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In this thread Mr. Chuck Easttom a 32nd Degree Freemason details the formal steps he took to get his Lodge, Grand Lodge, and the Supreme Council in Washington DC to address his concerns, and how he was attacked and ignored.

It is noteworthy that both the individual he was engaged in correspondance with at the Supreme Council, Jim Tresner, and the individual he is engaged in dialogue with in this usenet discussion, Dr. Roger Firestone, are both considered to be "active politicians" within the Scottish Rite and Freemasonry.

It rather convincingly "illuminates" the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil mentality that exists within the brotherhood.

In practice the only real rule is help yourself, and keep silent about what you see others doing.

In article [email protected],
[email protected] (Dr. Roger M. Firestone) wrote:
> In article [email protected],
> Chuck Easttom [email protected] wrote:
> [snip]
> >I sent such a letter to my lodges secretary, my grand lodge, and the
> >Scottish Rite valley I was a member of. One Mr. Jim Tresner responded
> >on behalf of both the Grand Lodge and the Scottish Rite. He tried to
> >down play the racism and the officers of low character. In response I
> >started naming names and incidents. When I did that all correspondence
> >from him, the Grand Lodge, and the Scottish Rite ceased. They frankly
> >did not want to examine their own dirty laundry. The simply want to
> >keep packing in plenty of dues paying members.
> [snip]
> Illustrious Bro. Tresner is a highly-respected Masonic researcher and
> author. You received attention at a very high level.

Gee, I thought all masons where on the same level....

> When you began to
> speak of specific wrongdoing by individual Masons, you went beyond
> generalities to individual cases. At that point, it becomes a matter
> for Masonic jurisprudence.

Jim Tresner asserted that my claims of masonic misconduct where perhaps overstated so I replied with specific evidence. There was no desire on the part of the Grand Lodge to have any investigation into these matters.

> If _you_ have evidence of unMasonic conduct
> by an individual Brother, it is up to you to bring formal charges. You
> cannot make allegations to another, even to a Grand Lodge officer, and
> expect them to deal with the matter somehow. Any 32nd Degree Mason
> should know that censure or complaint of another Scottish Rite Brother
> is to be made in only the proper forum of the Rite.

I simply backed up my claims with exacting evidence. But as I had already complained to my lodges sitting Master, immediate past master, and our districts deputy grand master, I really did not expect any response from the Grand Lodge either.

> > If you yourself did not have the fortitude to file charges against a
> Brother for unMasonic conduct, why did you expect someone having no
> direct personal knowledge to do so? What exactly have you done, other
> than to complain and then walk away, that might have made a made a
> difference? Why are you then surprised that nothing has changed?

Complained continuously to those in authority positions. I also spoke openly at masonic gatherings about our states problems of racism and low standards (without naming specific individuals). I did all I could do. Of course you will continually be the apologist refusing to admit the problems that do exist...

> > While others lift the stones and apply the mortar, the bystander who
> does neither but claims to see something amiss in the design or
> execution will not get much attention. The willing worker who helps
> bear the burdens and the heat of the day might get a closer hearing...

Toss out all the analogies you wish, it may make clever rhetoric but it
has little bearing on reality.

> Roger M. Firestone, 32 KCCH

Chuck Easttom

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