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Divine Appeal 42

Jesus's Revelations to Sr. Anna Ali

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Jesus's Revelations to Sr. Anna Ali


"Those who do Black Mass attack Me…… satan’s head will be crushed."

My daughter, My Heart is very painful for all that is happening in….. The Red Lucifer will stand together with….. My Heart has always been bitter about it. Pray for….. He is surrounded by freemasons who want his death. Pray hard and appease the anger of God. Share My Spirit. I am agonizing over souls. In my Sacrament of Love, I am abused and condemned by My own. Each of them has done his part to destroy Me. Those who do Black Mass have attacked Me. They have all joined ranks with satan, separating themselves from truth and love. Because of all this, a great battle will be unleashed. Finally, satan’s head will be crushed and evil will perish. Pray and do not waste any of your minutes. I am calling your urgently on what I ask you."

"I bless you."

3.30 a.m., 24th October, 1987


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