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Often Masons will claim in regard to their detractors that if all this is so then how come these individuals are still alive, or other such nonsense.

Frankly that is about the only thing the Masons have not done in order to get the Freemasonry Watch site shut down. In fact we have received many cutely worded threats from Masons.

Below are only a portion of the attacks against the Freemasonry Watch site, those attacks we were able to document for you.

During this period we have witnessed site after site which criticizes Masons disappear, we ourselves have only been able to stay on line with a great amount of difficulty.

Any donation you can make, no matter how small, will help greatly.


2000 - 2002 attacks against,, early guestbooks & discussion forums, and

Original message follows:


Today I was unable to log into my account, on going to my web page I found it to go to a blank page with a 50 megs banner.

Yesterday I received numerous threats in a public usenet group by an organized group of men, who on their own websites libel in the most viscious and defamatory manner anyone who has the temerity to question their teachings, or record any events of historical import that they wish to sweep under the carpet, to get my site shut down for "hate" and "harrassment".

I note that other 50megs sites are funtioning normally today.

Have you closed my account, an account which I have spent many, many hours on, which has provided you with over 100,000 banner impressions in only 6 months, all the while enduring numerous service disruptions and file manager errors, without even so much as a note, or a chance to respond?

Are you really going to destroy all my work because of the agenda driven complaints by a small group of politically motiviated members of a self-admitted secret society?

I note that you have many occult oriented pages you host, but the difference being they all praise the "good works" they do.

Is it the "Policy Guidelines" of 50 megs to endorse and promote the occult with out a right of reply to those who disagree with their teachings?

Think about what you are saying about your company and yourselves.

At least have the human decency of responding to this e-mail seeing that I have never bothered Support before, even during the most intense service disruptions and file manager lock-up periods at 50megs, which I just endured silently thinking that you were supporting me, knowing the complaints you must have been receiving from these men who try and get everyone of its critics websites, e-mail accounts, and internet service providers shut down.

Freemasonry Watch

------Original Message------
From: 50 Megs Support [email protected]
To: Freemasonry Watch [email protected]
Sent: February 13, 2001 2:16:48 AM GMT
Subject: Re: (KMM551256C0KM)

The site was closed for review, we had quite a few people upset by it, seeing as it was exposing their beliefs and practices. We are still reviewing the site, it's a hard call, we don't want to upset you, but we don't want to upset all the other people of this organization either. If you don't see any changes in the removal of you site with in a week, please get back to me!

Abuse Agent

Original message follows:


There's five million of them.

Hopefully they all haven't complained to you. Yet.

They don't seem to mind ridiculing their critics on their own sites though.

In addition to getting web sites shut down they are also quite adept at getting e-mail accounts closed, i.s.p. services revoked, books banned, career's ruined, and lives destroyed.

Other than that they are just a run-of-the-mill charity.

Our site's has been put back up at another url but of course all of our links and search engine placements have been trashed so few people can find it - except the masons - who have also threatend to get me booted off that one as well, and have undoubtably already commenced that "work".

Don't be put out by the wee temporary slag against "corporate" web hosts and political correctness at the bottom of the last page, I'm sure you can appreciate how frustrated and upset we must be.

As a little interesting tid bit we have had a listing in the conspiracies section of for about six months but the "host" has intentionally misdirected our link to an article about the CIA's Echelon electronic monitoring program. We have sent them three e-mails to correct it but they won't. This could indicate some possible conflict of interest that the "host" of this subject area at has, or the management of itself.

I'm sure by noting the strident tone of the complaints you have received from freemasons about our site, that this sort of infantile sabotage would not be completely beyond the realm of possiblity. In our experience with them it is exactly the type of stunt they are famous for.

Having a masonic critical site shut down by complaints by masons is comparable to having the Democratic Party web site shut down after complaint's by Republican's.

A society where reasonable public criticism is not tolerated is a sick society.

The next thing they will be doing is to try and get to stop selling books that don't flatter them sufficiently, which we have links for on our site.

Enough said.


Freemasonry Watch

------Original Message------
From: 50 Megs Support [email protected]
To: Freemasonry Watch [email protected]
Sent: February 15, 2001 1:36:08 AM GMT
Subject: Re: (KMM560520C0KM)

Thank you for your email. I understand where you are coming from, your site case has been escalated higher up for review, since we can't make it on our own. Please keep in touch until this whole thing is done.

Jacob Hamblin
Customer Support Agent
About Web Services
About Web Services Customer Support

Original Message Follows:

Any word yet?

I noticed that my page now says "under construction", whereas when it was first taken down it said it didn't exist or it had been closed.

If you are not going to restore it, could you remove the page completely so it will not affect search engine resubmissions using another url?


Freemasonry Watch

p.s. I have noticed some pages you host which seem quite a bit more controversial in the same genre.

Still think my page is fair comment, you will note I allow full rebuttal in the guestbook and discussion board, whereas their pages that attack my site, and other similar sites, offer no such right of reply.

What type of critique of this organization would be acceptable to 50 Megs?

I could modify the site if you could tell me which area's you find violate the terms of service.

------Original Message------
From: 50 Megs Support [email protected]
To: Freemasonry Watch [email protected]
Sent: March 20, 2001 4:57:25 PM GMT
Subject: Re: (KMM774895C0KM)

Ok, they have decided to leave the site down due to having more potential problems. But I have removed the site name so it shouldn't cause problems on the search engines anymore, sorry about this whole mess.

Freeservers Agent

Subject: Re: (KMM774895C0KM)
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 13:56:39 -0500 (EST)
From: Freemasonry Watch [email protected]
To: [email protected]
CC: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], artbel[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

O.k. I understand.

Thanks for writing back and taking the "under construction" sign off as I think it has stopped my submissions to google and yahoo from going through.

Now I know how Oliver Stone felt.


Freemasonry Watch (mirror) (unplugged)

Shortly after this the mirror was shut down after 100 megs received false complaints (undoubtably from Masons) who claimed we had been spamming pages of the site in emails. The e-mails were not sent from us, a false e-mail account had been set-up by someone who was spamming content of our site to government and academic officials with our sites name as the sender of the material. This was clearly an illegal act and we proved so to 100megs but they were so intimidated by the complaints they received that they pulled FW nonetheless.

Enter to the rescue thanks to Illuminati News's intervention and assistance. offer offer to host FW and face the rath of the organized [email protected] mob made this sites continued existance possible.

Additionally between summer of 2001 and winter of 2002:

-FW & targeted by an elabborate denial of service attack that eventually went as high as drawing in the FCC in New York.

-FW has received repeated virus filled ee-mails, one of which succeeded infecting the hard drive resulting in a complete loss of hardrive data.

-FW's site host has receiived repeated threats from Masons complaining about the site and demanding it be shut down.

-The downstream service pproviders premises were broken into and all the harddrive equipment stolen erasing and FW completely for a week.

-FW continues to receive an average of tthree threatening or hysterically worded e-mails from Masons a week, in addition to the continued daily spamming of the guestbook and discussion forum with abusive and profanity filled posts.

-There are now several prominent Masonicc Websites, including Official Grand Lodges, attacking FW specifically. Whether the campaign of threats and harrassment against FW are directly tied to these Official and officious Masonic webpages, or they are simply the actions of deranged Masons and other Occultists acting independently, remains to be determined.

The 2003 attack against the Freemasonry Watch Discussion Board and Guestbook

The Guestbook and Discussion board were attacked by spamming it with over 1600 posts in a single weekend with vulgarity filled diatribes using multiple persona's. The Masons then complained to Ezboard and Bravenet about the posts they just made!

The discussion of this "cook-out" as they termed it took place over a half dozen different Masonic internet discussion forums, but many of the threads were quickly deleted after we tried to explain to Bravenet and Ezboard what had occured. It is evident that a great deal of planning took place to pull off this "event", and that it involved dozens of Masons.

The destruction of the Guestbook and Discussion forum was a major setback for the Freemasonry Watch website because we lost something like 1500 entries in our research area, which included many papers and articles, as well as over a thousand guestbook entries.

We had always allowed the Masons to flail away on the board and something like half of all the guestbook entries were from Masons, unlike many of the Masonic boards which don't allow "disruptive" posts (i.e. posts that are critical of Masonry).

[email protected] considers it a great 'victory' that they got our boards closed, of course the fact they had to resort to fraud and deceit to do so (like they did with 100.megs e-mail spam-then complain campaign) doesn't bother them a wit, they consider this "Craftyness".

Author Topic


United Kingdom 252 Posts Posted - 08/09/2003 : 22:19:12


I did not bring the BBQ to your attention , I know some of the posters here did take part.

As a protest against Conrad Barris, aka Capt. Morgan aka Psychodrmlanc aka many other names and ID's. General spoiler and disrupterof many forums.

We had a Cook out , a BBQ. Where many Masons posted over 1600 posts on 350 topics in 24 hours. The management of Ezbords this evening closed and locked the board.

The board now displays this message.


(freemasonrywatch) has been locked down in accordance with ezboard's Terms of Use Reason: Uncontrolled violations of privacy and abusive content.


This is a reference to repaeted publication of Pornographic and obscene material and unauthorised material. Needless to say Conrad Barris is a very unhappy person. So I would urge your Moderators to be alert for any of his sockpuppets.

You will already be aware of the closure of other sections of the FW network of web site taht published accusations of child abuse.

We should continue to be vigilant.

Bill (MoM) M.A.S.O.N.

Agent Smith

Ireland 280 Posts Posted - 08/09/2003 : 23:12:03


I like the bit where he implys that we (the masons) sent him hundreds of virus infected mails and how we are DDossing his site.


I very much doubt many Masons could tell you what DDOS stands for, let alone organise one!

Dont argue with idiots on the internet, they just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience...


Unus Tantum Um Est.


United Kingdom 252 Posts Posted - 08/09/2003 : 23:57:20


Well we dont have to argue now , he's not there.

Bill (MoM) M.A.S.O.N.


France 451 Posts Posted - 09/09/2003 : 00:04:56


A proverb of my native land: HA land!!

'I debate with a wise and I win; I debate with an ignorant and I lose'.


United Kingdom

147 Posts Posted - 09/09/2003 : 00:28:09


What the ............. is this topic about, i'm sure it's just to get more Russian General stars

mike, 6543 uk


United Kingdom 252 Posts Posted - 09/09/2003 : 06:33:13


Now you know why I did not post an invite here ??

Its about Guys fighting to defend your beloved Freemasonry Mike.

If your not interested then fine.

Bill (MoM) M.A.S.O.N.



85 Posts Posted - 09/09/2003 : 15:07:46


damn, i had that bookmarked! that site always brought a smile to my face on those long, long friday afternoons watching the clock go round, and round and round and ...

anyway, it's back ...

Another star please ...

Seb Gevers

Premier Connaught #14 Galway, Ireland


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------v Edited by - gevers1 on 09/09/2003 15:33:22


United Kingdom

252 Posts Posted - 09/09/2003 : 16:58:59



You misunderstand me that address is the web site.

The forum has been closed.

The main reason for telling you guys is that The man responsible was not the owner , he was not the Moderator. He was just a spoiler, he jumps into Discussion Forums and keeps bashing away and spamming just to create agrevation.

It is wise that your Moderators know he is probably now looking for another site to disrupt.

Bill (MoM) M.A.S.O.N.


United Kingdom

688 Posts Posted - 09/09/2003 : 17:31:19


I had a look at the site from Sebs link and I must admit that I was facinated. The few bits that I read were quite interesting, in an objective independent stance sort of way. I would love to talk to the chap who does run the site for he is clearly very passoinate. I would love to find out his/her perspectives.

As you know I am greening daily, and feel for the future of this planet. Perhaps there may be some common ground, some areas of agreement where it is only the perspectives that differ.

Stewart Edwards A mason at heart with great respect for Freemasonry


United Kingdom

335 Posts Posted - 10/09/2003 : 00:00:03



Keep keeping us in the loop. I do follow your efforts on other sites silently and have come to appreciate what you guys are doing. Loved the BBQ concept - cyber version of non-violent protests

I certainly don't want these plonkers messing about with this site though. Stu/Mike - if you see them coming - send them your recipe for Gooseberry Fool - that'll fox 'em.

Bill Trinity Lodge, No. 254 (UGLE)


We've toasted the Queen and Officers a score; We shall toast them again as we've toasted them before,

But still there is left us a Good Toast more, And it's - "Trinity! Trinity! 254!!!"



United Kingdom 252 Posts Posted - 10/09/2003 : 13:04:00

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- forum ⓒ 2000-03

Snitz Forums 2000

============================================================================= Freemasons and Their Friends FW 4 New Topic Reply to Topic

Author Topic PennsMason Average Member

USA 141 Posts Posted - Sep 20 2003 : 10:54:13 PM


It appears that the 'new' FW board that our friend conrad is using is really the original abandoned forum that was used before it switched over to ezboard!!

Our illiterate friend apparently is still not a moderator!

Another black eye for the mother of all antis!

Theron Dunn Surfsteve

USA 2839 Posts Posted - Sep 20 2003 : 11:55:48 PM


Well, a number of us have filed complaints with Bravenet over the impersonations connie has perpetrated, so it will also likely be shut down, especially as it has been linked to the OTHER sites that have been shut down for the same reasons in the last week...

Connie is really having a bad week... and when we all show up at his place of business... well, you can only imagine the scene. He might need a batch of TP to clean up his soiled panties...



CougarMan Advanced Member

USA 1541 Posts Posted - Sep 21 2003 : 12:40:22 AM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Orwellian Cougar has exceeded his quota for Konnie Komplaints for the month, and projects that the trend will continue for some time. Machiavellian projects for the coming year will be presented during the 2003 Masonic Conspiracy Convention next month, where we divy up last years spoils.


Tom aka The Orwellian Cougar

PennsMason Average Member

USA 141 Posts

Posted - Sep 21 2003 : 10:20:05 AM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Be sure to inform me of the convention date.....I don't want to miss it this year!!

Once again poor conrad has just shown how desperate he is to try to control OUR free speech. His goofy boards where he was moderator were removed...and now he is haunting the ghost site of the original FW board. I'm sure that one won't last long either.

obelisk obelisk obelisk!!!

CougarMan Advanced Member

USA 1541 Posts Posted - Sep 21 2003 : 10:30:42 AM


Yes, we will be auctioning off the domain names that have been shut down, then the Council on Global Conspiracy will decide if we should leave the "Banned" messages up as monuments to their failures or if we should link them to promasonic sites. The general concensus is to leave them as monuments of antimasonic failure.

As for FW4.01, my Machiavellian contacts have apprised me that particular "dirty toilet" has but 24 hours as of this moment. (Where is "dirty toilet" anyway?) Sockpuppetry, forgeries/impersonations, obscenities, posting private information albeit inaccurate, and general abuses continue even though they know the Orwellian Cougar is working to eliminate the transgressors.

It won't be long before Konnie and P-dawg run out of obelisks

Tom aka The Orwellian Cougar

PennsMason Average Member

USA 141 Posts Posted - Sep 21 2003 : 11:04:09 AM


**rubbing my hands and doing a Simpson's Mr. Burns impression* Exxxxcellent!

Wow....only 24 more hours! This must be a sad day for cornwad. To lose 4 boards in 2 weeks time. LOL

I'm all for leaving the banned messages as know how we Masons are about monuments!!

obelisk obelisk obelisk!!

PennsMason Average Member

USA 141 Posts Posted - Sep 21 2003 : 1:16:46 PM


Another sad day for poor lonely conrad.....the ghost of the original FW board which he has resurrected, has been DELETED by bravenet!!

It's a fine day for humanity!!

Theron Dunn Surfsteve

USA 2839 Posts Posted - Sep 21 2003 : 2:07:06 PM


I just got this from Bravenet. Attached is the email I sent and their reply. The site is now shut down. Lets see... that's HONEST MASONS 5, Lying Sack of Feces Connie 0


Hello, this Bravenet account has now been deleted. Thank you for notifying us of this issue.

If you have any further problems or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Have a nice day.

Coal Fuller

[email protected]

Customer Support Technician

Bravenet Web Services

-----Original Message-----

From: Theron Dunn

Sent: Saturday, September 20, 2003 11:23 PM

To: [email protected]

Subject: Connie Mack Berry and his abusive stalking

To whom it may concern,

This letter is in reference to the Bravenet forum "Freemasonry Watch Web Forum" v I am reporting that a probematic indivudual has taken up residency on a bravenet forum and is forging abusive posts in the names (and established screen names) of other posters. This person's behavior has recently caused a number of boards to be shut down, one of which was also a Bravenet forum. This latest forum was brought to my attention by the poster who is responsible for the abuse, and is his way of harassing me and other members of the Masonic fraternity.

My established screen name for many years has been and still is "Theron Dunn".

I have NEVER posted to the forum identified above and neither has "Cougarman"

nor "Bill McElligot", nor to my knowledge, "Frater_RAH". This ongoing problem

has reached a point where it is more than an annoyance and I will be filing a complaint with, his apparent ISP. I strongly recommend your company also take this issue to the person's ISP, because I see no indication that his behavior will improve any time soon.

I have absolutely NO OBJECTION to anyone exercising their right to free speech, but I DO OBJECT to someone forging abusive posts to which they ascribe my established screen name. I do not feel that is free speech, it is fraud.

It is regretable that your forums have been drawn into this seemingly incessant foray, so I apologize for any inconvenience this individual may have caused you. It is my sincere hope that he will eventually see the futility of hate and seek some sort of therapy or counseling


R. Theron Dunn All That is Required for Evil to Succeed is for Good Men to do Nothing" Edmund Burke (1729-1797) - Paternus Deus, Humana Fraternitas '

billmcelligott Average Member

United Kingdom 231 Posts Posted - Sep 21 2003 : 6:54:49 PM


Masons ...... 5 Conrad ........0

Theron Dunn Surfsteve

USA 2839 Posts

Posted - Sep 21 2003 : 7:04:27 PM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I think I wrote that... more prosaicly, to be sure, but...

We are still winning.


PennsMason Average Member

USA 141 Posts Posted - Sep 21 2003 : 8:27:39 PM


LOL Apparently conrad still seems to think anyone gives a rat's rear about him. I hardly think a real lawyer is wasting his valuable time with a ranting nutbar like conrad.

The reason all the other forums were shut down is because conrad himself broke all the rules of the forums....not to mention breaking the law as well. These forums will soon grow tired of his constant return and ban him altogether.

Hopefully that day will be soon.

Theron Dunn Surfsteve

USA 2839 Posts Posted - Sep 21 2003 : 11:23:48 PM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Aw, he is just ranting, pay no attention to the man in the pointed hat facing the corner... he has been spanked accordingly and just wants people to pay attention to him.

If he uses our names or images again illegally, complaints should be filed and whatever other site he opens up should have complaints filed on them so that they too , can be closed by the hosts, according to the terms of service of Bravenet or EZ Board or wherever else he opens his free sites...

Personally, I am looking forward to hearing about the picketing of his store in Cary, and the complaints being filed with the franchise owners of his store, complaining about Connie's extracurricular activites... I have no problem with people doing that... if he really feels as he says, then he should stand proud when exposed for the fraud that he is... and accept the consequences. i don't imagine his bosses or corporate offices will be too happy to be associated with the activites he is committing, ESPECIALLY where it can be shown that he is doing it from the store or with corporate assets.

He keeps threatening to sue, and I laugh at his antics.

My brothers, all of you, keep up the pressure on this fool.

Bronno Niemeyer Average Member

229 Posts

Posted - Sep 23 2003 : 5:17:13 PM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Good work Theron, Keep up the good work my Brother...


Theron Dunn Surfsteve

USA 2839 Posts Posted - Sep 23 2003 : 11:58:25 PM


I am having so much fun pointedly ignoring the twit... I am sure he is trying to email me, but his addresses are blocked at my server. He keeps threatening to sue me, or that he has filed a suit, he goes back and forth, and that I will be served at Lodge Thursday night... I am so terribly afraid that I sent him the address for the lodge and the times I will be there... LOL

This is JUST like the time two years ago when he told me the LA County Sheriff was looking for me... because he had tried to file a police report in my name... LOL what a doofus.

He is amusing, in a droll kind of way, though.


CougarMan Advanced Member

USA 1541 Posts Posted - Sep 24 2003 : 12:06:15 AM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Heh, apparently I'm next to be sued. I'm not even replying to Conrad anymore with the exception of when he violates my rules, he is warned as to what rule he violated and cited. 3 strikes and the sockpuppet is banned.


Theron Dunn Surfsteve

USA 2839 Posts Posted - Sep 24 2003 : 09:21:08 AM


Yeah, he told me a year and a half ago that the LA County Sheriff was looking to arrest me... of course, it was not true. I don't even LIVE in LA county... LOL

So now, facing the threat of lawsuit constantly, Connie I guess, figures that he can toss the threat around and "Scare" some of us into leaving him alone to continue to committ his internet crimes. The LIGHT is shining brightly upon his little corner, and like a cockroach, he does not like it. So he hisses and spits and postures in the hopes that we will turn the light off.

Plain fact is, the light is only going to be turned UP to higher intensity. MANY brothers are now upset, and MANY brothers are now taking individual and organized action to address the defamation and libels and other, less savory actions that Connie et al have been taking. GOD I LOVE IT WHEN A TWIT GETS WHAT HE HAS BEEN SHOVELING.

My attorney called the court where connie claims to have filed a case. there is no such action, nor ANY action under his name, or under mine. Again, he has lied... imagine my surprise.


CougarMan Advanced Member

USA 1541 Posts Posted - Sep 24 2003 : 2:17:39 PM


What's to sue? Hell, it is a man's duty to himself to defend his good name and the good name of his brothers against libel. A court clerk would laugh any such "suit" out of the courthouse. A judge, on the other hand, might not find such a thing as humorous and dish out a spanking of his own to the individual attempting to file such a case.


Theron Dunn Surfsteve

USA 2839 Posts Posted - Sep 24 2003 : 2:22:38 PM


Well, a court clerk would offer no comment on it, lest they be accused of practicing law without a license. As you noted, though, a JUDGE would have a different perspective on it, especially as the defendant would file a CROSS complaint against the plaintiff and his attorney for malicious prosecution and abuse of process... which the defendant would WIN, seeing as there is NOT ONE SHRED of evidence to support such a claim.

That and it is BLOODY expensive to file a federal case.


Surfsteve's Forums ⓒ [email protected]

This page was generated in 0.36 seconds. Snitz Forums 2000

The 2003 campaign of intimidation against

One of the most odious aspects of the Masons various campaigns to shut down Freemasonry Watch is it's ruthlessness and lack of common decency.

Freemasonry Watch is hosted on because the Masons got it shut down at (, and The ongoing plight of Freemasonry Watch to stay on line was brought to the folks by some other Masonry researchers and they bravely offered to give the site some room to breath.

Since then the Masons have submitted the folks who operate to an unremitting series of abuse and threats.

They have gone to great lenghths to get the site shut down, including co-ordinated complaint and intimidation campaigns against all downstream providers or internet services they can find connected to Freestates, no matter how minor.

Lately getting increasingly frutstrated they have reached a new low by engaging in a personal campaign of intimidation against the spouse of the webmaster, including using information gleaned from some presumed investigative methods, about some medical treatment the lady supposedly received as a little girl through a Shrine Hospital.

However there is a silver lining in proves once and for all what Masons critics have been saying for years about this supposed "simple fraternity" and "worthy charitiable cause"; when it comes to dealing with those who question or contradict any aspect of Masonry - Freemasons become psychopaths.

ORIGINAL COPY OF POSTINGS BY FREEMASONS ON SEVERAL MASONIC DISCUSSION BOARDS IS REDACTED TO PROTECT PRIVACY OF FAMILY AND PREVENT RETRANSMISSION OF LIBEL AND SLANDER. and those connected with it are not the operators of the Freemasonry Watch Website. Masons have been told and retold this but they will not leave the family alone. Why does the harassment of them continue?

The hosts at graciously offer space for websites in the name of a Freepress and Freespeech only. They make no endorsement of any websites on their servers. It is called principal.

Why does Freemasonry seek to shut down each and every website, no matter how small, which posts information that it does not find flattering? Why? What is it so afraid of?

There are something like 200,000 official masonic web pages on the net, surely Masonry can survive a few hundred pages published by some non-masons? Or can it?

August 2004

Freemasons launch new website 'Freemasonry Watch Watch'

Re:Brother Bill goes masonic nuts steals FW copywrite

Posted on August 20, 2004 at 11:33:32 PM by freemasonrywatch

Nothing new. Brother Bill stole the old FW url ( and put a link to it back to MOM. - try it out. He had a bunch of jazzy graphics and banners on it for a while then nothing. He and this same mob of lunatics were responsible for getting that url pulled which led to Illuminati News and then offering to host the site. Worked out for the best given the huge growth in traffic for this site since (100,000 page views to 6 M now in four years.) I have it documented on the page Freemasonry vs FW.

The more they attack us the more attention we get - the more they attack us...

Ain't Anti-Masonic life grand.


Original Posting

Brother Bill goes masonic nuts steals FW copywrite and threats masonic terrorism on net again!

Posted on August 14, 2004 at 02:34:29 PM by GreatCon

Shame on you Brother bill, caught you again.

Posts: 929
(8/13/04 23:16)

Freemasonrywatch Watch by Bro. Bill I am pleased to announce that I have created a new site

Freemasonry Watch Watch

Having visited the infamous Freemasonry Watch site and found the slanderous things they print about me and you. I thought it was about time we made it clear we have no intention of standing for such nonesense.

I would ask you to visit and let me know what you think. I will be pleased to recieve articles and comments for publication. I have registered the domain name and will in due time start to promote that site on the serch engines. In the mean time please let me have anything to make up a repudiation of the lies that FW promotes.


Tolerance is the key to making friends, not every one can be as smart as you.

The Sojouner

Edited by: MaximusPain at: 8/13/04 23:18
Posts: 6
(8/14/04 0:25)
Re: Freemasonrywatch Watch by Bro. Bill Just how many Bills do we have on this board ! lol


Quaere Verum.
Posts: 929
(8/14/04 0:40)
Re: Freemasonrywatch Watch by Bro. Bill I am not sure, but I was here first

Tolerance is the key to making friends, not every one can be as smart as you.

The Sojouner

Posts: 1087
(8/14/04 10:08)

Re: Freemasonrywatch Watch by Bro. Bill Heh... Beautiful! Repudiates the lies and delivers a sound poking with a sharp stick

Posts: 929
(8/14/04 10:14)
Re: Freemasonrywatch Watch by Bro. Bill Thats what I am here for.

Tolerance is the key to making friends, not every one can be as smart as you.

The Sojouner

724 Mason
Posts: 13
(8/14/04 16:04)
Reply Re: Freemasonrywatch Watch by Bro. Bill Brian, just have to say, I love your banner.


Posts: 6
(8/14/04 16:28)
Re: Freemasonrywatch Watch by Bro. Bill cheers brother bill ..its been raining cats and dogs for the past 5 days ......I have had nothing better to do than make up signature banners blue peter once said is one I done earlier .

Regards to you brother Bill (724 mason) many Bills in here

Quaere Verum

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