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Portuguese Government looks for Masons among politicians

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Portuguese Government looks for Masons among politicians

Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho gave the Ministry of Internal Administration (equivalent to MSW) guidelines for the obligations of persons holding senior positions in government to disclose whether they belong to Masonic lodges.

Jan 05, 2012

By Amagda, Contributor
Lisbon, Portugal

Pedro Passos Coelho, Prime Minister of Portugal, freemasons, freemasonry

Pedro Passos Coelho, Prime Minister of Portugal
Informed the Lisbon daily "Diario de Noticias', guidance on the validation link politics with Freemasonry, where included, in the government report on the problem supposed Ongoing. The document contained a suspicion against a lot of people from the former management of the Portuguese secret police and Ongoing media concern about attempts to control other media.

Portuguese newspaper reminds even the prime minister on Wednesday denied that the Passos Coelho, would require persons holding high position agency to disclose, whether they belong to Masonic lodges.

According to "Diario de Noticias", passing by the Prime Minister the matter to the ministry of municipal affairs, is de facto an investigation of alleged links with representatives of the Portuguese freemasonry intelligence services of the country, as well as leading politicians, including MPs to parliament.

In August 2011 newspaper "Publico", revealed that some journalists were his editors to inspection by the Portuguese secret service in the days of Labour governments. Information for agents to access mailboxes and SMS editorial staff representative confirmed the mobile operator.

Established in the autumn of last year showed a parliamentary committee in early January, the relationship between the Portuguese Freemasonry, mainly Mozart49 lodge, and the first authorities, intelligence services and Ongoing management, in which some former significant forces officers found employment.

- There is evidence that the Portuguese Freemasonry still has a strong influence in the security services - said on Tuesday in parliament deputy of the ruling Social Democratic Party, Teresa Leal Coelho.

In January, membership in Masonic lodges, confirmed the legislative heads of the biggest clubs in Portugal, Luis Montenegro with the Social Democratic Party and Carlos Zorrinho of the opposition Socialist Party.

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