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Il Cavaliere, Silvio Berlusconi, P2, Italy's Wealthiest Man and new Prime Minister

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Italy/U.K. - France 24: Hundreds held in huge police raid on Italy's 'Ndrangheta mafia - 'This is the biggest sweep since the Palermo maxi-trial' - 12/19/19

Italy/U.K. - The Italian police chief and ex-MP among 334 people arrested in major mafia bust - 'Politicians, Freemasons and influential professionals' - 12/19/19

Italy/U.K. - EU OCS: More than 300 arrested in major raid against Ndrangheta crime syndicate - 'Relations with Freemason lodges in Scotland and Great Britain' - 12/19/19

Italy/U.K. - Telegraph: Hundreds arrested in major Italian anti-mafia operation - 'They had “betrayed” Masonry, the prosecutor said' - 12/19/19

Italy - The Times: Italy clamps down on masons after mafia links exposed - 01/16/18

Italy - The Times: Mafia join Italy’s freemasons to ‘do deals’ with judiciary - 27/12/2017

New York Times: Brother and Sister Charged With Hacking Prominent Italians - 'Eye Pyramid' - 11/01/2017

Italy/U.S. - Rick Wiles, Are Freemasons Hacking the World? - 10/01/2017

Italy/U.S. - Zero Hedge: Mario Draghi's Email Was Hacked By A High-Ranking Mason - 10/01/2017

Trunews: High Ranking Freemason Arrested in Italy Email Hack - 10/01/2017

Italy - Guardian: Italian police catch mafia initiation rites on camera leading to arrests (In the name of Garibaldi, Mazaini and Lamarmora) (Video) - 18/11/2014

Italy - Guardian: Italy’s mafia and state are under the spotlight, and not before time - 30/10/2014

Italy - Breitbart: New Mormon Temple in Rome Fuels Polemics - 29/09/2014

Italy - Eponymous Flower Blog: Freemasons gathered in 2009 in the church ruins of San Galgano in central Italy (PHOTO) (Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Subjected to Gender Ideologists) - 17/06/2014

Italy - Catholic4Life Blog: We Masons are Transparent, as Pope Francis (Translation of article from Italian News website) - 11/03/2014

Pravda - How Freemasonry United Italy - 13/12/12

Masonic Press Agency of Romania: Italian PM Mario Monti: "I am not a Freemason" - Italy Grand Master 'outraged', demands 'respect' - 23/01/12 - ‘Il Divo’ review: Italian politics, corruption and murder - 18/07/09

Bloomberg: Calvi, `God's Banker,' Got Caught in Real-Life `Da Vinci Code' - 22/05/07

Catholic Culture: Italian priest joins Masons - 19/02/07

All Experts: Propaganda Due Summary, P2 Membership List - 08/01/07

Gulf Times: Italy faces new political crisis over ‘tax spying’ - 28/10/06

The Economist: Murky goings on - The Mafia, Berlusconi, Fininvest, and P2 Masonic Lodge - 29/06/06

SF IndyMedia: Marcinkus: Silent witness to Calvi mystery - 21/02/06

BBC: Controversial Archbishop Paul Marcinkus Found Dead in his Arizona home before he can be suppeonaed to testify at Calvi Trial - 21/02/06

Mercury News: U.S. Winter Olympic Team Woes: Could the magical forces of Turin be the reason? - 18/02/06

Bloomberg: Calvi Trial to Expose `Dark' Side of Italian History - 23/11/05

Belfast Telegraph: The case of God's Banker: Roberto Calvi the trial begins - 06/10/05

ANSA: 'God's Banker' murder trial opens - 06/10/05

Reuters: Italy opens trial into death of "God's banker" - 06/10/05

Reuters: Key facts on Roberto Calvi murder trial - 06/10/05

ANSA/Washington Times: P2 Grand Master Lucio Gelli probed in Roberto Calvi murder - 20/07/05

BBC: On This Day May 26: 1981 Italian Government Resigns - 26/05/05

Reuters: Italian Government Party Leader calls E.U. "The Soviet Union of Europe" and "A Nest of Freemasons and Communist Bankers" - 25/05/05

Telegraph: Four face trial over 1982 death of banker - 19/04/05

Globe & Mail: Four indicted in death of 'God's banker' - 19/04/05

Reuters: P2 Masonic Conspiracy: Four Charged in Murder of Roberto Calvi - 18/04/05

ABC 7 Chicago: Four indicted over 1982 murder with links to Chicago archdiocese (Print and Video) - 18/04/05

Zenit: Italian Panel Reopens Probe Into '81 Attack on Pope After John Paul II's Revelations in His Latest Book - 24/02/05

BBC: Mafia, masons and murder - An update on the P2 Masonic Lodge/Roberto Calvi Murder Case - 06/01/05

Commissione Parlamentare: Freemasonry and the Mafia

Guardian: Italian EU nominee grilled over Freemasonry Allegations - 16/11/04

BBC: New European Union Commissioner Designate Forced To Deny Freemasonry Ties - 16/11/04

Turkish Press: Italian Foreign Minister Grilled Over Freemasonry and Berlusconi Corruption Charges - 15/11/04

Zaman: Buttiglione: Out with the Catholic, In with the Mason - 15/11/04

Independent, Malta: Buttiglione outs his EU successor as a Freemason - 14/10/04

Times: Buttiglione 'outs' his EU successor as a Freemason - 10/10/04

Scotsman: God's Banker death mystery deepens as coroner robbed of files in Rome - 04/05/04

BBC: Mafia squad probe Calvi bag theft - 04/05/04

BBC World: An end to the mystery of God's Banker? - 31/03/04

Guardian: Four go on trial for murder of God's banker - 17/03/04

Independent: Calvi murder linked to missing $70m - 18/02/04

Guardians: Sins of the Godfathers - 14/02/04

Mirror: Mafia trial over Calvi - 16/10/03

AGI: Cossiga Tells Martino, 'You Have Prejudices' - 13/10/03

The Globe & Mail: Family finds vindication in their campaign after Italian Coroner rules Roberto Calvi's death was murder, not suicide - 04/11/02

Searchlight Magazine: Has P2 launched a new terror killing spree in Italy? - 01/05/02

Reuters/Yahoo: Brother Berlusconi lambasted for denying Islam comments - 03/10/01

New York Times: Brother Berlusconi's comments cause stir. Hopes the West conquers Islamic civilization - 26/09/01

BBC News Europe: Berlusconi: The power of personality - 14/05/01

Eric Margolis: Gladio - Italian politics haunted by the ghosts of its past - 21/05/00

BBC World: 'God's Banker' exhumed - 16/12/98

BBC World: Body of 'God's banker' to be exhumed - 10/11/98

Agence France Presse: Light to be Thrown on Murky Death of Italian Banker Calvi - 10/11/98

BBC World: Gelli deported back to Italy - 16/10/98

BBC News World Service: Gelli extradition approved - 07/10/98

BBC World: Gelli attempted suicide - 14/09/98

BBC: Gold found in Gelli's plantpots - 13/09/98

BBC News World Service: Fugitive Italian banker arrested - 11/09/98

Corriere della Sera: Incompatibility between a judge position and free masonery - 20/01/95

The Associated Press: Italian Justice Minister Quits in Scandal Over Masonic Lodge - 23/05/81

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