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Corriere della Sera: Incompatibility between a judge position and freemasonry

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Corriere della Sera

Incompatibility between a judge position and freemasonry

17 January, 1995

Milan - Judgement of the Italian 'Consiglio superiore della magistratura' (the head board of directors of the Italian judges).

For a judge, the membership to a masonic society is not compatible with his duties, even if he belongs to a regular lodge. This statement was fixed by the disclipline section of 'Consiglio superiore della magistratura, in its sentence where the judge Luciano D'Agostino (judge in Catanzaro) has been censored due to his belonging to a regular lodge, from 1987 till 1990. The sentence states that the characheristics of the masonic lodges are "a solemn obligation of obedience, fellowship and submission to principles and persons" with a consequence of "a seriuos diminuition of the image and prestige of the judge and of the entire law order, which are both submitted only to the law".

This decision of C.S.M. is on the same line of other statements issued on the same subject. Inside of the 21 pages of motivation is pointed out that it is neither in discussion the right of every citizen "to believe in the masonic notion and to carry out in the association" nor "the right to develop esoteric cults or to join in group of private or public lobby". The subject of the statement if C.S.M. is only to clarify whether the belonging to a masonic order is compatible with the belonging to the judiciary body.

"In Italy", says the sentence, "the freemasonery seems to be characterized by a deep feeling of secrecy, and by an extreme linkage of influence between the followers. All these elements draw a picture so heavy to reflect outside an image which creates a damage to the (good) image that a judge is due to maintain ..... "

The main point is , as often pointed out, the problem of the oath. "The special link that is established between the member and the masonic order is stated by the level of the oath during the initiation cerimony and during the subsequent grades; oaths that bind to keep secrets about everything and to spend all efforts to develop all the principles of the masonery in every field of the profane life. (Article translated from Italian)

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