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Federal Representative of Brazil's Pernambuco State to the Masonic Federal Legislative Assembly honoured by Brazilian Senate

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Chairman of CCLP Worldwide honoured by Brazilian Senate

26 August, 2009

Dr Vinod Singh

THE BRAZILIAN Senate has made votes of applause and congratulation to chairman of CCLP Worldwide Ambassador Dr Lamartine Hollanda Junior for his outstanding work in the field of education, medical research, diplomatic work and humanitarian services.

His Excellency has received the most prestigious award of Mahatma Gandhi Prize 2008 from European Council Against Torture and Discrimination.

Dr Lamartine Hollanda Júnior was born on February 10, 1936, son of Lamartine de Holanda Cavalcanti and Maria Bertilde Picado de Hollanda Cavalcanti, married to Marialuisa Caveglia de Hollanda Cavalcanti. He is a doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Federal University of Pernambuco, a specialist in Psychiatry, registered under CREMEPE number 915, working in the area of psychotherapy, university professor, chairing numerous disciplines (psychiatry, psychosomatics, psychopathology), with various books published.

Professor Lamartine is also a journalist and a public relations professional. It is also worth observing Dr Lamantine’s work as the Consul General for Albania and the Dominican Republic for the States of the Northeast (under the Vienna Convention, with an agreement between parties, more than one country may be represented – as is the case here).

Given his outstanding work and knowledge, he is international director of the International Federation of Consular Corps and Association – FICAC, also designated World Federation of Consuls (WFC).

Of further note, Dr Lamantine has important participation within Brazilian Freemasonry, as Federal Representative of Pernambuco State to the Masonic Federal Legislative Assembly (Parliament). His work towards the promotion of Education Charter International is commendable.

As such, the vote of congratulations, was proposed and made by the Federal Senate to the work of Professor Lamartine de Hollanda Júnior and recognition of the importance of his medical struggle for human rights.

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