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Did CNN and AP Censor Oct. 7 bin Laden Broadcast?

g and compass

There are three copies of bin Ladens speech on this page.

All three differ radically from each other.

The first texts first nine paragraphs are not included in the 2nd and 3rd copies.

Bin Ladens speech was censored by CNN when it rebroadcast the Arab satellite television channel Al-Jazeera exclusive of bin Ladens speech.

CNN is attempting to exert exclusive rights to Al-Jazeera and has lodged complaints with other American News Media for using the Al-Jazeera broadcast without it's permission.

CNN gets the Al-Jazeera feed first.

It is CNN which censored out portions of bin Ladens' speech, from which the text translations are being generated from.

This is obviously the U.S. Governments "Plan B" to deal with Al-Jazeera which they failed in getting closed after their formal complaint lodged by the U.S. Embassy about their "Anti-Americanism".

There are other differences in the first text from the Guardian and the 2nd and 3rd from the A.P. and Washington Post.

The U.S. Government controlled CNN and AP are disseminating a censored version of bin Ladens statement.

It thus becomes clearer why the U.S. government asked Gulf states three days ago to shut down Al-Jazeera, the only non government controlled news source in the Gulf.

Are we really living in a country that doesn't have complete government control of the media?

Are we really living in a country that promotes freedom and freespeech around the world?

Guardian Unlimited,1361,565069,00.html

Text: Bin Laden's statement

Sunday October 7, 2001

The nations of infidels have all united against Muslims. You American people - can you ask yourselves why [there is] all this hate against America and Israel?

The answer is clear and very simple, that America has committed so many crimes against the nations of Muslims.

America is the head of criminals by creating Israel - this continuous crime for 50 years.

The government which is besieging the people of Iraq and killing them.

Why [is] your government... supporting the rotten governments of our countries ?

What happened in the United States is a natural reaction to the ignorant policy of the United States.

If it continues with this policy, the sons of Islam will not stop their struggle. The American people have to know that what is happening to them now is the result of their support of this policy.

The war against Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden is a war on Islam.

This is a new battle, a great battle, similar to the great battles of Islam, like the conquest of Jerusalem.

I believe that there is only one God and there is no prophet but Mohammed.

America was hit by God in one of its softest spots. America is full of fear from its north to its south, from its west to its east. Thank God for that.

This is something, very little, of what we have tasted for decades. Since nearly 80 years we have been tasting this humility.

They [Americans] support the murder against the victims so God has given back to them what they deserve.

I say that the matter is very clear. That every Muslim after this and after what the officials in America stated, with the head of the infidels, Bush, they come out with their men and equipment and they even encourage countries calling themselves Muslims against us.

They come out to fight Islam in the name of fighting terrorism.

These events have split the whole world into two camps: the camps of belief and the camps of disbelief.

Every Muslim should support his religion and now the wind of change has blown up to the Arabian peninsula.

I say by God the great, America will never dream, not those who live in America will never taste security and safety unless we feel security and safety in our lands and in Palestine.

Stars and Stripes

Monday, October 8, 2001

Text of Osama bin Laden's message

The Associated Press

Text of Osama bin Ladenís taped remarks, aired on an Arab television station after the U.S. and British strikes Sunday. The remarks refer to the Sept. 11 terror attacks on New York and Washington, but appear to have been made before Sundayís strikes.

I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and that Mohammed is his messenger.

There is America, hit by God in one of its softest spots. Its greatest buildings were destroyed, thank God for that. There is America, full of fear from its north to its south, from its west to its east. Thank God for that.

What America is tasting now, is something insignificant compared to what we have tasted for scores of years. Our nation (the Islamic world) has been tasting this humiliation and this degradation for more than 80 years. Its sons are killed, its blood is shed, its sanctuaries are attacked, and no one hears and no one heeds.

When God blessed one of the groups of Islam, vanguards of Islam, they destroyed America. I pray to God to elevate their status and bless them.

Millions of innocent children are being killed as I speak. They are being killed in Iraq without committing any sins and we donít hear condemnation or a fatwa from the rulers. In these days, Israeli tanks infest Palestine ó in Jenin, Ramallah, Rafah, Beit Jalla, and other places in the land of Islam, and we donít hear anyone raising his voice or moving a limb.

When the sword comes down (on America), after 80 years, hypocrisy rears its ugly head. They deplore and they lament for those killers, who have abused the blood, honor, and sanctuaries of Muslims. The least that can be said about those people, is that they are debauched. They have followed injustice. They supported the butcher over the victim, the oppressor over the innocent child.

May God show them His wrath and give them what they deserve.

I say that the situation is clear and obvious. After this event, after the senior officials have spoken in America, starting with the head of infidels worldwide, Bush, and those with him. They have come out in force with their men and have turned even the countries that belong to Islam to this treachery, and they want to wag their tail at God, to fight Islam, to supress people in the name of terrorism.

When people at the ends of the earth, Japan, were killed by their hundreds of thousands, young and old, it was not considered a war crime, it is something that has justification. Millions of children in Iraq, is something that has justification. But when they lose dozens of people in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam (capitals of Kenya and Tanzania, where U.S. embassies were bombed in 1998), Iraq was struck and Afghanistan was struck. Hypocrisy stood in force behind the head of infidels worldwide, behind the cowards of this age, America and those who are with it.

These events have divided the whole world into two sides. The side of believers and the side of infidels, may God keep you away from them. Every Muslim has to rush to make his religion victorious. The winds of faith have come. The winds of change have come to eradicate oppression from the island of Muhammad, peace be upon him.

To America, I say only a few words to it and its people. I swear by God, who has elevated the skies without pillars, neither America nor the people who live in it will dream of security before we live it in Palestine, and not before all the infidel armies leave the land of Muhammad, peace by upon him.

God is great, may pride be with Islam. May peace and Godís mercy be upon you.

Another translation including portions not in above

Washington Post

Text: Osama bin Laden

Sunday, October 7, 2001

Following is the transcript of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in a taped statement that aired on Al-Jazeera, the Arabic satellite station, and appears to have been recorded before the U.S. strikes.


BIN LADEN (through translator): Let the whole world know that we shall never accept that the tragedy of Andalucia (ph) would be repeated in Palestine. We cannot accept that Palestine will become Jewish.

And with regard to you, Muslims, this is the day of question. This is a new (inaudible) against you, all against the Muslims and Medina. So be like the followers of the prophet, peace be upon him, and all countrymen (ph), lovers of God and the prophet within, and a new battle, great battle, similar to the great battles of Islam, like the conqueror of Jerusalem. So, hurry up to the dignity of life and the eternity of death.

Thanks to God, he who God guides will never lose. And I believe that there's only one God. And I declare I believe there's no prophet but Mohammed.

This is America, God has sent one of the attacks by God and has attacked one of its best buildings. And this is America filled with fear from the north, south, east and west, thank God.

And what America is facing today is something very little of what we have tasted for decades. Our nation, since nearly 80 years is tasting this humility. Sons are killed, and nobody answers the call.

And when God has guided a bunch of Muslims to be at the forefront and destroyed America, a big destruction, I wish God would lift their position.

And when those people have defended and retaliated to what their brothers and sisters have suffered in Palestine and Lebanon, the whole world has been shouting.

And there are civilians, innocent children being killed every day in Iraq without any guilt, and we never hear anybody. We never hear any (inaudible) from the clergymen of the government.

And every day we see the Israeli tanks going to Jeanine (ph), Ramallah, Beit Jalla and other lands of Islam. And, no, we never hear anybody objecting to that.

So when the swords came after eight years to America, then the whole world has been crying for those criminals who attacked. This is the least which could be said about them. They are people. They supported the murder against the victim, so God has given them back what they deserve.

I say the matter is very clear, so every Muslim after this, and after the officials in America, starting with the head of the infidels, Bush. And they came out with their men and equipment and they even encouraged even countries claiming to be Muslims against us. So, we run with our religion. They came out to fight Islam with the name of fighting terrorism.

People--event of the world--in Japan, hundreds of thousands of people got killed. This is not a war crime. Or in Iraq, what our--who are being killed in Iraq. This is not a crime. And those, when they were attacked in my Nairobi, and Dar Es Salaam, Afghanistan, and Sudan were attacked.

I say these events have split the whole world into two camps: the camp of belief and the disbelief. So every Muslim shall take--shall support his religion.

And now with the winds of change has blown up now, has come to the Arabian Peninsula.

And to America, I stay to it and to its people this: I swear by God the Great, America will never dream nor those who live in America will never taste security and safety unless we feel security and safety in our land and in Palestine.

© 2001 The Washington Post Company

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