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Buttiglione: Out with the Catholic, In with the Mason

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Buttiglione: Out with the Catholic, In with the Mason

11.15.2004 Monday


As the result of intense controversy over his remarks, Rocco Buttiglione withdrew his candidacy for the European Union; Commissioner for Justice, Freedom, and Security last month. Buttiglione was replaced by Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini and Buttiglione has once again made headlines in Italy for inferring that Frattini is a Freemason.

Buttiglione was pressured to withdraw his candidacy after saying that homosexuality is a sin and that women belong at home. He defended himself saying that European Parliament members judged him with inquisition and said about Frattini, I hope they will not ask him whether or not he is a Mason.?Buttiglione says he was excluded for his religious beliefs and describes the course of events as very dangerous.

I hope someday people will not be banned from teaching or faculty membership just because they are Catholics,?said Buttiglione who is known as a close friend to Pope John Paul II.

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