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Devil Worship Alive in Kenya: Report

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Devil Worship Alive in Kenya: Report
Xinhua News Agency
August 4, 1999

NAIROBI, KENYA - Devil worship is widespread in Kenya with rituals of human sacrifice and nudity in prayers, the Daily Nation newspaper Wednesday quoted a report of survey as saying.

The report titled the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Cult of Devil Worship in Kenya, was recently released to religious organizations but never made public, the paper said.

The report, compiled by prominent religious leaders and presented to President Daniel Arap Moi in 1995, claims that the tentacles of evil sects reached into schools, churches and even government offices with an assistant minister and his wife cited as known Satanists.

The report also says that such groups, which are secretive, destructive and deliberate, "generally" have the rituals including the presence of snakes, drinking human blood, eating human flesh, human sacrifice, sexual abuse and rape. A group named Freemasons allegedly prayed at night, in the dark and nudity, and walked backwards into their temple after completing their rituals, according to the report.

The report also makes recommendations including the establishment of a special police unit to probe occult activities like ritual killings and other crimes.

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