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Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005
From: "d"
To: [email protected]


I find your website boorish, and half informed. Like with witch hunters of years gone by, you are able to take short quotes and mistruths and twist them into a tale that fits your uninformed imagination. Should you chance to walk by my lodge on a meeting night and refer to one of our members as a satan worshipper, I am afraid you had better be wearing your running shoes.

I find it hard to believe that you have nothing better to do woth your time.


From: C
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005
Subject: (no subject)
To: [email protected]

You are absolutely the biggest bunch of idiots on the entire web.

Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005
Subject: Islamic insights on free masonry
From: "T"
To: [email protected]

Dear mason stoppers team:

Your website initiative and content has been studied with great interest.

This is to communicate a possible (thinkable) relation between free masonryand Islamic revelation:

In a nutshell, the Islamic revelation (The Quran) reveals an end of the world (whole universe). This event is also called "The Hour".

The latter will not materialize until and unless (only DIRECT related pointsmentioned):

1. reappearance of Jesus, peace be upon him (pub)
2. manifestation of Anti Christ (Ad-Dajjal)

The key link to the subject matter elaborated on your site is represented in the prophetic statement (all references pasted below): "Ad-Dajjal is one-eyed whereas God is not" in conjunction with the back of the U.S. one dollar bill with its pyramid and the "All-Seeing-Eye of God", with the message "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM".

In above stated context, the prophetic statement makes a lot of common sense since nothing, especially no human creature, is comparable to God.

May God the Allmighty continue the blessings upon you. Peacefully submitted,

Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005
Subject: Some Info for you
From: h
To: [email protected]

I would love to know where you get your info because it is totally incorrect. I am a recently raised Master Mason and recently initiated as a Shriner. I can tell you right now that masonry has nothing to do with devil worshiping. In my short time in the lodge it has done nothing but bring me closer to God and make me a better man. Which is one of the main objectives of the lodge its to make a good man better. I don't know what your problem with the lodge is. I mean have we done something to personally offend you? If so then be a man and take you problems up with us like a man would. Not by spreading lies on a website. You may think you know everything because you have peices of information here and there and you post them but you have really no idea whats going on. I have yet to become a Scottish Rite mason but I plan on it as soon as the next oppurtuinty arrises. As far as I have been told by my Brothers any man who considers himself a Christian needs to go through at least the 14th degree. I will get back to you on that. But I have no reason not to believe them because up til now I have found nothing in the world to tell me otherwise. Except your website which is comprised on false information and bias with a few quotes thrown in here or there (several of which taken out of context by the way). But I guess thats OK to do because you need to spread your lies and thats all you can find to support it. Did you know that after I was raised I was given The King James version of the Holy Bible. In the bible it had marked passages about how to be closer to God and be a better man. Oh and masons do not all hide there affliation. I wear a ring and have emblems on my vehicle like many of my brothers. And the only reason that anyone would hide it is because of the ignorance people like you spread. If not for these anti masonry websites and books then we wouldn't have a problem. But since you have nothing better to do with your time (like get a job or a life or whatever) than make websites like this. We have to put up with and try to stop the ignorance you spread. Post this on your website along with my email address I would be happy to discuss masonry with anyone who would like the truth but bear in mind i will not reveal any of the secrets. Because yes we have secrets and for good reason which i will discuss with anyone. I can tell you the Masons do have an orphanage where we house kids without parents. Also have you ever heard of Shriners there an offshoot of masonry. And while they like to party a little guess what else we do. We provide free medical care for burnt and cripple children. Why's that not on your website. I guess thats the work of the devil and we shouldn't do that but I tell you what I' ll leave it up to you to tell the kids. As for me I will continue to be a Mason and Shriner and continue to learn more and try and help the children as best as I can.

Good Day sir

H 3rd degree Master Mason

From: "b"
To: [email protected]
Subject: Let's get real
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005

I am saving a copy of this so if it is altered you will be held for libel.

I find it so very interesting that your site makes so many unproven allegations, it is quite amazing how you spent so much time developing these elaborate fabrications. I have never been asked to participate in any Satanic rituals or sexual orgies or anything even close to that as a freemason. I am curious as to where you obtained your information? I know no matter what I say as a freemason myself you will pervert it or twist it for your own use. You will claim that I am defending it because I am part of some large-scale conspiracy to conceal the truth. My question to you is this, You seem to have a lot of occult/Satanist knowledge for someone who claims you are trying to reveal Freemasonry for what it is. First hand knowledge from a Satanist?

Fact: Aleister Crawley, the so-called Great Beast of Satanism was never a freemason!

Fact: Though you claim freemasonry has Satanic Origins because it is hidden under so-called veil of secrecy you make nothing of the fact that many organizations including the Catholic church, the US Government, college fraternities and a host of others have many secrets as well.

Your interpretations of Morals and Dogma is the most farfetched by far! M&D is not the Masonic bible as you would like to claim but a dissertation of Scottish Rite Masonry at the time that is was written.

Let's try this on for size: Go in unto the land of the Canaanites, the Girgashites, the Amorites and the Jebusites and destroy them utterly, destroy their cities and kill their cattle. That is from the Holy Bible! (Book of Joshua) You speak of pledges to murder but the Bible itself speaks of destroying and pillaging.

You make no mention that the College of Cardinals that meets to elect a new pope takes a vow of secrecy not to discuss what transpires during the election and installment of a new Pope! As a matter of fact, you speak of Masonic oaths but Catholic Cardinals are threatened with extreme and permanent excommunication for violating their oaths. This means that one can never enter the kingdom of heaven because they have been expelled from the church community. The US government punishes violation of certain national secrets as treason which is still punishable by Death!! Are they Satanic organizations as well? Have you ever been to a Masonic lodge? Do you really know what you are speaking of? Are you weaving these elaborate fabrications from a hodge podge of collected information to dupe the very public that you are claiming to protect into visiting your site? Why not reveal yourself, hold the flashlight to yourself so that the public can see your origins!!

I am a God-fearing Christian and a Mason. I believe in one God who's son is the Lord Jesus Christ. All this garbage about Luciferian doctrine in freemasonry is a hoax!!

By the way, I love how you mentioned the fact of all these dictators like Napoleon and the like were freemasons to corroborate your world domination conspiracy theory but One of the worst people to walk the earth was a man by the name of Borgia and he was a pope was he not? The Spanish Inquisition which murdered hundreds maybe thousands was done in the name of the pope.

The crusaders who slaughtered every man, woman and child in the city of Jerusalem in 1099, did it in the name of the pope. Remember too, the Templars answered only to the pope! So who is really a Satanic organization?

Check yourself!!

From: P
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005
Subject: freemasons in the welsh ambulance service
To: [email protected]

check out the s.e. region, and you will see the jobs for the boys, nepotism without the D.N.A..

Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005
From: "R"
To: [email protected]
Subject: Hello

What in the world is this about? Don't you have any idea how bad a name you are giving Christians? This web site is so full of false statements and lies it borders on slander and libel try doing a little more research before you spouting off. It has always amazed me how someone who has never been in a lodge can profess to know so much about it religion cannot be discussed in a lodge that is it no nada uh uh it will not be the only thing we do is open and close in prayer as everyone should do in any endeavor we also do not discuss politics these two thing create discourse amongst people you mention people who you "think" were masons who were not and you try to tie them with the lodge plus here you are looking for more dirt it is sad very sad and you try to profit off of your falsehoods and you do it in the name of God you should be ashamed .no one has ever said masonry was a religion it is not. The only ones who do are people like you who spread this falsehood nor will it ever be my salvation is in the lord Jesus Christ. You twist words and statements to suite your own misguided beliefs and you know you do it you are baring false witness upon may a good man and you do this in Gods holy name and for that you have sinned I suggest you ask Him for your forgives for this falsehood you put out on me and my brothers Christ taught love and understanding he taught salvation and compassion the only time he got angry was to run the money changers off the steps of the temple. He taught us to love one another not once did he ever attack something for which he had no knowledge about and neither should you. You have the right to your own views and I do respect that however you do not have the right to lie
I will pray for you, sincerely
R Past Master C.S Hoffman lodge #252 F&AM 32 degree Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Past High Priest Madisonville Chapter #23 Past I ll Master A.E. Orten Council # 93 Past E Commander Madisonville Commandry # 27 Past President Hopkins County Shrine Club Current Potentates Aide Rizpah Temple President Masonic Family Acc. Past Grand Chapter President of the Widows Sons Masonic Riders Acc of Kentucky ( as you can see I know a little about what I am talking about. Can you say the same thing)

Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 From: f
Subject: Thank you for saving me.
To: [email protected]

I am continually amazed at how small-minded people can distort the truth with such great conviction. I have been a Freemason for almost 30 years, and it has made me a better man. Your misguided attempt to besmirch the good names of men who practice charity in so many ways will surely earn you a seat on a hotplate in Hades! I suggest you visit the Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas.

I will pray for you.

A Freemason and Shriner

From: PastorL
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005
Subject: Timeline-The typical American Church, winking at Masons and their false doctrine
To: [email protected]

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Masonic Lodge: "They don't take it seriously"(Oh really?)

YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS, BUT IT IS TRUE: The Typical American Church

A Christian friend asked me recently "but what are you doing about it Lee" as I was voicing my concerns for the church including the fact Masons run or dictate what can or cannot go on in many churches and even our country. I have done something about it. I would ask you the same. "What are you doing" about your church dear friends in light of what the scriptures repeatedly teach and admonish, Eph. 5:11ff, 2 Cor. 6:14ff, Titus 1,etc.

Timeline of Masonic activity in my life and ministry-Churches:

1984-85: My high school shop class teacher Mr. Burgess would brag about his being a Mason and how they "would get you" if you stirred them up. He was an angry, spiteful man. I did not put a lot of stock into it at the time.

1988: Around this time I would see Masons come to church business meetings being hateful to the Pastor. I did not know what Masonry actually taught then. I sure sensed, as a true believer does, an evil spirit though.

1992: I entered Bible College in South Carolina wanting to be a Pastor and I saw John Ankerbergs TV show on Masons and was astounded. I knew I had to act.

1993: Causing much debate and many leaving the SBC, myself included, the Southern Baptist Convention I was in officially and astoundingly left it up to the "individual's conscience" whether to stay in the lodge or not. This is against clear scripture.

1995: Around this time my Pastoral Ministries Professor at Columbia Bible College told me " But Lee, where will you go if you leave the SBC. You will be out at sea, all alone". He was a career Southern Baptist. He said "But where would I go if I left". He said he knew it was evil. He said he would stay a Southern Baptist though!

1995: The senior Pastor of the large, affluent 800 member Presbyterian church I was interning at said to me "Masons do not really take it seriously". He had just said while up north they punched him in the face for interrupting their Masonic funeral service!

1993-1997: I spoke out regularly against Christians remaining in the lodge and against the SBC for allowing this false doctrine.

1996: After preaching to a Southern Baptist Pulpit Committee in my brother's church in Lowell, NC, I was offered the Pastorate during the following meeting back in the Pastors study until I brought up Masonry. They said most members left were Masons and Eastern Stars and gave the most money, that they would not "tolerate" me. The offer was retracted!

1997: After exposing them and putting out tracks and flyers in the church, angry Masons and Shriners helped vote me out of the Southern Baptist church I was pastoring in Aiken, SC. I was told I was "blackballed" from the Southern Baptist Convention. I considered this an honor actually. The week before I was voted out, the Chairman of the Deacons proclaimed, "Lee, I will go down with you". A few days later after talking with his relative, a Southern Baptist Pastor, he said he new the bible teaches what I say, that Masonry and immorality was wrong, but that Southern Baptist no longer did church discipline! He said that "I had to go"!

1999: Masons, some from my home church in Durham NC who once were proud of me going off to be a preacher and patting me on the back, may have been part of the same Lodge that sent in false witnesses to complain about me at Duke University Senior Center. At there Lodge meetings they discuss men in the community like me as "Anti's", that is to say anti-Masonic, and the Lodges do have list and DO GO AFTER MANY PEOPLE. This got me transferred and ultimately laid off. I had brought up their secrets in our talks while working at the center. One really older man threatened me to my face saying that I had better stop saying those things, that I could "get hurt" I believe, and was then rebuked by the older one.

2000: I visited the President of The Southern Baptist Convention and then President of Southeastern Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC Paige Patterson. In his office there I told him of my run in with Masons and my disappointments in the SBC for not putting them out or standing against them (As they do Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses etc….) He jokingly said they had threatened his life but he was not worried about it in essence. He shrugged me off as unimportant.

2000: The chance of a lifetime, I enter a Masonic Temple/Lodge in Chapel Hill, NC.

I was there to leave a flyer about services for my employer at the time, pest control. Upon getting to the front doors where I was going to leave the tracts ooops, flyers, I realized the doors were open. Once in, I was abit scared, the lodge was huge, Chapel Hill a Mecca for prominent Masons. I went to the men's room and I heard a coulple of Masons enter the doors. I was really scared now. Finally they left. I then went to most rooms . It was EEEEERIE!. In the main hall, it was dark, dark, dark…they had hanging portraits around, wall to wall of Masons in the area. Prominent men, all white. The hall was dark, demonic feeling, creepy…I soon bolted. But before I did I placed tracts throughout by their favorite author Jack Chick and "The Curse Of Baphome". I must have left several in key places like on the Bible in the main hall. I would have loved to see their face upon seeing it!

2000: While on a Job interview in Durham NC, Masonry came up as I saw the business owners Shriners Plaque in his office. He went on to defend Masonry and included he was the treasurer of the large SBC church on the corner right down the road and that the Pastor and most of the Deacons are Masons. I did not get the job. He was a family friend.

2003: Having been assured there were no Masons at the church I had come up to Pastor in Northeast Ohio even though the cemetery across the street was filled with their monuments-Obelisk (Little Washington Monuments which are straight from Egyptology), a Masonic member who had left before I came and not returned when he heard another "anti- Mason" Pastor was coming was influential in the happenings before, during and after my resignation.

One day while in my office at the church I heard a car pull up outside and park in the lot, it was the Mason, my heart was pounding! After calling out for him throughout the church, I went next door to my house. A while later I heard the door shut and he drove off. I still to this day do not know what he was doing there. He lived around the corner of the church and drove by my house behind the church daily and never once looked or waved at my family or me. Perhaps it was because my oldest son and me put anti-Masonic tracts on the Masonic cars during a Masonic funeral in town one night shortly after arriving. Perhaps it was because I advertised in the local paper the showing of videos on cults-secret societies at the church. He had actually harassed the former Pastor when he showed a video exposing Masonry. Just look at all the little obelisk in the local cemeteries in your town and imagine what may have taken place at your church, OR IS NOW. Most pastors would lose their paycheck if they even mentioned looking into the Lodge to see who was a member. The Old Testament word is "Hireling", for those whom would not care for the true flock.

2003: Not long after this, we were asked to candidate at a "Conservative" Church in South Carolina. During the morning service I realized many of the older men were Masons and Shriners actually whereing their lapel pins to Church! I condemned secret societies generally in my message but the did not get it. I new I had to be SPECIFIC, many of these do not consider themselves in a secret order, or simply are in DENIAL. During the conference call when they were going to offer the Pastorate to me, I found out the Chairman of the Search Committee, Fred, was a Mason-Shriner and this led to a lively debate about doctrine. He became belligerent when asked about the secret oaths and passwords…the sexual innuendo and phallic symbolism of his beloved fraternal organization.. He in essence said Masonry makes good Christians better, the common Masonic mantra. I asked him why would he need Jesus Christ or the church then…he became even more belligerent, frothing even. Needless to say, I didn't get the job.

2004: This same Mason (The one from back in Ohio) was now at the GARBC church where my family was attending in the same town. He would never look at me or acknowledge my presence. The Pastor would call on him to close the service in prayer. This man was busy in evangelism during the county fair for the church…of course the Masons had their recruiting table set up just down from the churches tract station!

Having heard and seen and talked with several ex- Masons and present ones at this "good" "conservative", "Fundamental church", I began asking the Pastor to confront them with me or himself and live up to the church statement about false doctrine and putting out those who follow and support it. In his office, February of 2004, he said, "But Lee, since you are not perfect in your theology, you cannot judge the Masons". How bizarre! He asked me to pray for him. Our family left the church shortly after this having asked for a hearing about the pastor and being basically put off.

This same Pastor preached some sermons on Masonry shortly after this, but concluded by saying he was "not going to stir anything up or put anyone out". Masons were present and I hear were quite delighted. The new building program the Pastor has been pushing for is right on track! (The typical American Church, is this your church?)

2004: Having thought I had now found a group that cared about this issue, a pastor and leader of a "Fundamental" movement specializing in separating from false doctrine and denominations said be careful I don't make this a "hobby horse". His son, a Pastor in the same church, let his wife say at our lunch that her dad was a "40 year Mason", that he was a "good man" and loved to where his lapel pins as we discussed their infiltration of our churches. The more I brought up Masons, the less I heard of anymore fellowship or preaching opportunities. (I thought the church was supposed to be the "Pillar and support of the truth", 1 Tim 3:15, not professional sports)

2005: We meet with several other families in our home now for church. I work several jobs as a non-salaried Pastor. At Dillard's the chief salesman, an Eagle and I believe a Mason stirred up the rabid homosexual employees and managers so bad against me I had to resign. This older gentleman prided himself on his many local and judicial contacts. He wore a huge gold ring with an Eagle on it with diamonds. He said at one point when I confronted him about his stealing customers that I was the "devil in disguise"! Imagine that. The retired police officer who also worked there repeatedly said this man was a liar and pedophile. I told this man I knew who his real father was, it was not mine.

I was fired in September 2005 from JC Penney's four months later because of "customer complaints". Masons again complained I was harassing them. The first one I spoke with, after he became belligerent and said I was stupid, that I was one of them "Born- again Christians" and told me he was going to "get me fired". He was right. After that Masons would come in regularly to see if I was still working there. The store Manager warned me to "never say anything negative about the Masons at any place". Of course I did not obey this hideous command. I think he was a Mason. He would not tell me.

.JC Penney was a Mason. JC Penney's sell Masonic, Eastern Star, and Shriners fraternal rings. Little old Masons daily frequent the store. Will they see you there?

I am sure there is more to come

Eph 5:11 "Have nothing to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them"

I John 3 " I have no greater joy than this, than to hear of my children walking in the truth"

Gal. 4:16 " Have I now become your enemy because I tell to the truth"


Rev. L

Anti-Masonic websites to help you understand how deep it really goes:

Mason- Watch:

Mason- Watch :

Ephesians 5:11- Ex Masons For Jesus: How To Help A Mason Come Out

John Ankerbergs site and video series

The History Channel website offers videos on the Illuminati -Skull and bones with the Bush family.

(There are many more "similar" sites; a simple Google search would give you many)

Brushed off, Ignored or deemed unworthy of their time:

Just some well known ministries include

ACLJ -The American Center For Law And Justice (Jay Sekulows group)
Focus On The Family - James Dobson
The Southern Baptist Convention churches and Pastors (All 16 million members)
AFA- The American Family Association. - Donald Wildmon, for now
JC Penney's (He was a Mason)

Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005
From: "D"
Subject: Fremasonry
To: [email protected]

As a Mark Master Mason, I have to say that your website is utter crap! I'm assuming the Webmaster is based in America, America was built on Freemasonry.

Without giving our secrets away, the idea that we worship the devil is abhorrent, most of our members are devout christians. And it's not that we will not allow Catholics in, they chose not to join.

The Grand Lodge of Scotland, or anywhere else have nothing whatsoever to do with the Orange Order.

Also, what is annoying, is that you are actually allowed to spread you lies and hate and venom around the world via the web.

The tide will turn one day, our voices as freemasons will be heard above yours. Perhaps the penalties that you THINK you have uncovered may come into use?

So Mote It Be


Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005
From: "V"
Subject: Mysteries Of 3rd Temple Diagram - Masonic Temple Vs. Third Jewish Temple
To: [email protected]

I have written a new book title FREE OF CHARGE:

I might have a name for the anti-Christ for you within this title. It's worth looking into.

If you would like to link my site to yours you may do so, since I have also linked your site from within my own research....I just dig your site....Good job! We are a match in our studies.....Now take a step further in your homework and take a look at what I've come up with....

This is crucial to your website. I have referenced your website as a valuable tool of reference for my own work and research and you have my permission to reference mine.......The more people who know about this the better....

Dr. R

From: "M"
To: [email protected]
Subject: wow...
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005

you really have no clue what masons are all about. if you could only sit in on a meeting and see what they do for the community... circus' i grant you, however, they are being phased out. as for freemasonry (loosely connected with actualy masonic lodges) run blood donor clinics, support youth sports teams, and countless other community services. Name something they have to gain from that???? Please???? It isn't advertised that they do so...

I'd be interested in a response, but I doubt anyone affiliated with you is capable of conversing on a higher level..

Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005
From: "N"
To: [email protected]

Iwas thinking of joining the local lodge here in my hometown. I am 32, 2 children, and a lovely wife. My uncle, and grandfather are both Masons, for years and years now. I have never, ever seen any form of tyranny, cult activity, devil worshipping, or any of that shit ever go on. BUT.... As you well know, I AM NOT ALLOWED into their "SOCIETY WITH SECRETS" untill I petition in. My Grandpa is an active Morman (latter day saint), whick in no way shape or form would have anything to do with anything, "anti-mormoanism", and my uncle is a Presbyterian. I guess what I am getting at, does all the HOOPLA and weird shit, and all the voodoo bullshit you talk about only happen in the bigger city lodges? I am in no way making fun of you, I am just cautiously curious before I go jumping into to all of this, and would like your opinion on the situation. I would also like to know what happened to you that made you demitt out. I know you are busy, but could you please respond.
Cautiously waiting,

From: b
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005
Subject: Husband interested in Masonic lodge in Ky
To: [email protected]

My husband has been working for a Mason recently, and has been subsequently what I term brainwashing him. We had the three guys come over to "prove our worthiness." He was accepted but I stopped the process by "asking too many questions." None of these anyone would answer Why no women? Why secrets? etc.This has caused great turmoil in our household and although my husband has not joined he now has this"I'm the king of this castle and what I do is none of your business attitude." When I confronted his boss, I was told that I sounded like a Catholic priest who wanted confession. It has since been brought up that I was going to work at a Catholic school to my husband when the name only had Cathedral in it because they owned the building. And I used to work there...but my husband was told that I was going to work at a Catholic school....and he was convinced I said this when He was there when they talked to me....Bizarre and very scary for me.

Reply to 'b'

Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005
From: "FW" [email protected] View Contact Details
Subject: Re: Husband interested in Masonic lodge in Ky
To: b

Your husband is angry at you because you probably wrecked his chances of getting in the lodge. The Masons are very wary of wives who ask too many questions. Good for you.

The Catholic angle also, the RC Church has the goods on Freemasonry and won't take any of their boiler plate or b.s..

Tell your husband that the Knights of Columbus this year passed Freemasonry in the number of active members in the United States 1.6 million for the first time in American History.

Tell your husband that Freemasonry's membership and reputation is falling like a rock and it will hurt and not help his career.

Formally write a letter to his Lodge he is proposing to join and inform them that you are absolutely against his joining and refuse permission, then your husband will not be able to go behind your back and tell them 'he will bring her around'.

You're a strong woman with a clear head, most wives of prospective masons cave in when the 'visit' occurs.

I have a page on this on the site that may help you

Take care and good luck,


Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005
From: [email protected]>
Subject: masonry
To: [email protected]

You people need to stop because you have ran into the wrong side of masonry doesnt mean you have to put a bad taste in everybody elese mouth about it it is a choice that a person makes to be a mason so there fore you guys putting the bad side of masonry into peoples heads you need to think about the good things that masonry has done for community or for people but thats all that i have to say about it


Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005
From: "s"
Subject: Fwd: Truth
To: [email protected]

I sent this message to you a while back. Please post it. I posted messages on your website previously about my experiences with the masons in PA, CT and SC. This attached message is a warning to the masons. Please trust me and post it. I believe the email i used then was Thanks.

Note: forwarded message attached.

Forwarded Message

Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005
From: "s"
Subject: Truth
To: [email protected]

I will tell you the truth about what is happenning in the world. I am not going to tell you how I know, you just have to trust me.

An organized effort is occuring within almost all large groups. What it is creating, is a huge network of individuals who can be manipulated through their desires or beliefs. The people doing the manipulating have a clear cut goal. I know what this is, but I am going to let the reader figure it out.

Not all of the masons are evil, but evil ones exist. These evils ones can climb to high levels and use the good. This is the same thing that is happenning in all other large groups.

If you do not believe this, but believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost let me tell you a factual story that happenned a little over 2,000 years ago.

A Man was in a group, in fact he was the leader of a group of 12 others. One of these 12 was an evil man. In fact he would steal from the donations that were taken by the group. Eventually, he foresook his beloved leader and the leader was executed.

What people need to do is watch very closely in these groups and decide if a hidden agenda exists. Christ did not want us to spy on our neighbor, or hate our neighbor because he is not like us. When he was asked what the two greatest commandments were He said they are to love God with all of your heart and to love thy neighbor.

I believe it is written in the book of John, "you will know them by their fruits". Make sure you understand me here. I am not saying that someone who steals a loaf of bread is necessarily an evil person. What you have to watch for are those people who are actually planning on hurting people or dominating them. Those produce the most serious sins.

I and my family have seen this from the evil Masons in western PA. I know the things they do, and they know that I know about the things they do. My exposure was not limited to just PA, I have seen their work in other states as well. What I have to tell them is that their time grows short, what I have to tell the other readers is beware you are not deceived. In this time frame in world history they are even trying to deceive the elect.

From: "C"
To: [email protected]
Subject: the buck stops where?
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005

interesting that you should ask...... all international organizations of political parties are based in LONDON !!! hhhmmmm. (see information from ! ) yep, nearly every ISM CREATED started here.Is HRH Prince Charles not the Grand Master of the Garter? Weren't the Prince Hall Whackos created for those blacks who fought for England in the Revolutionary War? Didn't the fate of the starving Irish masses in the 1800s focus on these same bunch of elitists..? Who was King Ferdinand, Frederick, Harold, Alexander MacKenzie King, Martin Luther King, Queen Charlotte, etc? Is Christianity 40% Buddist, 50% Zoroastrian, 10% Christian, or 60% Catholic and 40% Muslim, Taoism etc? What is SOPHISTRY ???????I've always been amazed that these groups can identify Doric columns, sculptures of the DYING GAUL , etc , but, can't identify the ancient tombs builders and megalithic stone dolmens etc. in their own damn yards!! Incidentally these structures predate the pyramids by many many years.....So in the interest of politics the people of Ireland should be killed off to delete their ancient beginnings! And of course lie thru their asses for a RATIONAL JUSTIFICATION!!!!!!!!! THE SUMARIAN CIVILIZATION BE DAMNED! Ditto for the Generates! And yes, I do believe SOME people crawled out of GREEN Slime in Africa.........Heard Enough?

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Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 23:01:30 EDT
Subject: (no subject)
To: [email protected]

You guys are a bunch of ignorant, lying bastards, and even though you are obviously not enlightened, I feel a just penalty should be enacted against you. I would love to be one to help exact the same. My obligation does not extend to your ilk.


We've started the practice of not publishing the e-mail address's of those making threats as we have become aware that Freemasons and other Occultists who frequent this site and who hold the same extreme views have been using the information posted on this mailroom page to contact 'fellow travellers' to exchange information about this websites publishers and service providers.

It is hard to imagine a Priest or Pastor responding to a criticism of their organization with such venom, not to mention the ugly threats, yet this is quite routine behaviour for occultists, against this website and others of a similar focus. Why is that?

From: "[email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: masons
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005

If you are looking to stop a large secretive cult organization that has a real history of wanting to take over the world, molests young boys, while also promoting the enslavement of young women for sexual purposes, (these are all todays news) then you should try and stop the Catholic Church. Also, the Southern Baptist Association has been taken over by a secretive plot that originates in Texas and meanders all the way to the Whitehouse. That plot promotes putting an end to public education, and shaping the US to be more like the middle east. Unlike much of your site, these are real and true issues. There are many more similar sorts of "church" (cult) problems in many fundamentalist type religious organizations (Jewish, Muslim, and Christian).

If you are against masons, you are really against everything the United States was founded on including our judicial system, form of government, and religious toleration.

I do agree that there are things that the masons are doing wrong, even systematically at times. But Masons are not nearly as in the wrong as the Catholic Church, or Southern Baptist Convention is lately.

From: "s"
To: [email protected]
Subject: can anyone be helped
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006


can anyone be helped???? if there being victimised by masons??????

From: ab
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005
Subject: Injustice
To: [email protected]

You are committing a great injustice to a society that does nothing but help its fellow bretheren as well as any person in need. I am speaking about Freemasonry in England and come from a family of Masons.

The Masons helped myself and my brother when my father died while we were still young. They provided us with an education and the outlook on life to help other wherever we may go and whatever we may do, irrespective of whether they are Masons or not.

I am pleased that my brother-in-law and husband are both strong believers in the art of Freemasonry, and it is an art and craft, not a substitute for religion.

Your facts that you state on your website are not the truth and you should experience for yourself the joy and indescribable loyalty that being a Freemason really means

Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005
From: "d"
To: "[email protected]"
Subject: Attacked by masons


About a year ago me and my friend found a freemasonry lodge named "xxxxx xxxxx Lodge", in one of the public security buildings in a small neighborhood in xxxxx (IL)[isreal], and decided we want to see what's inside.

We found their meeting times on the internet and went there on time, this time we took a video camera.

On the tape: 6 identifiable freemasons, two of them admitting supposedly "off the record" that they are Freemasons.

When they thought we are gone they proceeded inside to do their ceremony, and when they caught me filming all the pictures and simbols on the walls i got beaten by three or four of them (all on tape!).

In addition, the pictures covering the walls certainly contain alot of information and we knew that it would be important to analyze them later so we set the camera to max resolution.

The video is very detailed and you can actually read the names of the persons on the pictures and some other interesting facts.

Want more? when we tried to understand how come they took OUR public building that we should have a key to (according to the law at least...) we found out that after the gulf war they converted this building into a masonry lodge, with permition from our former mayor, Mr. xxxxx xxxxxx, who I suspected a long time ago to be mason (i know him personally).

To find out, we went to his room the day after he left the mayor's office the last time in order to become the head of the Zionist Establishment (and now he is!), and found a map of Israel from the times of King Solomon, with a sun simbol in the middle and a dedication from the Grand Lodge of Israel....

So we had a mason mayor up until recently and that's why they had permition. But now we are going to elect a new mayor, and I know for certain that the leading nominee xxxx xxxxx IS NOT a mason and I already spoke with him about this issue and he was shocked! By the way he gets 70-80% of the votes according to the poles.

So you would think we are going to close that lodge down soon, but oh behold. a week later a new candidate appears - Mr. xxxxx xxxxxx.

Its horrible, listen up. xxxx is the head of the Education Division in the mayor's office, a good friend of xxxx, and I know him even better from the time I was a student and they wanted to kick me out of school... He is probably a very dedicated freemason too.

Now does he have a chance to win? Everybody thinks not because of the polls that say xxxxx is going to win. But guess who is behind xxxxx campaign? xxxx xxxx. xxxx xxxx is a man of wonder. In 1988, Mason xxxx xxxxx wanted to become the mayor, but he had no chance, he was third in the poles. But a "revolution" came and somehow he actually won, and the credit all goes to his campaign manager, Mr. xxxx xxxxx...

In 1997 exactly the same situation was ahead of xxxx xxxxx on the campaign to be Tel-Aviv's new mayor, and somehow he won against all odds. Well his campaign manager was the same old xxxx xxxxx...

So i'm affraid that everything is going down the drain if we can't overthrow the freemasons from power positions in our small beutiful city.

Tell me where to send the video. It's in Hebrew.

From: "M"
To: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005

Very silly website

From: "l "
To: [email protected]
Subject: Emmanuel Goldstein : The Grand Masonic Brotherhood of Oligarchical Collectivism: The Origins of Freemasonry by Dr Robert Lomas
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 23:

Emmanuel Goldstein has sent you a link to a weblog:

Blog: Emmanuel Goldstein : The Grand Masonic Brotherhood of Oligarchical Collectivism
Post: The Origins of Freemasonry by Dr Robert Lomas

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: why?
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005

Why would anyone want to bash Freemasonry? It is a good, wholesome fraternity.
Jealousy? Ignorance?
Beats me!
Proud Arkansas Mason

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: A New Web site
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005

Dear Freemasonry Watch,

Please do not show my email address ok
I am writing this letter to expose the Discovery that I have made regarding my connection of Freemasonry to the study of Advanced Extraterrestrial Technology and ET's.

If you read the whole web site very carefully you will see an outline of a very well known ET case and the connection that has been made to Freemasonry. This woman is NOT doing this to malign anyone. She is simply bringing information forward that needs to be addressed.

She has found the "Secret Docturine" of Freemasonry.
And is now exposing it.

This woman needs your help. She is asking you to help her expose this information.
Its up to you but she had to do things a certain way so she would be protected. I'm sure you can understand how powerful this secular group truly is and that they might not like what she is doing.

You can post this email but not my address and/or info please.

Go to

Read the website carefully and tell everyone the truth of a secret that needs to be told.

Take care,

Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005
From: "[email protected]
Subject: Quiet Birdmen (the 'Q.B's.)
To: [email protected]


I sent a previous e-mail asking where you folks were based. Anyway-

The Ancient Order of Quiet Birdmen (or Q.B's) appear to be a masonic organization of freemasons involved in the Aviation Industry. Very little info is available on this bunch of mah-hah-boners,...

They have a handbook, coded phrases used exclusively by them, & most members have membership in the lodge or shrine temple prior to joining the ultra-secretive QB's, though one can join directly.

QB's have 'Hangars" instead of 'Lodges', a codebook, & code phrases; i.e. if one dies, he has "Gone West". Non QB's are referred to as 'Kiwis" (the non-flying bird).

They control the more detailed & complex aspects of the Aerospace & Aviation Industry & research done by the same.

These people insure that only those of theior own rank & file AND freemasons/shriners come first & foremost into the industry as pilots, supervisors, executives, etc.

I have seen many good, if not better qualified people with proper experience & credentials get locked out of the good jobs with the airlines, & military aviation programs, with those jobs & slots going to QB's.

If they do not like you, they insure that you do not get ahead in the industry via word of mouth, etc. & give job & hiring preference over better qualified folks to those in their own ranks that are less qualified.

I was one who was disenfranchised by these people, as well as by the freemasons, shriners, etc. I now live abroad in retirement away from these evil swine!!!

Great website!

Capt. . S
Commercial Pilot (ret)
USAF Disabled Veteran

Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005
From: "I" @yahoo.

Subject: Masonic Rituals and other things
To: [email protected]


I am an ex-mason. I have all the CURRENT ritual books and secret work of the York rite and Blue lodge, as well as demolay, rainbow and some other invitation only bodies. I will be willing to furnish you with these for a reasonable sum. I do not have the scottish rite rituals as they are usually not given out to regular members. However I can tell u what you want to know about them if you so chose. Ex-Mason

To: [email protected]
Subject: Rosary Card - Rosary For The New Millenium
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005
From: "Catholic Online" [email protected]


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From: "Christopher Psycho" [email protected] (name and e-mail address 'modified')
To: "FW"
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 04:08:45 -0600
Subject: My reply to your reply.

In regards to submitting names of people I am in contact with, that will not be an option. I don't negotiate.

I'm truly sorry that you feel you must intensify the already mounting pressures involved here. It's really rather simple. I know you people feel that you must do what you think is right and that is fine. But you must understand that we have an obligation to protect and rightly defend our brotherhood and our beliefs. And I, personally, feel a need to defend my own beliefs outside the realm of any group or society with shared ideals. You have offended me whether I was a Freemason or not.

There were some emails I sent when I was in the midst of anger, letting my passions conquer my right judgement, there were some that I sent to antagonize (which were on the same elementary level of maturity as your site, I do admit), and then there were some that I sent in which I was serious and direct.

As far as a threat, sir, in my opinion you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. You are slowly breaching that border and crossing the subtle threshold into a realm of which you obviously have no weapons to protect yourself. You shouldn't be afraid of me. You should be afraid of your own judgements and your own mind. Your own mind is what will destroy you. The power of suggestion is something that is beyond your control. I know you sit there now, and laugh a little, but when you lie down to sleep, it sifts and turns over and over in your mind until it eats away at the core of your being. Anything that happens to a person is brought upon themselves by a culmination of their own past actions, thoughts, and beliefs. How well are you sleeping these days?

You profess to be Christian? Why don't you act like one. What ever happened to "Judge not, lest ye be judged..." or "Little children, love one another?"

I love you. But I don't like you much. You've called me kookie, bizarre, and have insinuated that I was a liar because I practiced anonymity when I first came to your site, as I usually do on the web. However, these judgements will haunt you for a long time to come. I suspended much of my power in dealing with you. That time has come to an end. You were warned.

Brother Chris D. Psycho, 32*
Scottish Rite of Psychomasonry
Psycho Oklahoma


Response to "Brother Psycho"

July 2, 2005

You demanded I post your name and contact info to "prove" you "had nothing to hide" and when I do you start harrassing all the site service providers and threatening me?

Shows what kind of sick minds are into the occult.

Also that was a real cute one by you posting a pic of your satanic altar repleat with knife, pentagram, candles, whip & chains, etc, etc, in the discussion forum yesterday, real cute. I wonder if you provided the OK State Police and FBI a copy of it? Are they interested in things like that?

Oh and is that a picture of you with that Alester Crowley Style Scottish Rite Ceremonial Ritual hat on your head?

Kinda odd to be posting pics of yourself when at the same time you are demanding a site remove any reference to you, filing complaints with the State Police, the F.B.I., Members of Parliament, and a half dozen internet service providers isn't it? More games by you no doubt. I guess you will be threatening the discussion board hosts next for them "hosting" your personal info. Of course you will again neglect to tell them that the reason it is there is because YOU put it there.

So much for the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma A.F.&A.M.

I give masons and other satanists an opportunity to vent, to have their brilliant prose posted in response, unlike onesided Masonic websites that delete any critical entries, and these are the stupid little games we get.

This is why we had to close the guestbook, because of abuse and provocateur games by 'e-masons'.

You've wasted enough of our time, upset us enough with your threats and harrassment, now please go away and leave us in peace.

THAT is MY suggestion.


From: "R"
To: [email protected]
Subject: I'd like it if you'd put some info about the Rainbow Girls!
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005

I'd like to know if you'd put up some information of the Masons' organization for young women, the Rainbow Girls. They should be exposed, as well. By the way, I have a friend whom I'll call "Wyldmutt." He says that he's a Mason and proud of it. Every time I try to witness to him, he spurns me. Also, I've sent a Chick Tract to Paul Harvey on the dangers of freemasonry, but I'm afraid he's going down the tubes. Don't forget to visit me at my Yahoo! group Freemasonry Is Satanic at so we can continue this discussion! God bless and Thanks!

From: "J"
To: [email protected]
Subject: Your web site...
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005

I recently found your website and scrolled through al lthe pages and links. My only question is Why? I am a highly decorated war verteran, 40 yrs old, I joined the Masons like all my family has. I am not here to debate with you on this and that, I am just wondering from a personal standpoint, what you are trying to show or prove or gain from this. I dont understand. So without a long debate, can you please tell me why? Im just curious.


Masons...Taking good men and making them better !


Response to Highly Decorated 'J'

I can only conclude that your knowledge of Freemasonry is different from what mine, and others, is.

I think if you go through this website thoroughly you will find the answer to the question you posed.


From: "tony" [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: OH YEAH!!
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005

I was raised by a Mason, my father was a Mason for 58 years and was a good Christian man who was not evil.

You people are EVIL and should be publicly hung by your scrotem untill it rots off and then beaten with barbed wire.

You are SICK!!

From: "Chris Psycho" [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005
Subject: Please read carefully.

Since you have posted my information on your site, and being the fact that I am highly opinionated and do not budge on my affirmations, I must regretfully (attorney's advice) ask you to withdraw my information from the public eye. All of it. Please remove my email address, name, postal address, and phone number from your site immediately as I am not giving you permission to publically display it as of today, St. John's Day, June 24th, 2005. Our honorable fraternity has benefited and I have been contacted numerous times by men who are now brothers, working their way up the ladder that leads to fame in our mystic circle. But I have also recieved death threats, calls from members of the NSA, repeated emails from phony Paypal and Ebay phishers that I have turned over to the FBI for investigation, as well as a high profile communication with a member of the Parliament in Canada who is not happy about your site and conducting their own "private" investigation as to whether or not you are breaking international copyright laws and/or guilty of libel and/or slander. Your site is also under "private" investigation in the United States, which you were probably already aware of that for some time now. People who come to your site keep a list of email addresses that you post in the mailroom and sale them to phony companies that phish people's bank accounts, credit card numbers, etc... This would make your site a very subtle contributor to the crimes involved, whether you had intent or not. However, that is not up to me to decide. It is up to the proper authorities. If my information isn't removed in its entirety within a decent amount of time, you can expect to hear from my attorney.

Chris D. Psycho

Footer of E-mail from "Brother Psycho" on March 18, 2005(there are several others of an equally bizarre nature dating back to the fall of 2004 posted on this page).

Brother Chris D Psycho, 32nd*
P.O. BOX 666
Psycho, OK 70707
P.S. Please post this to the mailroom so everyone can follow our discourse as you have posted everything else. I have made a note as to which e-mails I gave you clearly expressed permission to publish and those I did not. However this is definitely one that I am giving you permission to publish, though I highly doubt that you will, being as it makes you look ignorant of the laws you so disturbingly bend and manipulate to your own pleasures and passions.

Of course we have no way of knowing this e-mail is from "you", so we will first have to confirm the authenticity of this e-mail by "investigation" to ensure "your" true wishes are kept.

This may take some time as "we" have limited resources.

Perhaps "you" could forward to us the name of the Canadian Member of Parliament "you" have been in discussion with about "us" so "we" could expedite the confirmation.

Consider this posting "our" response to "your" e-mail as in a previous e-mail from "you", "you" threatened us "with a hornets nest which we would not be able of defending ourselves against if we ever contacted you again"(i.e. e-mailed a reply to one of the many emails you have sent us) .

From: "J"
To: [email protected]
Subject: Article Submission
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005


Attached please find an article regarding Freemasonry. You are welcome to post it on your web site, if you feel it would benefit your readers. I would also be interested in any feedback you might want to share.




Freemasonry: Closeted Mental Illness?

By J

Thousands belong to it. Hundreds of cities host it. But what is the secrecy surrounding the practice of Freemasonry, and is it safe for our communities?

Operating under the assertion of promoting "mutual assistance" between its members, the Society of Free and Accepted Masons is a fraternal organization, comprised primarily of men from various walks of life. Criteria for membership includes belief in a supreme being, as well as "birth in freedom," or that outside the bondage of slavery.

Many other fraternal organizations such as Moose, Elk, and Kiwanis have assembled a network of member-driven chapters throughout the world, however none have generated criticism as that of Freemasonry. Multiple, profound incidents involving members of the organization lead to a singular question: is Freemasonry a haven for the mentally ill?

In this article, we’ll explore the emotional payout behind participation in Freemasonry, and incidents that have led to the perception of Freemasonry as a terrorist organization meant to obstruct the legal system.

Masonic Psychology

Freemasonry is a ritual-based organization, meaning each activity, from closed meetings to new member induction, is a performance of specific actions with value assigned by its membership.

From a psychological perspective, individuals who feel compelled to participate in elitist ritualistic activities do so to affirm self worth. It is for this reason that Freemasonry attracts individuals who lack a sense of unconditional acceptance within mainstream society, identifiable by the desire to be "free" and "accepted" individuals within a private "society."

A group of individuals seeking affirmation of self value is likely to share other related emotional disorders, therefore resulting in, even if unintentionally, patterns of unhealthy behavior or actions that are accepted by the group.

Interaction with peers outside of traditional work and family environments can be an enriching, rewarding way to improve quality of life while promoting unity and the fulfillment of worthwhile community causes. Though Freemasonry’s marketed organizational construct conveys this, the goals and objectives integrated into its following reflect an obscure secondary motive: to ensure the well-being of its members through mutual assistance. Providing a support network of mutual assistance to an emotionally deprived group of individuals seeking affirmation of value may be the aspect of a seemingly typical fraternal organization that has associated Freemasonry with a spectrum of malicious activities including organized crime, pedophilia, and murder.

Those who engage in criminal activity do so for a myriad of reasons. Psychological fulfillment of a crime is generally defined by the previous experiences or emotional status of the perpetrator. While not all criminals are considered mentally ill, many exhibit psychological traits or characteristics that may lend to a mindset more conducive to criminal behavior.

Relative to Freemasonry, traits such as self esteem issues and a desire to feel "understood" by similar individuals within a peer group may create and perpetuate an environment accepting of otherwise traditionally inappropriate behaviors. In seeking to "self medicate" through interaction with like-minded individuals, the organization may actually be increasing the participants’ desire to engage in inappropriate behaviors deemed acceptable by the group.

Controversy in Brotherhood

While Freemasonry has attracted many high-profile politicians, professionals and even law enforcement officials, the organization’s admittedly secretive practices have brought about considerable controversy dating as far back as 1826 with the murder of Captain William Morgan. Shortly after writing a book exposing the practices of Freemasonry, Morgan was informed by colleagues he was to be murdered by members of the organization. In the most common account of subsequent events, Morgan sought to escape by enter Canada, however he was stopped at the border by police, arrested for indebtedness, tried in absence, jailed, then released on bail and drowned by five members in the Niagara River.

More recently, William James, a 47-year-old father of five, was shot in the face during a Freemason initiation ceremony in March of 2004. According to police, James was participating in an initiation ritual designed to "create a state of anxiety" for the applicant when 76-year-old Albert Eid, another member participating in the ritual, shot James with a fully-loaded .32-caliber firearm drawn from his left pocket, instead of a .22-caliber firearm loaded with blanks in his right pocket.

Today, Freemasonry continues to play a controversial role under various conditions, as the result of indications suggesting the organization serves no greater purpose than to act as a safe haven for criminals. Because Freemasons are sworn to protect their fellow members – even to the point of committing perjury, under oath – exposing purported criminal activity committed by its participants is a difficult process.

This is not to say that all, or even most, members of the organization are inducted with a conscious understanding of their involvement in the organization’s less obvious activities. If Freemasonry exists to serve as haven for criminal or immoral behavior, it would benefit those most entrenched in the organization to reinforce their cover with the participation of innocent parties.

Freemasonry in Hindsight

One of the most damning aspects of Freemasonry’s involvement in criminal activity is the significant effort by members to defend its activities against those who regard the group as a terror organization. Similar fraternal organizations such as Kiwanis are rarely, if ever, are subject to the broad, widespread criticism Freemasonry attracts.

Based on the psychological foundation of Freemasonry, combined with purported and confirmed involvement in criminal activity and admitted efforts to conceal its membership and practices, Freemasonry could potentially exist to reaffirm the actions of a self-categorized group of individuals suffering from a wide spectrum of emotional and social disorders, ranging from low self esteem and co-dependency to distorted perceptions of acceptable social behavior, with some participants exhibiting psychotic tendencies.

In looking forward to ensuring the integrity and well-being of our country, we must consider the institutions of society that, intentionally or otherwise, sustain and allow inappropriate behavior by those who cannot rise above their own psychological disorders. It is not only the responsibility, but the obligation of those who identify such individuals to ensure the safety of our communities by eradicating accepted criminal behavior through its exposure.

J is a parapsychologist with a diverse background in multiple subject concentrations, including business, psychology and parapsychology, criminal justice, philosophy, education, internet technology, physics, and vocal performance arts.

From: "David Peers" [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: I don't get it
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005

You are so anti Masons - it seems to be all that you do and yet you promote fortune telling, UFO's and the like as sensible, reasonable practises. I fail to see the difference.

People get killed etc for all sorts of reasons so I wonder why you are picking on masons? Having read your website, I find that most of it wouldn't stand up in court as so much of it is heresay and not fact.

I look forward to your comment.


From: "T"
To: [email protected]
Subject: Hi, cant find any help for this...
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005

Hi there,

Isnt to stop any masons but this is the only masons Main email address I could find, need help finding info on a FreeMason within my family from the early 1900's which there is very little information on, I have entire recognition sheet for entry of Grand Master Free Mason of Ontario Canada during the 1920's or December 11th A.L. 5920, his name was J R.. also some other information but I was mainly wondering if you could help me out.

Thank you very much.

Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005
From: "L"
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
Subject: Child Murders
To: "mason stop" [email protected]

I tryed to give you the scoop on this, now please report this:

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005
From: "r"
Subject: interesting
To: [email protected]

I am an artist and i am very interested in conducting a project for a traveling museum exhibition (2006-07) that would interrogate and appropriate some of the rituals, imagery and historical facts regarding the freemasons, if you can help me in any way i would most appreciate it- i have only recently begun the research, best lk


xxx west
NYC NY 10011


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005
From: "R"
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Subject: registered
To: [email protected]

hi... i'm very intrested to be a Mason member, and what i have supposed to do, can you show me?

Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005
From: "F"
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Subject: Former 33rd Degree Mason & CIA Agent Publishes His Research - Check This Out!

Thank you so much for your leadership, your staunch iron fists in the midst of all the chaos & madness. I am a firm supporter of your beliefs & agenda and because you have gained my trust & confidence, I want to share a Gift with you regarding something I read on the Internet which will be an invaluable resource of information for you and your organization. This author is a former 33rd degree Mason who became a Christian and is a former CIA agent and I understand that he died in the war in Iraq. His agent apparently published all of his books online for free and I believe that all of you should have this research available at your fingertips since you guys are fighting against all the organizations that are in this man’s lifelong research.

This is not a solicitation, but a request for an opinion about this author’s work and whether you have ever heard of him or not? He’s an amazing researcher who has researched issues such as Globalization, Freemasonry, Prophesy, Chemical trails, Church corruption, Corporate layoffs & cutbacks lists, and an overview of Middle Eastern affairs. I just had to share this with all of my friends and I consider you my friends because you stand up for not only what I believe in but what this awesome & dedicated soldier believed in too……..This solider who served the CIA and Iraq deserves your attention:

Check out this site and let me know what you think:



Washington D.C.

From: [email protected]
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005
Subject: michael
To: [email protected]

Hi how can i becam i Freemason


Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005
From: "S"
Subject: Location
To: [email protected]


Where are you folks located? Are you in the U.S. or in Australasia?

Lots of excellent research work you have here on-line. Hang in there; "Each according to his work" as per KJV Scripture.

God Bless,

From: S
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005
Subject: Thank You
To: [email protected]

Your web site has not only allowed me to grow spiritually as a Christian, but also to see the deciet and lies of satan. for this i am gratefull, and you in your work have inspired me to teach others of satans lies and so i am putting together a project for my final high school senior project which the entire town will be allowed to see. I have derived much of my information from your web site, and would just like to thank you for everything.

In Jesus Christ

Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005
From: "K"
Subject: application
To: [email protected]

Dears Brothers,

I would like to apply for your organisation. I am a congolese freemason living in CONGO Brazzaville.

I am entirely at your disposal for all details on me.

I look forward to hear you shortly.

sincerely yours.

From: "B"
To: [email protected]
Subject: New 666 in Washington Pentagram
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005

Hi there,

On your page about the inverted pentagram pointing to the White House in Washington DC, you write:

There is a 666 evident in the most important top three circles of the Goathead, Dupont Circle, Scott Circle, and Logan Circle. Each of these streets has six major streets coming into them from all angles of the circle.

There is another 666 encoded here. If each letter in a word is replaced by its numerical position in the alphabet (A = 1 to Z = 26), then the numbers summed to give a numerical value for the word, then we have

SCOTT = 77
LOGAN = 49

Total = 90 + 77 + 49 = 216 = 6 x 6 x 6

Interesting, is it not?

Best Wishes,

From: "D"
To: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005


John Mcadams sits at his desk looking over his top secret file labeled "H", just then the letters start to drop off the page. He looks up his ordinary files and finds the only files starting to erase are the files involving the triads labeled "H". John Mcadams was now faced with a conspiracy that would eventually end his carreer. What John did not know is that the Triads are a loyal branch of the Freemasons and upper echelons loyal to the code were letting them escape out of china through Canada. One known Triad "the Ice queen" is a major drug dealer, she was warned that officers were going to make a attempt to capture her and she got on a plane to Canada. The Shock that she got landed immigrant status before the plane landed is no surprise to me. The connection of the Freemason to government has roots going back as far as John A Mcdonald.

A man named Grant Bristow meets with members of the aryan nations and decides to set up a group called the Heritage Front. He then shows them the best security techniques and help funds the operation. Grant Bristow works for C.S.I.S a national security formed in 1984 after the R.C.M.P unit was shut down over

a call for a royal enquiry to look into the corruption. R.C.M.P just takes on a new name C.S.I.S and the R.C.M.P loyal to the Freemason funnel back into what was suppose to be a civilian authority. The government decides to have an overseer called C.I.R.C that functioned as the government eyes and ears into the agency. C.I.R.C was then filled up with loyal freemasons from the conservative party and refused to give up the seats when there party was no longer opposition. It became corrupt and very clear during the Grant Bristow enquiry that soomething was terribly wrong with the system. Val meradith wrote a minority report that exposes the corruption in the government circles involving the reform party. Grant Bristow taught his followers how to Multistalk or gang stalk. The idea was to involve several people into harrassing one person and provide cover in case one person is accused there always is an allibi. Multistalking has grown into a international phenomina involving everything from ritual abuse to a husband wife dispute where the husband has connection to the freemason he can crush her with just one word to a higher placed freemason. Grant Bristow set up the heritage front meanwhile a man named mathew worked in conjuction with the R.C.M.P to pump up a group called the Antiracist action group. These groups would collide in very sophisticated battles, what they did not know was they were being used by freemason to get control of the gangs and recruit a few for gangstalking purposes. The same method was used to stir up Hells angels into a battles with the Rock machine in quebec. These battle did a lot of benefit to the freemason it allowed recruitment and a chance to experiment different tactics.

Grant Bristow was then ordered to infiltrate the reform party and at the same time spy on the C.B.C. The C.B.C at the time was catching on and started to expose the corruption caused by the freemason. Grant Bristow prvided security for Preston Manning and secretly put into the reform party as many of the Heritage Front members as possible. Preston Manning had no Idea that the man that he hired worked for the freemasons. Preston Manning needed security because there was a lot of protestors involved in ontario to stop the reform party. The amazing part was that they dissolved and were never investigate as part of the conspiracy. The only western prime minister was defienbaker and he is listed as a freemason and that was a time of another conspiracy involving avro arrow. A lot of collatreral damage happened over Grant Bristows actions even innocent people committing suicide over the pressure of multistalking.

Date: Mon, 30 May 2005
From: "Help Timberon" [email protected]
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Subject: Masons in Timberon NM
To: [email protected]

Desperado Heaven

Once upon a time in the wild west, there was a town in NM where the law did not reach, where a "whites only" sign hung in the bar for over 10 years, where unlicensed residents constantly drive drunk in unregistered, uninsured vehicles with impunity, where desperados feel the can do anything they want without fear of even being questioned, let alone being told that they had to change their ways or face consequences. The only trouble is, we aren't talking about the late 1800's or even the early 1900's. The town didn't even exist before 1979. It exists now, in 2005. It's called Timberon.

A new road is being completed this year, replacing the 15 miles of gravel that once had to be traveled to reach this sleepy little town. With this road (and the crew that is building it) have come a group of desperados threatening to overwhelm the decent folk who live here.

The sheriff's office can't be bothered to make the trip unless someone's bleeding, the building inspector admits he has no power, the fire inspector doesn't want to get involved (using the excuse that the people in this town don't want the branches rattled), the manufactured housing licensing board is too busy to notice that no one has requested a permit in two years despite the fact that used, i.e., "beat up", mobile homes are being stored and sold from a main street location by someone with no license to do so.

The town bar, run by the town fathers=Masons, has a standard operating procedure of serving people who are already so drunk they fall out of their seats. This is the same bar in which "hate speech" is used as common discourse, where the bartenders pretend not to hear it. The "Whites only" sign came down only a year ago. Patrons curse the Jews and brag that the company they work for doesn't do work for that kind, they plan to beat up "the fag" who happened into "their" bar (rescued by a decent patron there at the time) and allow participants of a knock-down, drag-out fight to re-enter the bar and get served again. The drunken patrons, many already having suspended licenses because of multiple DUIs, are allowed to leave the bar to drive home in their unregistered, uninsured vehicles with someone else's license plates on them. When the police are asked to step in by some concerned citizens, they make a feeble attempt in the wee hours of the morning (when the drunks are long asleep in their beds) and find no wrongdoing, and say they tried.

Even school children drive themselves without a drivers license to the bus stop in unregistered, uninsured vehicles, told by their parents that it's okay to do so.

"Strange" odors -- the smells of cooking "meth" -- waft through the air, and fields of marijuana grow across the street from the grower's house, but the authorities can't ever seem to catch anyone. This town is a Mecca for parolees and ex-cons who flock there for the refuge it offers and the opportunity to ply their trade without fear of even being so much as asked to stop. Even the parole officers do their job by phone, because it's too dangerous to walk up on the desperados here. You'd think this was an inner-city location. This is a small town in the middle of the Lincoln National Forrest!

One of the pot growers who was here last year and left with a trunkload of marijuana to sell back East, boasted he would be back next year with more of his friends and a bigger "farm". Two weeks ago, we learned that he was murdered in Ohio during a drug deal gone bad.

An Aryan Brotherhood Member this year has killed a Sheriff's Dept Deputy, Bob Headmon, in a neighboring town, Cloudcroft. This brotherhood also has members here in Timberon and is proud of it.

The worst of the three registered pedophile sex offenders who live in this small town is required to wear an ankle bracelet and is under house arrest as terms of his parole. But Timberon has no cell-phone signal, and so the bracelet is a moot point! So this sex offender feels free enough to drive all over town, virtually always drunk, even going to the closest city, 50 plus miles away, to restock his liquor cabinet. He is "employed" (as terms of his parole) by the local veterinarian, a place where children might visit, which is clearly against the terms of his parole (being not allowed to be in the vicinity of children).

When the local Sheriff’s office does actually send someone down to Timberon to pick up someone for lack of child support, or is otherwise forced by someone outside the county to pick up someone, the desperados always know when they are on the way into town. That’s why it took multiple tries to pick up someone with several outstanding warrants against them, who had no mode of transportation to leave the area.

What ex-con wouldn't want to live here????? And by the way, they get work from the local unlicensed developer under the table and in exchange for rent, with no applicable taxes applied.

The local non-profit organization, the Timberon Development Council has had close to a thousand parcels of Timberon land donated to them. The only visible outgoing of funds is a sign in the middle of town telling people to be sure they get their grant money for clearing their land. And, oh yes, there is a St. Patrick's Dance this weekend.

The local water department (the only quasi-government agency in Timberon) books are closed. There has not been an audit of this organization since its inception in 1979. All employees of the water department were required to take a drug test recently. The results have been tabled for the remainder of this year. Perhaps if the results were known, there would be no one left at the water department?

Speaking of the water department, the Chairman of the Board of the water department used information he obtained through his office to sue property owners with delinquent water tap bills and now personally owns approximately 100 parcels of additional land because of that action.

This chairman of the local water board is already under investigation for conflict of interest charges in awarding the trash hauling contract to the company for which he bought a trash rig. There is an on-going investigation into that for which this chairman claimed to be indigent to secure a public defender (and was awarded one). This individual owns property not only in Timberon, but in SLC, El Paso and Houston.

The same chairman awarded the town restaurant contract to the son of the banker from whom he gets re-possessed mobile homes, which he sells and sets up from a central downtown Timberon location, regardless of the fact that he has no license nor permit to do so. The restaurant closed after a few weeks, leaving a myriad of bounced checks unpaid by the restaurant owner. These included all of the payroll checks for the employees of the restaurant. The chairman of the water board personally paid each of those bad checks written by the restaurant owner. Wonder why he felt compelled to do so?

Houses are built in this town from plywood, with no septic systems, against State building and fire codes. Used mobile homes are brought in and sold by people with no license to do so and against long-standing covenants. The local installer of septic tanks has no license nor permits to do so. The woman who delivers propane has no license to do so and delivers propane into leaking tanks. The newly built apartments over the post office and propane company garage have no fire escapes nor sprinklers and only one exit between them, and no one, not even those commissioned to do so, cares enough, or has power enough to change it. When a concerned citizen spoke with the state fire marshall to request an inspection be made, she was told that the fire marshall "knew how to do his job and didn't need advice" and that "Timberon doesn't want inspections. They like things just the way they are." And apparently, he was going to help them keep it that way.

Just who IS Timberon? It's certainly more than the desperados and greedy wrongdoers. There is a now defunct one-room schoolhouse (only closed about a year ago) now used by water department workers to drink beer and shoot pool. There is a chapel with services every Sunday. There are vistas of over 150 miles, with El Paso, Texas, Las Cruces, NM and the White Sands in view. There is stunning wildlife, with deer, elk, great horned owls and golden eagles a common sight. There are arrowheads and Anastasi pottery in abundance. And there are decent people, mostly retirees, and some families with children who wish they could clean up the riff-raff but feel powerless to change anything and fear the old guard. Just two years ago, a brave person who complained loudly enough about the "Whites Only" sign at the bar was driven out of the town.

The property owners of Timberon are not only losing their property values, but the element that is infesting Timberon has brought the breaking and entering and theft statistics to new heights. One desperado recently taken off the mountain only because another desperado set him up, was taken to jail after police found over 25 chainsaws, numerous TVs, power tools -- several trailers worth -- in his locked garage, in addition to methamfedemine and a loaded gun. Apparently, he was able to support himself and his wife by fencing stolen goods for years, until a fellow desperado who wanted his wife turned him in. There is no support, just a "good ol' boys' network" attitude from the local authorities, and the state authorities seem to busy and too short handed to be bothered with a town of such a small population (read "voter") base. The local real estate broker tells people who are surprised after moving here that all this outrageous behavior is part of life in Timberon, "This isn't heaven, you know. We've had bad people here before and they just go away after a while." But they come back, and in droves and lately overwhelming the local residents, telling their buddies what a sanctuary Timberon is for desperados.

A group known as the Concerned Citizens of Timberon has formed to try to help themselves within the community. But they need more help. They need your voice as well. This is a call to decent people everywhere to help the good people of Timberon cleanse itself of this plague, so that there is still one place in America where the good guys win. Please take a moment to call, fax or e-mail the authorities listed below to let them know the world is watching.

Governor Bill Richardson (505) 476-2200

Senator Pete Domenici

Senator Jeff Bingaman

Representative Heather Wilson - District 1

Representative Steven Pearce - District 2

Representative Tom Udall - District 3

Otero County Sheriff John Blansette 505-437-2210

NMSP Capt. Corey Gossett 505-437-1313

Otero County Prosecutor's office 505 –437-7427

Fire Inspector Archie Koenmundo 505-439-1241

Manufactured Home Inspector Marty Brandon 505-541-0566

Construction Licensing Dept Mr. Guzman 505-524-6320 Ext 4

Building Inspector Ron LeClaire 505-585-8465

Alcohol and gaming division Sgt Lee Mullen

ACLU NM 505-476-4875

State Licensing Div 505-524-6320

NM Motor Vehicle Div Director (505) 827-2296

Date: Mon, 30 May 2005
From: "C"
Subject: MASONS
To: [email protected]


From: J
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005
Subject: (no subject)
To: [email protected]

sent emails to you before and no response? not sure if you are masons yourselves? honest reply?

Date: Sat, 28 May 2005
From: "Michael Prescott" [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Masonic abuse, help me!

To:Freemasonry watchers

My name is Michael I'm a 32' degree Master Mason,AASR I'm not gonna send you the normal hate emails you probably recieve because we decieve, because I'd like to know where your sources of information are coming from, standard research I can only assume and I must add it's quite accurate and has been a very useful tool to manipulate the new modern Masons into our fraternity on another note I must also say you are very foolish to post the information you do regarding our stand with the Modern Messiah none the less we grow stronger always and have diligintly prepared the systems of control for His Majesty the Anti-Christ: 666 and in that time you wont want to be our enemy because we will arrest you and silence you I assure you. So Mote it Be!

Date: Thu, 26 May 2005
From: "zachery webb" [email protected]
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Subject: hahaha
To: [email protected]

your site fucking sucks! you have no idea what you're talking about!!!!


From: "Philip Burton" [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Are you nuts
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005

Webmaster you are one frie short of a happy meal. You need to get laid.

From: "J"
To: "FW"

Subject: The Man Who Won't Be Pope - Heart rending, but a Good Short Story
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005

Hans Grapje was raised in a Catholic school in The Hague and, as a young man, aspired to become a priest, but was drafted into the Army during WWII and spent two years co-piloting B17s until his aircraft was shot down in 1943 and he lost his left arm. Captain Grapje spent the rest of the war as a chaplain, giving spiritual aid to soldiers, both Allied and enemy. After the war, he became a priest, serving as a missionary in Africa, piloting his own plane (in spite of his handicap) to villages across the continent.

In 1997, Father Grapje was serving in Zimbabwe when an explosion in a silver mine caused a cave-in. Archbishop Grapje went down into the mine to administer last rights to those too severely injured to move. Another shaft collapsed, and he was buried for three days, suffering multiple injuries, including the loss of his right eye. The high silver content in the mine's air gave him purpura, a life-long condition characterized by purplish skin blotches.

Although Cardinal Grapje devoted his life to the service of God as a scholar, mentor, and holy man, church leaders agree: he will never ascend to the Papacy.

No one wants a one-eyed, one-armed, flying purple Papal leader.

Date: Mon, 2 May 2005
From: "L"
To: [email protected]

As part of my job at MI-6 we watch and read all United States legislation. I found this one distrubing and interesting. It is from the United States House of Representatives.

Your friend,

Recognizing the thousands of Freemasons in every State in the Nation and honoring them for their many contributions to the Nation throughout its history. (Introduced in House)

HRES 17 IH 109th CONGRESS 1st Session H. RES. 17 Recognizing the thousands of Freemasons in every State in the Nation and honoring them for their many contributions to the Nation throughout its history.

IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES January 4, 2005 Mr. GILLMOR (for himself and Mr. KINGSTON) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Government Reform

Recognizing the thousands of Freemasons in every State in the Nation and honoring them for their many contributions to the Nation throughout its history.

Whereas Freemasons, whose long lineage extends back to before the Nation's founding, have set an example of high moral standards and charity for all people;

Whereas the Founding Fathers of this great Nation and signers of the Constitution, most of whom were Freemasons, provided a well-rounded basis for developing themselves and others into valuable citizens of the United States;

Whereas members of the Masonic Fraternity, both individually and as an organization, continue to make invaluable charitable contributions of service to the United States;

Whereas the Masonic Fraternity continues to provide for the charitable relief and education of the citizens of the United States;

Whereas the Masonic Fraternity is deserving of formal recognition of their long history of care-giving for the citizenry and their example of high moral standards; and

Whereas Freemasons have always revered and celebrated St. John's Day, June 24th, as dedicated to their patron saints: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives recognizes the thousands of Freemasons in every State in the Nation and honors them for their many contributions to the Nation throughout its history.

To: [email protected]
From: "L"
Subject: masons on the island
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005

I live here on Prince Edward Island. I believe that not only is this place infested at every level with masons but that, they also run many service organizations, business groups and, police and military forces. Needless to say they are everywhere in government circles. I as well believe that many catholics are under their influence and that many - so called - catholics, are either members of the masons or their tools. This has become increasingly clear to me as I grow older. I am now 53.

I have been in opposition to freemasonry for most of my adult life. AS A RESULT: employment opportunities are denied me, government refuses to allow me to access UIC or Welfare. I feel like I must be a crank or something, but I am not. I am very happy that you have this site and that I am not the only person aware of this great evil in our midst. In a generation I have watched the Church attacked at every turn. Institutions closed, church property given away to local developers and Catholic education disappear.

God Bless Benedict XVI.



Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005
From: "Robyn Thurecht" [email protected]
To: [email protected]

Dear Sir/ Ms,

I found your web site purely by accident. Oh dear what a load of hog wash!

I joined Freemasonry in 1958 as 23 year old. I have attended meetings off and on over the intervening years, rose to the rank of Worshipful Master, and joined a number of different Lodges and a range of different Degrees.

Included was the 18th Degree known as the Rose Croix and requiring a belief in the Trinity in order to join.

In many of the other degrees I sat beside Jews, Moslems and other religions.

I was taught that respecting another persons religion is an admirable trait and in no way interfered with my own membership of the Christian Church.

Therefore I can only describe as diatribe much of what I have read on your website. As an Australian I am familiar with the disgraceful treatment offered Mr Coates from the Minister at the Anglican Church in Lithgow. Mr Coates was a very respected member of the community for a lifetime with not a mean bone in his body. His treatment was absolutely disgraceful and the Anglican church has made a total fool of itself. It was not that long ago that the Archbishop of Canterbury was happy to be a member, and I have attended many a Lodge with Ministers of Christian denominations. They obviously felt that member ship of a Lodge did not impinge on their belief in our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a Christian I am of the opinion that we love and respect our fellow citizens. The self righteous nonsense I have read on your site displays a very knowledge and understanding of an organisation dedicated to good works.

Yours faithfully

Ron Mansfield

From: "everyything" [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: your walking garbage, full of ignorance
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005

your walking garbage, full of ignorance.

To: [email protected]
Subject: Shriners: Royal Order of Jesters
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005

Please post this anonymously! Please do not include my email address in your posting of this message. Masons and Shriners are pissed off about this email in Texas.

This was an email sent out about 3 weeks ago to all Texas Masons by a mason going by the name of Sam Houston. He charges that a secret group within the Shriners called the Royal Order of Jesters is involved in an illegal prostitution and illegal gambling ring. He chose a very fitting name since Sam Houston was the first Grandmaster of the Grand Lodge of Texas. Here is the email that was sent:




Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas, Right Worshipful Grand Officers, and Brethren:

I’m a Shriner in Texas. I have been a Shriner for many, many years.

I am also a Jester in the Royal Order of Jesters within the Shrine. I have not attended Blue Lodge in ages. I am going to leave my name anonymous for various reasons. I am married to a wonderful woman (the 2nd one in my life thanks to the Shriners) and I have children who have moved on to lives of their own. However, what I am about to portray to you could endanger my life and the life of my family.

I have told a few select brethren the story I am about to relay to you. I am not sure who they told, if they told anyone. More than likely, when you are done reading this email, you will surely be in disbelief of what has transpired in the past, what is transpiring today, and what is planned for the future within the Shriners organization to the disgrace of Ancient Free and Accepted FreeMasonry.

When I started masonry prior to the mid 70's it was the best experience of my life. The brotherhood that I found was beyond belief. The blue lodge was truly the pinnacle of my Masonic experience. I became a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason that same year, although I never really participated in the organization. I became a Shriner somewhere in that time period. This is where my story really begins...

While in the shrine I was very active. Taking my family with me on the weekends to events was a very exciting time in my life, and the life of my family. I was approached in the Shrine and was told that I was a good Shriner and that I was invited to join a secret society within the Shrine--The Royal Order of Jesters. This "secret society" was started back in the late teens of the 20th century. The motto was "Mirth is King" and was devoted to not brooding over sorrows, but to forget them as far as possible. This meant home life as well.

My brothers, I am a sinner. I have sinned against my family. I have sinned against myself. I have sinned against God.

The Holy Bible, Master Mason Edition, 1 Corinthians 5:11: But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortionist; with such an one no not to eat.

During the initiation of new Jesters I was offered the opportunity by another fellow brother to sleep with a whore, even though I had a wife and kids waiting for me to come home. I was not strong at the time and I violated every oath I had ever taken with my wife. This did not stop at initiation. These were a constant occurrence at our Jester functions and they are a common occurrence today. The initiation practices have not changed as well. Prostitutes were offered/made available at our functions and often brothers would have sex in front of other brothers.

Oral sex competitions between brothers were considered “fun” activities to build a strong brotherhood bond between members of the Royal Order of Jesters. Potentates and Chaplains, Attorneys and Judges, Past Masters and brothers all participating or watching with open eyes, but closed minds. I often felt ashamed of what I was doing, but the pleasure outweighed the guilt. I had fallen within a deep hole and my cable-tow had been severed.

Sex, illegal gambling and Alcohol were and are the preferred order of business to ease the "pain" of brother masons. Prostitutes are available at Jester functions for the brothers to have their way with.

There is also illegal gambling at our functions where Masonic brethren are playing high-stakes games with hard-earned cash. I have seen it all brothers and it is going on today, right under your noses, within your communities, and these men are calling themselves your Masonic Brothers.

I am currently active in the Shriners and the Jesters. I am ashamed of what I have become and what the Shriners have become. I have seen threat after threat made against Masonic brothers who have not agreed or have spoken against the activities of our club. These activities are in every Royal Order of Jester’s club in the USA, and beyond our borders. You would be surprised if you knew who was Jester from your local blue lodges--outstanding, moral men--at least by their outwardly appearance. Our Most Worshipful Grand Chaplain of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas is a member of the Royal Order of Jesters, along with the Deputy Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas!!! I’m calling you out brothers. It is time for us to raise the bar of Masonry in Texas, even at the expense of our fraternity. Our Most Worshipful Grand Master Elmer Murphy of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas always talks about the character of a Master Mason and now he has the opportunity to present his true Masonic character when dealing with this issue given how close he is in relation to current active members in the Royal Order of Jesters.

The Jesters pride themselves in having control of all leadership positions at all of the Shrine Temples in the US and Canada as well as the Imperial Shrine leadership. Also, they have risen through the ranks in every body of Masonry including the Scottish Rite, York Rite, Rosicrucians, Red Cross of Constantine, Eastern Star and the Demolay Organizations. There have been numerous past masters of the Grand Lodge of Texas who have been Jesters, including our most recent Grand Master Boyd Patterson, Reese Harrison Jr., and Michael Nanny. Find out who these other Masons are brothers within your local lodges and hold them accountable for their actions. I have invoked the cry of a Masonic brother in need of help!

I lost my first wife due to her finding out what went on at one of my outings. Don’t let this happen to your Masonic brothers or your friends. I am not sure if anyone in the Blue Lodge really knows this is going on, but to those of you receiving this email, you are now armed with the knowledge and it is the truth. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

I ask the Most Worshipful Grand Master Elmer Murphey of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas to conduct a full Masonic investigation into these allegations. I ask you, my brothers, to do the same within your local blue lodges. I am guilty. Hold me accountable, hold your Masonic Brothers accountable, and hold our Most Worshipful Grand Master accountable!!!

I charge myself and every member of the Royal Order of Jesters in the State of Texas under the Laws of the Grand Lodge of Texas, Article XIII, Section VI, Paragraph 5. Behavior at Home and In Your Neighborhood

You are to act as becomes a moral and wise man; ...and by avoiding gluttoness or drunkenness, that your families be not neglected or injured, nor you disabled from working.

I also invoke the request to the Most Worshipful Grand Master under Title V, Discipline, Chapter 1

Article 498 (531) Accused's Lodges to Be Notified--notification to lodges of members who are members of the Royal Order of Jesters

Article 499 (532) Neglect by Lodge of Duty to Disclipline-District Deputy Grand Masters should obtain list of Jesters in their jurisdictions

Article 499a Powers of the Grand Master- Set this investigation in motion and work to re-establish our Masonic beliefs of "Making Good Men Better"

Charges I believe should be filed against every member of the Royal Order of Jesters:

Article 506 Certain Other Offenses:

2. Actions which disgrace masonry

5. To indulge in the intemperate use of intoxicating liquor, gambling or profane swearing.

8. To willfully abandon his family

13. To cohabit with lewd women

I encourage blue lodges in other states to conduct investigations of their own into these allegations as well.

I ask the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas to suspend all Master Masons in the State of Texas who are members of the Royal Order of Jesters, which would cease their activities within the various shrines across the state until a full investigation may be conducted.

This email is going out to every lodge in Texas that has a website, the Grand Lodge officers of every state, the York and Scottish Rites.

Please ask questions, talk about this in your blue lodge, and contact the Most Worshipful Grand Master Elmer Murphey and demand this be investigated by the Grand Lodge of Texas. This information will eventually go before the public eyes if it is not handled within our Masonic fraternity. Let every Master Mason who is in a position of leadership or anyone thinking of ascending to a position of authority be on notice that their activities in the Royal Order of Jesters and their adherence to the Masonic oaths and morality will be brought into the light.

Again I am pleading for an immediate statewide investigation and a purging of the Grand Lodge line, Scottish Rite, York Rite and the Shrine. I have collected 18 local chapter rosters as well as the national Kochina group rooster. I urge every mason to forward this e-mail to as many brother Masons and Shriners as possible. I also challenge my fellow Jesters to come out in the light and explain their actions as well as their failure to comply with their oaths to their brother masons and families.

I know this is hard for many of you to believe. Doubt me. Prove me wrong! This is my plea! Brothers, over the years I have traveled to numerous states and the same activities occur in NY, Florida, California, Wyoming, Texas, etc.

These are your Masonic brothers, just as I am, but we are not doing what is right nor are we following Masonic principles. Help me expose this atrocity within our fraternity brothers. I am helpless without your help and support.


Your Brother

Sam Houston
Texas Mason

Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005
From: "P"
To: [email protected]
Subject: IAOM

Thanks very much for the wealth of information on your site.

I am currently studying the origins of ancient religions including the mystery cults. It seems to me that Freemasonry is quite possibly a continuation of these cults that has been corrupted into becoming a "good old boys" network of control and protection (of its members). There may very well be valid information contained in their archives, but all they really seem interested in is power and money. Your site points this out very well.

I'm writing to elaborate on some information I found on your "The Secret Handshake, Secret Word, Secret High Sign, and the Nature of Freemasonry" page. Specifically, the secret word IAOM. I believe I know its origin.

Macrobius (a Roman grammarian about a.d. 410) quoting Apollo of Claros regarding the god Iao:

"Those who have learned the mysteries should hide the unsearchable secrets, but, if the understanding is small and the mind weak, then ponder this; that Iao is the supreme god of all gods; in winter, Hades; at spring's beginning, Zeus; the Sun in summer; and in autumn, the splendid Iao."

From 'Suns of God' by Acharya S (page97):

The mysterious supreme god "Iao" was identified in the first century BCE by Diodorus as the same as the Jewish tribal god Yahweh. The "IAO" is an Egyptian, Chaldean and Phoenician designation for Divinity, which is represented by and identified with the sun. As we cab see, Dionysus is Zeus is the Sun is Iao is Yahweh.

I immediately thought of your reference to the secret word "IAOM". It may be that the "M" was added as an aid to pronunciation so the "O" becomes the familiar mantra "Om". In my opinion the secret word is a reference to this little know divinity Iao. It represents the raw sun god unadulterated by dogma or personification. It is the power behind the images of all the other gods.

More interesting information from 'Magick In Theory And Practice' by The Master Therion (Aleister Crowley): "The Formula of I.A.O." HERE.

And from the perspective of Theosophy:

Incidentally, I'm sure the name of this organization is not an accident:

You may have known all of this. If not I hope you find it useful. I really want to understand the truth behind secret societies. I know there must have been something worth protecting and hiding at the core behind all the current greed and human weakness. I think all the references to devil worship are complete nonsense as there is no devil. It is a Christian device of fear and if you study the origins of Christianity you will discover how contrived and false Christianity is. I highly recommend the book mentioned above, 'Suns of God'.

Thanks again for the great site,

Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005
From: "J "
To: [email protected]
Subject: Mind Control and Masonry/Mormonism link


I've been reading up on Masonry and Mormonism and found your website. I recently moved to the Phoenix, AZ area for work, and many strange things started to happen. I'm an aerospace engineer for a major defense contractor in AZ.

About 3 days after moving into my new apt., I woke up on the floor of my apt. with my forehead cut and bleeding. I now think that I was unconscious for about 2 days. I had blood on my jackets, but no blood in my truck or apartment. I had thought that I hit my head while getting my belongings from my dark storage unit, but now I doubt that was the cause of my injury.

I was raised Mormon in Utah, and most of my family is Mormon. I chose to distance myself from the LDS "Church" at about age 13, and I was ostracized in Utah ever since. I've now learned that much of Mormon Temple "Endowment Ceremony" was taken from Masonic Lodge rites, and I believe that Joseph Smith was killed for revealing his Masonic secrets.

One of my co-workers has been harassing me at work for several months. He was a ret. USAF Lt. Col. (from Strategic Air Command), and worked at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab for years. I've had intermittent amnesia for several months, but some memories are coming back. I remember this "Col" using many "triggers" or "buzz words", and he talked about calling the "Brethren up North [presumably in SLC or Provo, UT]." Many of the phrases and subjects that I told the "Col." at work (behind several always-locked security doors) have been popping up in my conversations with medical personnel and others recently. The "Col" repeatedly looked at and commented negatively on my recent head injury. I'm now sure that he and a supposed "friend" of mine are involved in my recent amnesia and anxiety.

I've been reading about Project Bluebird, Artichoke, and MKULTRA. I would recommend Colin A. Ross' book Bluebird although my copy hasn't arrived yet. Brice Taylor's Thanks for the Memories is an informative book dealing with the evils of Masonry and government (but it is VERY rare and expensive).

I'm now sure that my uncle, a Materials Science Professor at BYU in Provo (and very high up in the Mormon "Church") is one of the "Brethren up North" that the "Col" mentioned to me at work in Feb. 2005. They were both associated with Cal Tech in the early 1960s and are only 2 years apart in age. I remember several people talking about meeting my uncle's friend, the "Colonel" and listening to his stories.

We need to work together to spread the truth about the evils of Masonry and the elitist "New World Order" they seek to implement.


From: N
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005
Subject: Entertaining but Purely Lies All
To: [email protected]
CC: [email protected]

I have found your website very entertaining. Sadly, however, all the contents, word-for-word, point-by-point are all lies, if not totally ridiculous. However, I must admit that you have indeed achieved one most important thing -- that is, that you all are bunch of manipulators attempting to prey on gullible minds. Pictures and graphics you have can all be found in Masonic books sold in bookstorees around the world. Ha,ha,ha!!! Funny!

Hey, don't get mad, I'm only speaking my mind. If you can present something more convincing then maybe I will beleive you.

Oh, I'm not a mason for your information.

Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005
From: "h"
Subject: posting #2 of:Adding a Grand Duke and a Cardinal to your enemies
To: [email protected]

Dear Sirs;

In accordance with your recommendation to keep on posting until getting a response (because of the eMasons!) here is my second posting of a very important message posted 3 days ago.

Please notice that His Holiness the Pope has passed away after the date you mentioned the Cardinal of Paris as a candidate to succeed him.

Frankly, I’m with the cardinal of Paris, motivated by my Lebanese & Syrian reasons.

Dear freemason Watchers;

I am the one who kept alerting you of the mess in your ‘tracing board’ page, and got a kind personal reply from you to my email box; thanks for that.

This is only to ‘proof’ that I’m ‘genuine’, and to show that this letter has no hidden message, of which the media, internet, and the freemasons are very good at.

I noticed a very devastating thing, not to you, but to His Excellency Sir. William John George Daemon Hagan II, H.R.H. Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, Grand Duke of Russia, Viscount of Earnshaw.

If, as the email of “L” claims, that the said Grand_Of_Everything has actually “committed an order which would have resulted in the death of several, high ranking members…”, then who would on earth know unless being equal in rank or even higher? The ‘several high ranking members’ wouldn’t be pleased to know that, and could never have known.

Conclusion: Unless this "L" correspondent of yours is none other than the Queen herself, Her_Magestic_Self, which is exceedingly unlikely, the next alternative is that you have been conned in smearing or ‘libeling’ a very respectable honest Gentleman. So honest and respectable that he actually resigned his high post, missing the opportunity of appointing the next Pope!

Conclusion 2: By naming Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger of Paris to succeed Pope John Paul II, the mailer shows that he is working for this not to happen.

Now, it seems that you have deservedly earned yourself two new prominent enemies, inadvertently and undeservedly.

I don’t envy you at all!

Your site is very important to us. Please be more careful. At least point to such doubts, and show your reservations.

From: "Chris Knight" [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Oh dear
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005


That made you jump didn't it you cretins. Everyone is after you know. I think my dog is being controlled by Freemasons - or maybe Martians.

It's good to be mad isn't it?

From: "P & M & M TEMPLE" [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: you stupid idoits!!!!
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005

you should be sued for slander!! praying on the weak minded, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Quit smoking that stuff...... it's making you PARANOID.

Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005
From: "R"
To: [email protected]

Hello masonwatch,

Have had contact with 2 Labour MPs here regarding masonic involvement in child abuse.There were horrendous cases in North Wales in the UK.Both MPs [who are female and Labour]knew of the masonic connections and that these were amongst the perpetrators/abusers.They include a well known Tory life peer and another Tory MP [now deceased].A masonic judge was appointed to keep their names out of everything when an enquiry took place.

Have always thought the British establishment was rotten to the core but never imagined it to be this depraved.

This is known to the powers in government but nothing is done.May be it is because we have a freemason prime minister.


From: "S"
To: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005

Dear Mason Stoppers,

Thank you for your infomative site. I feel sure you must have seen these links before (windows movie viewer needed)

and I couldn't help but wonder how the honourable masons that believe in their organisation would feel if they were to view them. They are well worth watching and should as a matter of urgency be delivered to every decent human being on the planet! Perhaps we would all see things a little differently.

My sincerest respect for your work and thank you again

Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005
From: s Add to Address Book
Subject: blackmailers
To: [email protected]

I am a former worker for a couple of defense depots. Over the years there I kept hearing rumors of blackmail and how the Freemasons were catering to these blackmailers and protecting one of their brothers. One of these blackmailers used to get drunk at the officers club and brag about how he'd be running the depot in five years and the pictures he was using it to do. The other blackmailer was given 30 days on the job training to move him from his GS-9 position to a WS-9 position. Do you remember the inaugural speech of George H.W. Bush, when he made the statement "There'll be no more blackmail". Is former President Bush a Mason? Who is the freemason being blackmailed? I know that I am on these blackmailers shitlist.


To: [email protected]
Subject: Article-Masonic Order
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005


I found your website,, on and was interested in your views about the Masonic Order. Within the next week will be launched and would like to include a feature story about the Masons and continual follow-ups. I was hoping you might like to write something or allow me to copy, with credit to you, articles you have.

I think there isn’t enough awareness to the effect the Masonic Order has had on this country and with growing concern the world. I am looking for more written material on Masonic Corruption both historically and present if you have any.

Thank you,


Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005
From: "Jon James" idabel_photo[email protected]
Subject: Great site by the way... Funny...
To: [email protected]

It's been a lot of fun reading your site's mail as well as the content. We, my wife and I, thought that you'd be delighted to know that any further postings of libel would not be recommended by either of us. Oh, you may take that as a threat so I will rephrase the sentence. If it were my site, I would always have a high profile defense lawyer handy because I walk such a delicate line between humor and criminal intent. One posting in particular is a display of the website referring to a person as a "kook" which is very specific as to its meaning in the Oxford Dictionary of Current English: "kook" (noun) US slang for crazy or eccentric person.

If I could not legally have in my possession a document proving the insanity of an individual, I would not publish this accusation because of libel. Here's the same dictionary's definition for another term: "libel" (noun) A published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; act of publishing this; false and defamatory misrepresentation or statement. I would say that you may have clearly broken the law and could be prosecuted. Our fellow brother there may not know this now, but he will if his information is posted correctly because I am about to call him now. And you are right about one thing, we do take care of our own. If that's something you take offense to, there is nothing wrong with your reaction, but the law clearly sets boundaries on what freedom of speech entails and I don't know if our brother has crossed that boundary or not, but I definitely know that you and your site's other content has crossed it many times over. Why must you insist on negativity. We are a positive people with a positive message for anyone who wants to hear it. All of the news and reports on your site are ridiculously clever but overwhelmingly false. There is not a "year-long" process to becoming a Master Mason, it depends on how long it takes you to memorize your lectures. In OK, you can become a Master Mason in as quick as 3 months providing you work hard and have an exceptional memory. You only have to believe in a supreme being, not anything else. It doesn't matter what this being is called, if it's male, female, androgynous, etc... That's up to you and your GOD, not for us to decide. We are not an organization of fear and negativity, we are an organization of love and equilibrium. I suggest you find some love in your life and loosen up. Don't take things so seriously because it's a waste of your time to bombard others with your views when they will always believe what THEY want to believe, not what you may feel is best for them to believe.

Jon James

P.S. The brother of the O.T.O. that posted on your site is something I'd like to mention really quick before I go. The O.T.O. is a very, very serious and dangerous organization and if they began posting on my site, I would wrap up and call it a day and make myself a new site. I have dealt with the O.T.O. in the past and just an example, they have a "Bill of Rights" so to speak that they abide by and it is very Liberal to the point of making a guy like me "nervous". If I could find a copy I'd send it, but it's called Liber Oz and you can probably find it on the net or something like that. I don't even want to get into those topics but they are a band of brothers and sisters without ties to modern masonry. Freemasons officailly do not recognize them as brothers of Freemasonry, even though when the O.T.O. forst began in the 1800's you had to be a 33rd Degree Freemason to even apply for membership. They have a motto: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. And from my understandings and dealings with them, they do just that. Whatever they will. I wouldn't want to start a battle with them in words, or pictures, or even sticking my toung out... lol Whatever the case, hope you find this letter reaches you with sincerity and hope for a better future. You may not be a freemason, but you are a brother anyways underneath the fatherhood of GOD. You may not believe it, but that matters not where we come from...

Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005
From: "B"
Subject: A search I have conducted
To: [email protected]

I was curius and don a search on the fellow that is sending you e-mails... He's a character alright, he's all over the internet. I don't know if he is a true mason, because he gets the title "Brother" because he is apparently an ordained minister. This came from google:

I found the bottom link from using his email address in an engine and it has a picture of him as well as the address that you have posted. Looks like he's a real person with real information. As far as threats, I don't feel he has threatened a person, do you? He is odd at best, but a lot of people are odd. That isn;t a crime in Texas where I'm from...

I frighten easily.

Thanks for links, we'll leave the Reverend to his good works...

Subject: Spy Seminar: The Assassination Conspiracy
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005
From: "A"
To: [email protected]

I wanted to make sure that you were aware of our upcoming program at Ford’s Theatre on Monday afternoon, 18 April which will focus on the Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy. It will be a two-part late afternoon event with the first half setting the historical stage for the assassination and exploring Booth and Lincoln. Michael Kauffman, author of American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies, will overview Booth, and Herman Belz, Professor of History, University of Maryland, will profile Lincoln. After a break, during which attendees can visit the Ford's Theatre Museum, the House Where Lincoln Died, and the Spy Museum, they will return to Ford's for an immersion into the key conspiracy theories. The following speakers will individually present, and then open the floor to discussion amongst themselves and also questions from attendees. Kauffman will return to discuss his take on Booth as an independent operator. Edward Bearss will provide details on the Confederate Secret Service and Booth’s relationship to it. H. Donald Winkler, author of Lincoln and Booth: More Light on the Conspiracy, will expand upon the conspiracy theories and a possible link to the Union government, Warren Getler, author of Shadow of the Sentinel, will explore Booth's association with the Knights of the Golden Circle and the idea of a conspiracy of global proportions, and Elizabeth Leonard, author of Lincoln's Avengers, will discuss how conspiracy played in the trial.

I’m attaching an electronic flyer with program details. Please feel free to circulate it to your colleagues. I’d be delighted to have you and your friends attend at our member price. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks so much,
Amanda Ohlke

Amanda A. Ohlke
Manager of Adult Education

International Spy Museum
800 F Street NW
Washington, DC 20004
[email protected]

Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005
Subject: evil

To: [email protected]
From: "jack chase" [email protected]

Stooge of rome- the real evil of the world is in rome raping children

may you and yours get all the karma you deserve

Frater Samyaza
Ordo Templi Orientis

From Damien Meatbeater Fri Mar 18 17:29:00 2005
X-Apparently-To: mason_s[email protected] via; Fri, 18 Mar 2005 17:29:01 -0800
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To: "FW" [email protected]
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 19:29:00 -0600
Subject: A bit on information from my lawyer.
Message-Id: [email protected]
Content-Length: 1559

I want to post this to you, and also let you know that I am a card carrying member of the ACLU and that even though I expressed a written request that you do not contact me without giving me proper respect, you have NEVER asked me not to contact you in any way. Your website actually encourages it. I know people like you love to battle the 1st Amendment but please read this. I will let you now that I do my homework. Am I turning out to be a little more kookier or less kookier than you first thought?

The Kelner court said the purpose and effect of the limited construction of a "true threat" in Watts is to ensure that the government punishes "only unequivocal, unconditional and specific expressions of intention immediately to inflict injury." (73)

Therefore, the narrow definition of a "true threat" in Watts substitutes for a legal determination that the defendant had a specific intent to execute his threat. (74) In other words, a strict definition of "true threats" or a specific intent determination both require a focus on threats that "are unambiguous and have such immediacy that they convincingly express an intention of being carried out." (75) The Kelner court's collapsing the "true threats" doctrine to require only general intent rather than specific intent -- in face of Supreme Court dicta in Watts that possibly suggests otherwise -- may be doctrinally suspect. However, Kelner remains the leading example of a federal appellate court's analysis of the Section 875(c) threat standard on constitutional free-speech terms.

Furthermore, a strict reading of the Kelner standard appears in line with the Brandenberg v. Ohio requirement that the government usually may only punish speech that is 1) intended and 2) likely to produce imminent lawless action. The standard's literal words also seem to incorporate the Watts court's multi-factor approach to examine the context of the supposed threat."

I hope this clears up any business about a supposed threat on my part. I surely don't intend on giving you a physical spanking no matter what pleasure you may have been anticipating as some folks are into that type of thing...

Brother Chris D Psycho, 32nd*
P.O. BOX 666
Psycho, OK 70707
P.S. Please post this to the mailroom so everyone can follow our discourse as you have posted everything else. I have made a note as to which e-mails I gave you clearly expressed permission to publish and those I did not. However this is definitely one that I am giving you permission to publish, though I highly doubt that you will, being as it makes you look ignorant of the laws you so disturbingly bend and manipulate to your own pleasures and passions.

Psycho/Meatbeater now claims he was not making threats to physically injure me, but only to cause injury by zapping me with his Secret Masonic Psychic Death Ray.

I believe you Brother, you are not 'a lot more kookier' than I had imagined. On the contrary your level of Masonic kookieness is...

From Damien Meatbeater Fri Mar 18 16:35:11 2005
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From: "Damien Meatbeater" [email protected] Add to Address Book
To: "FW" [email protected]
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 18:35:11 -0600
Subject: About my IP Address...
Message-Id: [email protected]
Content-Length: 1219

On your site I see you posted my IP as Originating-IP: [].
Well, I just went to a site on the internet called
and it says my IP is : Your IP is

Are you truthful about anything sir? Anything at all? I can't understand why you feel that you have the right to expound what you believe is the truth about Freemasonry but if someone opposes this then you take it as a threat. It was meant to be funny! You know what I mean? I work with forces that I believe to exist and they aren't physical as if they can be seen by a microscope or analyzed in a scientific laboratory. That's what I was alluding to. I have been attacked by you on a level, and you know EXACTLY!!! what I am talking about. We both know exactly what is going on here and if you think I can't defend myself or have the knowledge to defend myself you are sorely mistaken. The craft you possess, and the way you choose to use it, is not in any way a match for those of us who aren't dabblers. As for a threat being "veiled" are you serious? I've placed my contact information on your site numerous times. Anyone who is physically threatening a person is not going to do that. I'm perplexed. Would you understand that I am merely defending myself from your attack that isn't physical in nature. I have no plans to make it physical, so don't worry about that. Hell, I'm a Freemason not the mafia or some gang. I'm strictly opposed to that as physical combat is petty compared to psychic combat in any case. Psychically I must tell you I am well armed on that realm and you may not respect me on this plane, but if you were to encounter me on that other plane, you would rightly tremble.

Good day!

Brother Chris D Psycho, 32nd*
P.O. BOX 666
Psycho, OK 70707
I keep posting this information to counteract your beliefs that we are so, so very secretive. As per the IP address mention, I could care less what you do with the information, use your own discretion.

Record Type: IP Address

XO Communications XOXO-BLK-0 (NET-205-158-0-0-1) -
Outblaze, Limited XOXO-205-158-62-0 (NET-205-158-62-0-1) -

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OrgName: America Online
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TechHandle: AOL-NOC-ARIN
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OrgAbuseHandle: AOL382-ARIN
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OrgNOCHandle: AOL236-ARIN
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OrgNOCEmail: [email protected]

OrgTechHandle: AOL-NOC-ARIN
OrgTechName: America Online, Inc.
OrgTechPhone: +1-703-265-4670
OrgTechEmail: [email protected]

Freemasonry Watch stands corrected and apologizes for confusing your e-mail routing header i.p., with the i.p. of your actual internet account.

Outstanding attention to detail Sister Meatbeater.



From: "Damien Meatbeater" [email protected] Add to Address Book
To: "FW" [email protected]
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005
Subject: Please contact me by phone or mail. But with respect.

My civil name is Chris D Psycho as you well know if you cross-check the phone number I gave you along with my name in McCurtain County, OK, just dial information and get the number for my name and it will match. Damien Lucas Leadbeater is a pseudonym that I work under when I produce certain secular music, write, or post to the internet if I want to remain anonymous. People like you and your site cause people to have to resort to these measures to avert persecution. As far as being kooky, yeah I'm probably a lot more kookier than you would imagine. I may be a little too dangerous for your ballgame. It would probably be best that you DON'T contact me again unless you show me the proper respect that I command of you, or if in curiosity and you really want to stir up a HORNET'S NEST of which you have no tools to properly defend yourself. We will be watching from behind the invisible curtain. Your attempt to undermine possibly the last institution that has a chance to incorporate change and incite a revolution in mind and soul WILL NOT GO UNNOTICED! But as I always say, everything is in love. Sometimes you have to teach your children a lesson right? But even though you may spank them at that present time, you still love them. Someone needs to bend you over their knee, give you a good swat, and straighten you out as the infantile penalty fits your infantile misbehavior.


Brother Chris D Psycho, 32nd*
P.O. BOX 666
Psycho, OK 70707

P.S. Just wondering, who told you I wrote underneath the name Damien Lucas Leadbeater? I guess you think Stephen King, Oscar Wylde, Shakespeare, and other great writers of the last few generations were kooky too huh?

Your threating words Damien X-Originating-IP: [], have been noted. Hopefully someone in authority in your area, possessing a modicum of mental stability, which means they are likely outside of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, will note them too.

From: "Damien Meatbeater" [email protected] Add to Address Book
To: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 08:43:58 -0600
Subject: It never stops...

Hehe... You poor funny little children living in the shadows. I see where a lot of people have e-mailed since the last time I was on here. One is extremely funny, a merchant selling masonic items. Anyways, I wanted to address your comment about secrecy being so rampant in freemasonry. I put all of my information for everyone to see on here, but no one ever contacted me. Now it says somewhere on the mailroom page that you'd really like a word or two with a freemason. Well here's your chance. I have all the time in the world to chat with anyone about freemasonry. I've been on Art Bell's Coast To Coast AM Radio Show, I've written numerous articles published in various masonic and public mgazines, newspapers, messageboards, etc... I don't profess to be the know-all, be-all, end-all of freemasonry in the least, but I like to think that I know enough about it to educate someone else on the facts. Freemasonry is a very deep well and it just depends on how deep you want to go. It's also ambiguous and open to many interpretations. The only thing I am against, and this may seem paradoxical concerning my previous statement, is people turning their back on the unknown before they even investigate. If Freemasonry is your enemy, then KNOW YOUR ENEMY! Contact me and let's chat about it. I challenge you to make a list of things and be prepared to ask any and all questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability or steer you in the direction of someone who can.

Brother Chris D Psycho, 32nd*
P.O. BOX 666
Psycho, OK 70707
[email protected]

P.S. Just a little Bible Trivia, can you remember the passage from 1st Corinthians, Chapter 13, starting at verse 4? It talks about something that a lot of people lack in this world today. We can all bring it back with a little tolerance, patience, and brotherhood/sisterhood. That's all we are about, and if that is our hidden motive, isn't it the best secret of all? Why hide it at all? We openly proclaim it but you smash it in our faces and then expect us to cower and scramble away ashamed. How can you mock us when we are trying to make this place better for mankind? There is ONE KEY to ALL mysteries. This key is not evil nor good. If you are all good that is an imbalance in itself. A perfect person is equally distributed, not all good or all bad. I know that we live in a dualistic society, but not everyone adheres to its teachings or rears their children to believe in all of societies' most hollow institutions. You shun things you don't understand when you could be brave, embrace the unknown, and initiate yourself into a transformed soul that transcends good/bad, black/white, dark/light, and emerge on the other side of the abyss in a fresh new horizen... GODSPEED my little children...

So what is your name Brother Chrise D. Psycho e or Damien Meatbeater?

Masonry really does attract the kookiest element of society don't you think?


From: "D"
To: [email protected]
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004
Subject: Whew! What a site you've got here...

I've been on here before but you guys really have something now. A lot of time and effort has gone into this site and I guess I have to say that I am impressed with your creativity, although it's a bit uncouth. If it wasn't for people like me and my ancestry, who have fought as Soldiers of the Light, you wouldn't be able to have a site like this. And you may not be speaking English (which really isn't relative anyway) but nevertheless, I'm sure you're happy that you can make these accusations without worrying about withstanding the torture that Mr. DeMolay had to endure. It will come to pass, that one day soon (I hope) you will all make that great transmigration, and see things for what they truly are. As of now, you've got that whole "fear trip" going, feeding on it like you were starving for a nervous breakdown. The enemies you should be battling are ignorance, tyranny, repression, WAR...but these sites make war. And good sir, we will fight indeed, if we have to. And we will be VICTORIOUS!
Brother Chris D Psycho, 32nd*
P.O. BOX 666
Psycho, OK 70707

There's all of my contact info for the world to see that we have nothing to hide. I will defend my brothers with vigilance and furious passion if need be. But like John Lennon said, "...In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make..." Use your time to evolve, not trying to keep others from evolving. You're totally missing the point and going the wrong direction. Good tidings. Read NIETZSCHE! hehe

Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005
From: "K" Add to Address Book
Subject: Lets get a few things straight shall we
To: [email protected]

I am a pagan. I stumbled onto your site accidentally. I just want to set a few things straight. First of all

I have never met a pagan who thinks nazism (or any other kind of mindless devotion to stupidity)is anything other than disgusting. We are a peacefull people, with no desire to dominate anyone. We exist without race. We strive to exist in peace with the mundanes. We are healers, environmentalists, and peacemakers. We honor the earth as our mother, and distain violence.

Hitler was a misguided Pseudopagan who stole and perverted our symbols. He warped our symbology to his own twisted end. He murdered millions in his raging dark insanity. His existence and legacy has stained humanity as a whole. I have made it my mission to help erase that stain. Yes hitler dabbled in the occult. But my people had nothing to do with him. Every true witch on this planet is as appalled by his legacy as you are.

It just irritates me that we are wrongfully assosiated with his evil.

Now as for the masons, I agree that the masons are a corrupting force in this world. My grandfather was a freemason. I myself could have been, but refused because in my opinion the masons are part of the problem. I do not imagine to know the masons actual agenda. However I do know that in one form or another masons have dominated american government since the US originated. And im sure there intentions are not pure. What im curious about is the skull and bones type societies. It seems to me that they are somewhat masonic in origin, but they seem far more insidious than the freemasons. I am concerned especially with George W Bush. Knowing what I do about history, his words and attitudes are frightening to me. He is either an incompetent moron, or a devious would be dictator(Or both who knows).

Anyways I wrote this letter in hopes of clearing up some of the rampant misconception that surrounds modern paganism. First of all there are many kinds of paganism, some good some bad. Satanism as prescribed by the likes of Aleister Crowley, and Anton Levey are a form of paganism. Luciferianism (actual devil worship) is not a form of paganism, because the devil is a Judeo/Christian/Muslim concept almost exclusively. In general neopagans do not have a devil. We believe that good and evil are within all things inherently. There must always be a balance. We can strive to avoid evil, but can never destroy it.

Satanism is essentialy self worship, with satan being the spirit of human desire. Therefore it is technically pagan. On the other side there are the wiccans, the native american old religion, and many others. I would venture to say there are more white witches than dark. But its hard to say for sure. I personally am a white witch. I have met many from the dark variety. I find most of them distatefull. However I believe everyone is entitled to their beleifs, as long as it does,nt harm others.

I guess what I'm trying to say is please dont be so quick to heap us all into one big basket with the luciferians and, the masons. There are many of us who are counter to the label that has been put on us through the centurys.

Yes we are a secret society. But our secretive ways are a tradition handed down from the burning times. Its a guard against the time when extremists once again attempt to eliminate us. We have no hidden agenda. Our intentions have never been hidden. Only our numbers and identities. I have chosen not to hide what I am . Therefore I have a vested interest in dispelling the lies that almost destroyed us completly.

If you classify this as hate mail because my views are not yours then I pity you. For you are the hatefull one. Hate is the most toxic poison man has ever ingested. It numbs the mind, and rots away the heart. Leaving in its wake a hollow being, that can no longer avail itself of reason. Driven by such forces men have commited horrible atrocities. This letter is an attempt to touch base with someone with different views than mine. Hopefully it can lead to mutual understanding.

Thank you


Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005
From: "FW" [email protected]
Subject: Re: Lets get a few things straight shall we
To: "K"

Thank-you for your letter, I don't think it is "hate-mail" at all. In fact I despise the entire label of "hate", as it is one of the frequent accusations hurled against this site by the Freemasons, who have even tried to get various law enforcement agencies to open investigations using this ruse. As well they routinely use this orwellian libel against the various internet service providers we use, on occasion in the past to success, although their threats to launch complaint campaigns against the firms customers and spamming of the webmasters, being the more likely reason.

I shall post your letter, with your name and e-mail address removed of course, to the mailroom section of the site.



Additional Resources:

The Scholars and the Goddess

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005
From: "R"
To: [email protected]

Read your site with interest as I have had problems with masons for some while.Now the subject of a masonic vendetta.

Have many incidences of masonic corruption and perverting the course of justice.Have tried to expose these but met with opposition.Very serious matters including child abuse and violence.

Am keen to get an active campaign to show these evil monsters for what they are.Anyone else interested in joining ?


Dear 'R',

Welcome aboard.

Focus on Local/Municipal, County/Regional, and State/Provincial levels of government to start, i.e. Government Employees being required to make mandatory declarations of masonic membership to avoid possible conflict of interest suspicions.

You'll get some traction and media coverage there. Refer to U.K. and other jurisdictions which have recently gone that route after thorough investigations.

Local Government, the Judicial System including Prosecutorial and Law Enforcement area's have high levels of Masonic membership and influence. The Military and related institutional and industry concerns as well.

Corporate codes of conduct and Professional Bodies can be worked on also, there has been some recent success in getting Freemasonry membership declaration added to codes of ethics in Europe.

Freemasonry relies on secrecy, and the most important secret is not it's handshakes and passwords it is the secrecy of memberhip itself. Freemasons work and act together in a co-ordinated fashion to promote their career's, business's and anti-christian socio-religious & globalist agenda's. The 'Beehive'. It is a network whose currency is favoritism - in secret. Remove the secrecy of their membership and the strength of the network is effectively broken.

E-mails, letters, phone-calls. Basic political work.

The 'big picture' will take care of itself, if Freemasonry loses it's base - i.e. it's source of power: institutional placement of members.

Then shunned by normal society they will become marginalized to the point of irrelevance. Exactly where something as dangerous and destructive as the occult belongs.



Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005
From: "G"
Subject: Further Dealing with the Masons
To: [email protected]

This is a continuation of a message that I sent previously about my dealings with Masons.

After I graduated from the small Western PA university I began work as an assistant controller at a small company in Pittsburgh, PA. I hated this job because the controller was a real wanker. He knew of me through mason connections, which I believe are very wide reaching in PA. He told me at the end of our dealings that he hired me because he wanted the business of "my friends".

After I quit this job my female liaison with the masons got me a job with a large corporation which is now part of one of the largest Broadcasting companies in the world. She actually told me before I even interviewed that, "you will work for W". This new job took me to Connecticut. I would like to say that my great grades and other skills that I had got me the job, but I truly feel that it was probably because of the masons that I got in the door. I was told to drop a certain name at the interview which would clinch me the job, which I did. I was told this name through an anonymous call. Needless to say I got the job and moved up there.

My supervisor there was from around the same general area as I was from. He wanted to make friends with me, but I always felt that he was probably part of this group, which he was. Eventually he began to ask me if I was going to join and I would say my typical NO. People like him had a very hard time understanding why I would not join. To them the benefits far outweighed the costs. It was really a no-brainer to them. If I did join them I have no doubt that I would be much wealthier at this point in my life. However, I still retain my soul which is always a good thing. I felt the increase in tension as the months continued on like this. I had a feeling that something was going to happen very soon.

Trouble came when they eventually wanted me to give them some money. I believe that is a big feature of their organization. They want a tithe. I baulked at this and I never did tell them that I would join. I kept resisting. They kept being persistent. My supervisor then would keep asking me and I would keep saying No.

On one occasion, I was instructed that I would have to go to a local bar to attend a goodbye party for one of the other supervisors who was transferring to our New York City operation. I protested, but eventually I showed up. I stayed for a while and drank with my supervisor, the supervisor that was leaving and the head of HR. Eventually, the Vice Pres. of Finance showed up. I decided that it was time to take off a couple of hours after I arrived. However, this is when everything got screwy. I remember going out to my car and then I passed out right behind the wheel.

I woke up when the supervisor came out and knocked on the window. I said "I was OK" and began to drive off. I am sure that he never expected me to drive on. I drove for a while but eventually I could not continue. I pulled into a driveway shortly thereafter because I was totally out of it. I woke up hours later laying beside my car naked as a jay bird by 9 or 10 of the local city policemen. At that point, I did have a suspicion that I was drugged but I was pretty out of it. I conveyed this to one of the policemen and he did tell me that if I wanted them to pursue it I would have to get my stomach pumped, which did not sound like something I would like. Also, he told me that it would still be hard to prove (take note, this is one of the greatest weopons of these people: hard to prove situations). Because of the company I worked for, or because of the wealthy city that I lived in the police actually drove me home. When they would come to the end of their jurisdiction they would transfer me to a new police car till eventually they got me to my home in New Canaan.

The next day when I woke up I had the worst head ache/hangover that I have ever had. It was so bad that I refrained from drinking for 2 years after wards. I called my supervisor about the situation because I did not have my car, and to tell you the truth I did not know where my car was. He told me that I had to come to work. He said to call a taxi which I did.

When I arrived at work he told me what had actually occurred. He slipped me a mickey the night before. He told me that if I did not join up that more things like this would/could happen to me. This was supported by one of my co-workers. She told me that Mike told her that he did it to me to get me to join. Up until that point, I did not know that she was part of it. I later found out that her, her sister that also worked for the conglomerate, and her father who worked for perhaps the largest corporation at that time was part of it. I now figure almost all of the supervisors and accountants where part of it. Still I resisted and was subsequently transferred to another division of the conglomerate. I will tell you that story at a later date.

Besides this true story I wanted to convey that I do not believe that all people that are masons are bad. I believe that the mason have been infiltrated by a number of evil men that have other purposes. This should not come as a big surprise to them. About 2,000 years ago Judas was able to infiltrate the group of Christ's disciples. As a matter of fact, Christ allowed Judas to do this. Why you ask. So scriptures could be fulfilled.

The evil ones in the organization who know that this story, the previous one and future ones are true may be interested in the following shortened story.

There was a man that had a great farm with many hired hands. On a beautiful spring day they plowed a great field and sowed many seeds. When the crops sprouted up the owner and the hired hands noticed that weeds had sprung up with the crops. One of the hired hands then went up and told the owner that his enemy had done this and asked if he would like the hired hands to pull up the weeds. The owner of the farm told the hired hand, "NO, because when pulling up the weeds you may pull up the good crops as well. Wait until the harvest and we will pull both up together. The harvesters will throw the crops into my storehouse and will also throw the weeds into a great fire". :)

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005
From: "J"
Subject: borrowing this pc to report corruption!
To: [email protected]


I am borrowing this pc to report this info. & the owner will be back soon, but does not believe the power behind the sign & I am using this pc to get this message to you without the knowledge of the owner!

I am married to a convicted child sex offender who has told me on numerous occasions that he is "untouchable" because his father is a Mason & through a phone-mail recording stated that he (the child molester) achieved his "3rd degreee). Throughout my childhood, due to a certain, very respected member of my family, I was misled to believe that the Masons were "good". Now I KNOW differently!

They are protecting a child molester, wife beater, burglar & what I believe to be a serial rapist & possibly murderer. (I see too many coincidences with him & the notorious Ted Bundy, executed in Florida.)

I have been running & hiding with my child (our son) for almost a year & am tired of the U.S. officials denying my concerns, reports & fears!

They dismiss me as soon as I say I am currently married to the demon! He IS a demon because he has absolutely no empathy in even a smidgen of a cell in his entire body!

He is dangerous & I am in fear for my life!


From: "P"
To: [email protected]
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005
Subject: I visited your website

Excuse me, but I tend to be a proofreader.

I noticed the following on

1. "guilded cage of degrees" - should be GILDED.

2. "duely" - should be DULY.

3. "Masons actually who seek light/understanding are lead into the darkness of moral corruption" - should be LED into the darkness.

And on this page (, I found the word "aquaintances." It should be spelled ACQUAINTANCES.

From: "L"

To: [email protected] Subject: a helpful site
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005

I would just like to say what an utterly interesting site I found this to be.

My mother has told me that my grandfather & his parents were masons. My g/father has never spoken a single word of it to me, or any other family, but thanks to tour web site I'm going to ask him a few questions.

We recently came across an old apron with badges and a note book, all in a box. My g/father said that they were his mothers LODGE aprons and said nothing more about them. My mother and her sister believe them to mason aprons and I am now on a mission to find out if they are. Thanks to pictures through-out your site, I'll soon know if they are or not.

Unfortunately, I have copped a fair bit of crap in the past when mentioning that some of relo's may have mason's and as a result I just don't mention it any more, it's alot easier than getting into a massive and sometimes agressive argument over what the masons were all about. I have never made out that I know any thing, good or bad, abuot free masons because I don't, and the things that a lot of people say about them is based entirely on rumers, this I have pointed out many times to no avail.

Now that I have read all this information (well,nearly all, there is ALOT of it!), I will have facts to present whilst they babble on with their 'stuff'.

Again, very interesting, I will be letting people know about this site (if they don't already)

Good job and keep it up


Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005
From: "G"
Subject: More Experiences with the Masons
To: [email protected]

While I was attending a small university in Western PA I was continually pursued by Freemasons to join their ranks. I believe one of the main reasons that they wanted me to join up was because I was a young WASP.

I lived with the son of a grand wizard, or whatever they call themselves, while I attended a local university. It was apparent that my roommate was already a member of the organization.

In January of 1989 my roommate and I went to a local bar in the small town where we were from on the Allegheny river. We were both celebrating our birthdays. A few minutes after we arrived my roommate's father and another of his associates arrived. The associate was a well respected eye surgeon in the small town. It was also his birthday in the month of January.

We talked and had a few drinks. We had a really good time. We stayed a few hours and then decided it was time to go. I drove back to my house and shortly thereafter I got a call from the female liaison that I had with the organization. For the past few months she told me that they would be "testing" me to see if I would fit into the organization. She conveyed to me that this night would be the test. My Mother immediately told me not to take the call or go out. But I told her that it would be fine and that I knew what I was doing.

After hanging up with my liaison I received a call from my roommate asking me if I wanted to go to the eye surgeon's house to continue our partying. I said sure and told him I would come over to his house. The surgeon's house was only a few minutes away.

I made it to my roommate's house and I traveled with him, his father and his mother to the Doctor's house. We drank some beer, had some good food and I got to sit in the Doctor's Italian sports car which was sitting in the garage. After being there for a while I got up from the table and walked out into his entry hall and took a look at an autographed pencil sketch he had of a famous British singer. I stared at the picture for a while. It was a very good drawing. After I was away from the table for a while the doctor came looking for me. When he came over to me I said something to him like, "The singer was a good friend of mine". The doctor then said, "I think he is ready". And they proceeded to take me upstairs to his bonus room.

Things were a little strange upstairs because I am sure they slipped some drug into my drinks. The reader may think that the many drinks that I had earlier could have put me in a sad state, but I can assure you that I did not have that much to drink and at that point in my life my University experience had made me very comfortable with drinking.

They were asking me various questions about how I stood on issues. Some involved my opinions on Jews and blacks. Some concerned my thoughts on politics and current events.

The trouble came at the end of the conversation when he said to me, "If you join with us your soul is mine". Somehow those words shocked me back to reality. I said, "I have been told that a person should hang onto that so I am going to have to pass". I cannot remember what was said after that. I just remember driving back to my roommate's house with his parents and him, and then driving home to my house in my own car.

Bits and pieces of this encounter come back to me now and then. Because drugs or occult powers were used I do not recall every aspect of the conversation. What a diabolic ability they have because based on this type of testimony they could never be prosecuted. They would just claim that I was dreaming or that they were false memory's.

However, I am sure it happened and this is far from the end of my dealings with this group. I will continue to write the rest of my experiences at a later date.

From: "a"
To: [email protected]
Subject: mason
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005


this very text here, ritten by a mason proves their evilness, at first the mason sais that he is a Christian and does only good things. But unlike a true servant of God he finishes his letter with a reminder. A remider that if we do not stop, they will not "help" when the time shall come. But the teachings of Christ tell us a different thing: to aid those in need under any circumstances.A true Christian, as this man pretends the masons are, would not only know this, but apply it.

And further more, he does not encourage people to trust in the aid of God, but in the false aid of Masonery, and by this way achieving power.

I also saw a tv show where a mason from my country was invited. When asked what is the plan of God, he said that the plan of God is to breed and populate the world. Every true beliver knows that the statement does not represent God's plan. The masons just want the people to live and die in a sociaty rulled by them, where the darkness is so thick that no one is able to see the light.

From: "F"
To: mason[email protected]
Subject: Hurt By Masonry
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004

I have been injured socially and career-wise by masons. I have given good will and received ill, been promised kindness and loyalty and the total opposite has been delivered.

The specific mason who is married seems to have great influence and inexplicable ties with known openly homosexual males. I have also researched and read that 31 degree masons practice sodomy.

Is this true? And, if so, how can I bring this truth to the light of day and confront this mason and company of evil doers?

Subject: [French Revolution] The History Channel Premiere!
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004
From: "Kim D"


My name is Kim and I’m working with The History Channel to create awareness for their compelling premiere of FRENCH REVOLUTION this January 17th 9pm/8c.

In searching on the Internet for sites containing information on the FRENCH REVOLUTION, I came across yours and hoped that you would be willing to participate in the Online campaign as a way to create some buzz for this fantastic, albeit stunning, program.

I have included the official press release below and will have a number of images, assets and copies of the program for review this week.

In addition, I will have some fantastic prizes – some from the Official Store of The History Channel. These prizes will include DVDs, books, THC shirts, etc. I can provide these as prizing for a FRENCH REVOLUTION giveaway, or in exchange for your support.

Please let me know if you are interested in getting involved – I would love to work with you!

Please also let me know if you decide to use this press release.

Thank you for your time.

All the best,

Kim D

Account Executive

From: "e m"
To: [email protected]
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004

Have info. that I have been black listed from all Masonic organization. Do you know of others who have been black listed as well? If so what was there defense. My problem was mostly working with a mason about 25 years ago, who tried to undermined every thing on the job so I could be replaced by one of he's Masonic buddies. This took place in a small town in Mississippi. More recently while working on a currency deal, I refused to surrender the currency to very questionable that did not own the currency out of New York. I did find the proper owner of the currency and returned the currency to the proper owner. You may be asking what this transaction has to do with being black listed from the Masons. The person making demands for the currency is a New York Masons he appealed to the Mississippi Masons and thus black listed me through out there organization. I have never deliberately said are indicated that the Masons where a bad organization, my only complaint is that I had a personality conflict on the job, and I refused to give the currency to a very questionable individual who had no right to the currency. (BY the way the currency had no value ) This is why I am interested in learning about your program. Best E

From: "G B"
Subject: Interaction with Masons
To: [email protected]

I enjoy reading information on your site and would like to contribute my experiences with the Masons.

I was planning on writing a detailed post about all of my dealings with the Masons. However, instead of going into great detail I will just tell you exactly what they do.

The Masons feed off of information provided by the people that they can add to their membership.

To get someone to join up with them they will offer them various things. Money, drugs, power, women, etc. They offered to put me through school, making sure I got good grades and they would take care of the financial aspect of it, which I declined.

Many of the masons that are involved with it do not know the sinister aspects of it.

I personally was approached to join them in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and South Carolina.

Many of the major Fortune 100 companies have been infiltrated. Masons, or those loyal to masons, sit in the executive offices.

They are masters at using drugs to get information or to see how a potential member or current member feels.

They have a hidden agenda, one in which I can only guess is for evil purposes.

At times they will align themselves with wiccans and the mob (Russian, Italian, etc.)

The leaders at the top are hidden so that they can never be caught.

They have an old knowledge that the general public apparently is not aware of. That God and satan are truly alive and working here on Earth. What some of the masons are doing are trying to support satan.

I would not be surprised if they were aligned with the L. Ron Hubbard crowd and Scientology as well.

I married a Jew and was told that I would not be taken in to the group, which I replied, "good, I did not want to be a part of it anyway".

When they use several types of drugs most people will not be aware that they were drugged. If they do remember the event it will be bits and pieces. The memories will appear to be more like dreams.

The people that I have encountered that were involved with it were: County Government official, eye surgeon, police man, Corporate officers, real estate agents, housewives, etc.

I have noticed that many of the people that I know are involved in it have been given choice jobs paying well above average salaries.

I would not be surprised if the masons are not behind many of the chaotic points in history. They may enjoy feeding mis-information to the public.

Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005
From: "Ron Baum" [email protected]
Subject: sand
To: [email protected]

I overheard a bus driver talking about his powerful truck...he couldnt get any traction on the ice because it had too much powah.

He was going to put mason sand in the bed. Appropriate...mason sand is dead weight. It looks clean but really it is inert, is only good when mixed with other masonry items and is so hard nothing can penetrate. Put potters clay in it and it softens the mix a bit but the result is just weak cement. All sand is is a bunch of little puny rocks waiting to be ground into dust. Sand is good on ice and snow and as long as you keep it beneath you you wont backslide so much.

Put sand in potters clay and you have an abrasive weak mixture. Make a vase out of potters clay and the result is a weak vase that, when filled with water, eventually becomes useless because the sand falls out and washes awaybut only does temporary damage. To fix a vase of potters clay that has washed away the sand, just ask for the potter to fix you. In silence, heard only by Him. He is the real creator, the only Powah.

Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 22:53:04 +0200
From: "Barry Chamish" [email protected]
Subject: civil
To: [email protected]


It is the evening of Jan. 5. Pinchas Wallerstein's program for civil disobedience to fight the dismemberment of Israel is in its fourth day. While no one cares, his protesters are freezing in rain-soaked tents opposite the Knesset.

Great plan Pinchas.

Just two weeks before, Wallerstein issued a proclamation. Those who signed it agreed to go to jail for taking uncivil action against the Gaza withdrawal. Why should the authorities send anyone to jail when the conditions in the protest camp are infinitely worse?

The rain will stop tomorrow. There will be a few dry days for the protesters to ask why they listened to Wallerstein and the heads of the Yesha Council in the first place. Either, it was their leaders' plan to demoralize their movement, or they suffer from a total lack of imagination.

Permit me to explain how civil disobedience could work. If one is prepared to sit in jail on behalf of a cause greater than himself, like preserving his nation, he had better be sure of his motives. I am so prepared, but not because of Eretz Yisrael or the Torah. What motivates me is that those pushing the so-called disengagement are a clique of filthy murderers and assassins. Any one who gets in their way is slaughtered and if the withdrawal goes through, we'll be stuck with them ruling us until the nation collapses. If the other side was honest and had the best interests of our people in mind, I might be supporting them today. But they are rot!

The Jews have a fine history of civil disobedience and know to make it work. The core philosophy is:You gotta hit 'em in the pocketbook. During the Seventies, the American movement to free Soviet Jewry did just so by throwing marbles on the stage of Bolshoi performances, turning dance into pratfalls, and tossing pennies on the ice during appearances of the Soviet hockey team, making skating risky. These acts forced the cancellation of profitable Soviet attractions and garnered international humiliation for Soviet treatment of the Jews. In the end, they helped open the gates of freedom.

I was just eighteen when I had my first journalistic coup. I managed to finagle a short interview for my college paper with Yippie leader Abbie Hoffman. The Yippies, which Hoffman explained meant Yiddish hippies, were in good part responsible for ending America's immoral role in Viet Nam, using the pocketbook approach. Wouldst such a movement only arise today to save young Americans from dying futile deaths in Iraq!

Hoffman's philosophy was summed up in the title of his bestselling book, Revolution For The Hell Of It. Perhaps his most publicized act was gathering a group of protesters to throw hundreds of dollar bills onto the floor of the New York Stock Exchange from the gallery above. As he anticipated, the traders scurried like rats to catch the money and trading was thoroughly disrupted.

His cleverest idea was aimed at shutting down banks throughout the country. He recommended opening a safety deposit box and placing a sizable fish within. After just a few days, the smell of the rotting fish will permeate the bank so thoroughly, that working would be impossible. The smell would be traced to its source but that would make no difference. A safety deposit box, by strict law, cannot be opened or removed without the signed permission of its owner.

Unlike the equally Jewish Weathermen, cum Weather People, the Yippies rejected violence in favor of intelligence. No one was ever hurt by a Yippie, only by the police fighting them.

And that is the perfect philosophy for Israel today, where no one wants a violent confrontation with the army or police. What follows is a real program for civil disobedience that does not require catching pneumonia for no reason. If every Israeli who is committed to saving his nation cooperated, that is, half the population at least, the program would have a genuine chance of success.

First, The Nation's Pocketbook

1. Anyone who owns stocks in Israeli companies, sell them, all of them, and trade them in for foreign shares.

2. Sell all your shekels, including every last agora in your savings accounts, and buy foreign currency with them. Make all your purchases in foreign currency. If you are able, close your accounts in Israeli banks and open accounts in banks abroad.

3. Do not buy any Israeli product, excluding those manufactured in Yesha. Even the foodstuffs you buy must be imported. To prevent any deviation, cancel all meals out.

4. If you were planning a holiday in the country, cancel it and go abroad. Do not fly El Al. Book by internet and not through an agency.

5. Merchants, do not charge VAT on sales. Citizens, do not pay income tax. If two million people, or even 20,000 people join a tax revolt, it would take decades to prosecute everyone. Tie up all income collected by the government until the collection process collapses. Bankrupt the country that has betrayed you.

Next, Let The Disruptions Begin

1. It takes only 5-10 people to tie up the phone lines of radio talk shows or government offices. All that is required is getting a line at the same time and leaving that line off the hook. When the lines are cleared, the group repeats the process.

2. Two vehicles driving side by side at the legal minimum speed on a highway can create a traffic jam that will take many hours to sort out.

3. Forty protesters at every city bus stop will make sure only they get on the buses. It is perfectly legal to ride a bus if you pay the fare.

4. It is also perfectly legal to play your car radio, even at 3 AM in a convoy of several hundred vehicles keeping target neighborhoods sleepless. If thousands of people participated in dozens of neighborhoods, there wouldn't be enough room in all the jails to incarcerate them. And it would take several centuries of court time to convict them all.

5. It is just as legal to buy a ticket on an El Al flight and cancel it at the last moment, paying a penalty. When two hundred people do so for the same flight, a point is vividly made.

Now We Destroy The Good Name Of Our Leaders

1. To get their way, our leaders have committed heinous crimes against fellow Jews. They are terrified that these crimes be revealed, especially to outsiders. Make sure they are. Their most sensitive spot is the Rabin assassination. I'll be happy to supply my book, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin without personal profit to anyone or any group willing to hand it out to every tourist who gets off a plane or registers at a hotel.

2. Whatever your beef, make sure that every visitor who enters, stays in, or leaves the country knows just what kind of criminality has overtaken Israel.

3. And when anyone visits their favorite "safe" city, let him see the signs wherever he goes: JEWS OUT OF TEL AVIV; DISENGAGE FROM RAMAT AVIV NOW; WITHDRAW FROM RAANANA!

If properly coordinated, all these actions would get the point across without any clashes with the army. Those who signed the Wallerstein Proclamation will finally be tested. Are they really willing to be arrested for creating a public nuisance, or would they rather be free in their puddle across from the Knesset?

Naturally, I don't actually advocate such actions because I know I'd be the only one doing so. And I know none of these suggestions will actually be tried. The protesters will continue to follow their leaders from puddle to puddle and when the bulldozers arrive, will wonder what went wrong.


To hear my 90 minute lecture last May in Denver on the real "peace" process, just write me at [email protected] $20 will get you a two CD package. Same price for my video, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin.

And as usual, you can order my English books, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, Israel Betrayed, The Last Days Of Israel and Save Israel! by writing me at the same address.

My new book, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust, is the only book on the market to delineate the real struggle over the Gaza sellout. Give a copy to everyone you know. It will help sort out the issues.

From: [email protected] Add to Address Book
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005
Subject: Masonic corruption within the Surrey police force
To: [email protected]

Paedophile Freemasons run the Vulnerable Persons Unit in Reigate police station. Others within the Borough of Reigate and Banstead conspire with these officers to cover up their evil crimes.

I have evidence which clearly indicates that two investigations into allegations of serious child abuse were corrupt. This evidence was passed to a trustworthy detective inspector within the police station on 31st March. On 13th May 2004 I spoke to the officer by telephone. I asked him why he had not been in touch with me. He told me it was not an investigation he could undertake, he advised me that I should not contact any other Surrey officers and he effectively asked me to help him by finding a good investigative reporter.

A reporter from the Today program on Radio 4 has spoken to the inspector. The evidence has been passed to a deputy editor of the Daily Telegraph, a crime reporter on the Daily Mail and a BBC World Service journalist. I have also been in touch with a freelance reporter who produced a documentary on Marc Dutroux, the Belgian paedophile, in 2002 for the BBC. Dutroux was held on remand for eight years in contravention of his human rights. The documantary made it clear that people in power did not want him to go on trial for fear he would expose the wider conspiracy which he served as a procurer of young girls. Sixteen potential witnesses to the conspiracy were assassinated.

It is now obvious to me that a similar conspiracy exists within the UK. People in power are suppressing the story and putting pressure on journalists to keep quiet.

The evidence has been submitted to the Commission for Racial Equality's investigation into racism within UK police forces. I have also informed a large number of charities including the NSPCC. A press release has been sent to the newsdesk of every national newspaper.

During 2004 I drove over 16,000 miles around England and Wales. I have spoken to hundreds of people to spread the word about the corruption within Reigate and I also gathered more evidence about corruption in other parts of the country.

Despite all my efforts the criminals within Reigate police station have not been arrested. Good police officers who want to do their job find that they cannot. There are plenty of good officers within this nation who are desperate to expose this corruption and uphold the law. Police officers themselves are persecuted by the Freemasons.

I can no longer pursue my investigation as I have suffered a great deal of persecution too. It is now up to others to bring about justice. However I am happy to speak about my knowledge of the corruption and to share my evidence with anyone who cares to take an interest.

I have compromised the masons conspiracy so much they had me arrested on 12th August 2004 in a village called Seend Cleeve near Melksham in Wiltshire. The whole village was sealed off by multiple Armed Response Units. The arrest was made on the basis of a fraudulent warrant for ABH and GBH taken out in Hastings police station on 11th August. I was never told who I was alleged to have assaulted and I have never been questioned about it.

They know who I am and where I am. I have been home for three months and despite all their attempts to shut me up and discredit my story they have failed.

James Corin, Glenmore, Antlands Lane, Shipley Bridge, Surrey, RH6 9TE
Tel: 01293 781369 & 07720 298498

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