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Nouvelle de France: Bishop Cattenoz - 'I do not see how a government left and Mason could be favorable to us'

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Nouvelle de France

Bishop Cattenoz: "I do not see how a government left and Mason could be favorable to us"

Written January 8, 2013

by Pierre de Bellerive in the one

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Shocked by the recent statements by Vincent Peillon Cattenoz Bishop, Archbishop of Avignon, protests exclusively on News France against "attacks all-out" of the Minister of National Education .

What is your reaction to the controversy caused by the words of Vincent Peillon on private education?

Mr. Peillon oversteps its rights. Free education has every right to organize debates. And more specifically, I want to point out that Catholic teaching has a "distinctive character" that allows it to provide one hour of additional instruction in which the teaching of the Church can be heard.

Vincent Peillon, as it depends on the President, all-out attack. This is really the last straw when we think he blames education private can make debates on homosexual "marriage" even though Najat Belkacem-Vallaud, spokesman for the Government is promoting the bill and marriage between gays and lesbians in the public schools, it has no right to do. There are clearly two weights, two measures. I also heard that Hollande would wish on a blocked bill vote. If freedom of Deputies was clamped at this point, it would raise real questions about our democracy.

After the excesses of Vincent Peillon, Cécile Duflot, Michèle Delaunay ... some say "cathophobie" Government ...

We now have a government of the left and Freemason. I do not see how it could be very favorable to the Church. The recent release of Vincent Peillon is a good illustration. Christians will be persecuted probably a day or the other but it also helps the church to grow.

Why so hard on behalf of the Government?

I admit that I question, including finance the Socialist Party. We willingly hunting Nicolas Sarkozy because of his links with Liliane Bettencourt but I think it would be good closer funders PS.

That is to say?

I can not, alas, not speak publicly but I ask and I wonder what could be the lobbies are pressing the PS for a law that has upset the balance of society is also hastily passed ...

What might be the consequences of such a bill?

First, the law does not lie above morality. One consequence of this bill is in vocabulary. The word "marriage" no longer means the same thing. Whether it's the Greeks or the Romans, even at the worst moment of their decay, they never thought the marriage could be anything other than the union of a man and a woman. The same goes for the abortion pill, which is considered a drug, as if being pregnant could be a disease! Similarly, euthanasia is not a right to die with dignity.

These aberrations are mainly from gender theory claiming scratch the natural differences between a man and a woman. And all this without worrying about the least of the child in the context of carrier mothers for example, will automatically mourn his mother on the day of his birth.

How do you judge the extent of the mobilization for the event January 13?

On 13 January, it will really be that the French people to the streets to shout their indignation beyond Christians.


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