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Court Hearing adjourned after Hospitalization of 'Royal Lodge' Freemason Accused of Molestation

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Scarborough Evening News

Scarborough sex-case teacher is suspended

09 October 2008

By Sophie Barley

THE SCARBOROUGH teacher who allegedly took an overdose hours before he was due to stand trial for child sex assault charges at a London school has been suspended from Raincliffe School.

Stephen Douglas-Hogg, of Filey, was said to be fighting for his life and is being treated at a London hospital.

He was due to appear at London's Southwark Crown Court where he is accused of 17 charges of indecently assaulting five boys aged under 14.

The offences are alleged to have taken place during the 1980s at St Paul's Cathedral Choir School in London.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire County Council said he has been suspended from his position as the religious education teacher at Raincliffe School.

The spokesman said: "He has been suspended from Raincliffe School pending the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

"No child in North Yorkshire was involved."

Mr Douglas-Hogg was found by police lying unconscious on the floor of his London hotel room on Monday.

The court hearing was adjourned for mention at the same court on October 16.

Mr Douglas-Hogg was also a Freemason with the Royal Lodge, Filey.

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