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Diario de Noticias - Portugal: Former judge accused of controlling Freemasonry justice

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Diario de Noticias - Portugal

Former judge accused of controlling Freemasonry justice

13 novembro 2011

Freemasonry in Portugal - Great Research DN

Freemasonry, Portugal

"The Portuguese justice system consists of lodges and controlled by Freemasonry. Besides controlling the decisions processes - including cases of Modern University Portucale Casa Pia, Golden Whistle and Isaltino Morais - also controls the careers of judges and of prosecutors and senior government officials, "says José, Costa Pimenta, in a letter to the current minister and key industry players.

The charges will appear in the book. Here are several processes:

CTT: (Quote prosecutors) In wiretapping, an individual makes allusions to their status as a Mason for information from the case of the sale of buildings

Modern: (Quote prosecutors) A Masonic conspiracy, with the Modern as a gathering place, to take account of the structures of power in Portugal, is revealed in a document Nandim Oak.

Portucale: (quote Abel Pinheiro) In Guterres governments, the GOL was known as the "office", given the number of socialists per square meter. (...) It is a network of human relations only.

Read all the details in the e-paper of DN.

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