rite Supreme Council for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. More than 2,000 Thirty-third Degree Masons and their ladies from 15 northeastern states are expected at the meeting on Aug. 26-30. The Supreme Council last met in Chicago in 1992.

The 2006 Session will be highlighted by the conferral of the organization's Thirty-third Degree upon 235 Scottish Rite Masons who were elected for this high honor at last year's meeting in Grand Rapids. The Thirty-third Degree is awarded for outstanding achievement in the fraternity or for significant contributions to others, reflecting credit on Freemasonry. The impressive ceremony will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 29, in the DePaul University Merle Reskin Theatre.

Introductory luncheons honoring the Thirty-third Degree candidates and their ladies will be on the schedule for Sunday noon. The Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers will be the scene of the traditional Supreme Council Vesper Service.

Earlier business conferences attended by the officers of the Supreme Council will be held on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 25-26.

Sovereign Grand Commander John Wm. McNaughton will preside over the General Sessions of the Supreme Council on Monday, Aug. 28. In the course of these sessions, prominent leaders from other Masonic organizations in the United States and throughout the world are expected to be in attendance.

A number of other events have been scheduled, including a Monday luncheon in the Sheraton Hotel for all ladies attending the Chicago meeting. At the same time, another luncheon will be served for all Supreme Council members, distinguished guests, and members of the class in the same hotel.

That evening, Chicago's very own jazz lady, Spider Saloff, a gifted and elegantly talented jazz vocalist, will entertain members and their ladies. During the week, special sightseeing tours will be available for those attending the meetings.

In addition to the major events sponsored by the Supreme Council, a Masonic Marketplace will allow vendors to display Masonic-related items.

Seminars on Tuesday will provide an opportunity for those attending the session to learn more about estate planning and to gain an insight into the difficulties facing those with dyslexia. The Scottish Rite provides free one-on-one tutoring for dyslexic children at 52 learning centers throughout the jurisdiction.

During the week, there will be many smaller social functions occurring under the auspices of the 15 participating states and the 99 Valleys comprising the Northern Jurisdiction.

The 2006 meeting will end with the announcement of the names of those elected to receive the Thirty-third Degree at Washington, DC, in August 2007. The meeting in the nation's capital will be held in conjunction with a biennial meeting of the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction.


Anyone want to guess why DePaul's mascot is the Blue Demon?

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