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Freemasonry's History of Racism

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blacklegion & KKK at Temple

Klan and Black Legion meetings were usually held inside Masonic Temples and Halls in the Midwest during the 1930's. The Klan recruited almost exclusively from within Masonic ranks and often the membership of both organizations was indistinguishable. All of the Leadership of the old and new Klan were high degree Freemasons. The Ku Klux Klan was in fact a Masonic movement.

KKK Pamphlet

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KKK-Masonic Recruitment Poster

black legion at Temple The Brotherhood and Racism

The book "Christianity and American Freemasonry" by William J. Whalen (Our Sunday Visitor:1987, pgs 23-25) discusses the racism of Freemasonry at some length;

An organization dedicated to brotherhood, Masonry ironically remains a bulwark of racial segregation in the United States. By 1987, decades after most American institutions had accepted racial integration, only four of the forty-nine Grand Lodges could count even one black member in their jurisdictions. As the author of a recent scholarly study of black Freemasonry observes, "The legitimation of social intermingling between black and white Masons has remained anathema in mainstream Freemasonry."' (Handbook of Secret Organizations by Whalen)

A lodge within the British military forces initiated Prince Hall with fourteen free black men in 1775 after the men had been rebuffed in their attempt to join St. John's lodge in Boston. Eventually the black Masons received a charter from the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England for African Lodge No. 459 (1784). Regular Masonry has continued to deny recognition to Prince Hall lodges, and individual lodges have barred black candidates by the simple method of the black cube.

Except for one curious exception, Alpha Lodge No. 1 16 in New Jersey, and a handful of blacks reported to be initiated by lodges in New York and Massachusetts, regular Freemasonry remains ninety-nine and forty-four hundredths percent white. A Prince Hall Mason may not visit a white lodge, nor a white Mason visit a Prince Hall lodge, without risking Masonic punishment. Albert Pike, no friend of blacks, admitted in 1875 "Prince Hall lodge was as regular a lodge as any lodge created by competent authority. It had a perfect right to establish other lodges and make itself a Mother Lodge."

When the Grand Lodge of New Jersey accepted several blacks into membership, other Grand Lodges decried the action and some severed fraternal relations with New Jersey. Mississippi was one. The Grand Master of that state wrote in 1908 "Masonry never contemplated that her privileges should be extended to a race, totally, morally and intellectually incapacitated to discharge the obligations which they assume or have conferred upon them in a Masonic lodge. It is no answer that there are exceptions to this general character of the race. We legislate for the race and not for the exceptions. We hold that affiliation with negroes is contrary to the teachings of Masonry, and is dangerous to the interest of the Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons."

The Prince Hall lodges include a number of distinguished gentlemen on their rosters such as Supreme Court Justice Marshall, Mayor Tom Bradley of Los Angeles, Dr. Benjamin Hooks of the NAACP, Mayor Andrew Young of Atlanta, and Mayor Coleman Young of Detroit. Of course, none of these black Masons would be allowed to visit a white Masonic lodge.

Whether Masonry influenced Southern mores or was simply influenced itself is hard to determine. Even during the civil-rights battles of the 1960s, knowledgeable blacks discovered that many of the leaders of the segregationist movement, such as Governors George Wallace of Alabama, Orval Faubus of Arkansas, and Ross Barnett of Mississippi, were also active Masons.

Resource:Acacia Press

Rainbow for Girls

The Daughters of Freemasons are recruited into 'Rainbow for Girls'

In 1976 , the Masonic afflliate organization for girls, the International Order of the Rainbow, suspended all Iowa chapters of the group because one local chapter endorsed membership of a 12-year-old black girl.

According to press reports, Michelle Palmer, whose father is white and mother is black, had been invited to join the Rainbow chapter in Indianola, Iowa, and was approved by the local assembly in October of that year. However, officials at the Rainbow's international headquarters at McAlester, Oklahoma ruled that all 136 Rainbow assemblies in Iowa must disband by the end of the year because they did not follow "rules and regulations."

It was explained that the organization took disciplinary action on the basis of an unwritten law which excludes blacks from membership.

Freemasonry has many unwritten laws it seems.

brother thurmond

Thurmond's Party

Lott and Thurmond

I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years, either.

'Illustrious' Trent Lott 33
December 6, 2002

Trent Lott

alabama alabama alabama

Gov. Riley, Alabama, Freemasonry

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Charleston Daily Mail: Expelled West Virgina Grand Master Loses Jury Trial; Had Promoted Reform Program that included Visitation & Membership Admission for Blacks, Rental of Lodge Rooms to Masonic Womens Groups - 16/12/10

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Georgia Grand Master requests and receives resignation of Grand Lodge Official present at initiation of black man - 02/07/09

Both Leading Candidates For Georgia Democratic Party Governor Nomination are Freemasons - 02/07/09

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Radio personalities fired over reporting that Governor of Alabama belonged to Whites-Only Alabama Freemasonry - 29/09/06

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Alabama Republican Governor's Campaign Outs Leading Democrats as also being Members of Whites-Only Grand Lodge of Alabama - 29/09/06

Latino Concert Canceled, Shrine Temple Accused of Racism - 24/08/06

Concert Promoter Accuses Shriners of Racism and Fraud - 18/08/06

Racism in Masonry Today as described by a recently
demitted 32 degree Scottish Rite Freemason

The Truth About Freemasonry, by Chuck Easttom 32

----- Original Message -----
From: Chuck Easttom [email protected]
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
Sent: September 15, 1999 9:33 AM

I was not going to do this but, I feel I need to make this posting.

For a time I was an avid defender of masonry in this newsgroup ( I still have nothing against it per se). My masonic credentials are numerous and lengthy. I was Senior Warden of Durant Lodge #45 Durant Oklahoma, "C" certificate lecturer from the Oklahoma Grand Lodge, 32d Scottish Rite Mason McAlester Valley (and active in performing Scottish Rite degrees), Past Patron of OES Chapter #17,Sr. DeMolay, and Shriner. About 2 months ago I resigned from all of this.

I see too extremes in this newsgroup: 1. Anti masons who , in their paranoid delusions, blame masonry for every evil in the world.

2. Staunch apologists who refuse to acknowledge real problems.

I would Like to set the record straight and tell the truth:

First of all to the anti masons - despite my deep involvement in masonry I never saw one single shred of anything even remotely resembling satanism. I never met one single mason who I would have even suspected of satanism. I was quite active in doing scottish rite degrees, and saw absolutely nothing that would conflict with any of the mainstream monotheistic religions. I also never saw any evidence of any conspiracy to cover up any crimes committed by masons, or any conspiracy to influence politics. These conspiracy theories and satanism theories that anti-s come up with are pure delusion.

Now for the other side, or put another way: why did I resign? Well I can only speak for Oklahoma Masonry (and I travelled extensively in Oklahoma):

1. Racism is rampant here. Over half the members I have met openly announce that they will resign the day that a "nigger" sets in an Oklahoma Lodge. Racist jokes are common place just before or after a masonic function. One of our past grand masters even made racists jokes at a District meeting.

2. We are not even a little bit selective about the white people we let into lodge. In Oklahoma if you are white and are not on America's Most Wanted, then some lodge will let you in. I personally know of A lodge Jr. Warden who was renown in his town as an alcoholic and wife beater. He was widely known as such when initiated, passed, raised, and when elected to office. And this is not at all an exception in Oklahoma. In fact the bulk of attending masons (those that show up) are usually from the lower end of society. They are the poorly educated , bigoted,and often ignorant. I know of past masters that won't keep a job, past masters that are renown for their beligerant attitude,etc. They seeem perplexed that the few members in the lodge that have some community standing (be they a teacher, doctor, etc.) don't show up for meetings. Well its because they are embarressed to be seen with their lodge brothers. I am also not talking about 1 or 2 incidents. In my entire district their are maybe 6 to 8 masons that I would not be ashamed to have show up at my job. I had one past master show up at my office on one occaision having worn the same clothes for several days. When I joined not one person that signed my petition even knew me at all. I asked friends and coworkers, none had ever had any inquiries about my character. Frankly noone in the lodge cared as long as I was willing to pay the dues. But maybe its different elsewhere.

3. We lead a man to believe that he will learn great philosophical truths. This is what originally attracted me to masonry as I have always been a student of philosophy. Yet the "teachings" of masonry are the most mundane and common place lessons that virtually all men have already heard elsewhere. When we charge a man for degrees in which he learns "lessons" that he already knows, we are in effect defrauding him.

4. Few Oklahoman masons take it seriously. Even those who memorize the degree work frequently don't even know the meanings of the words they memorize much less the meanings (you would be amazed how many think the word "alllusion" is "illusion".

Franklly masonry is not evil, its not a conspiracy, etc. It is simply (at least in Oklahoma) a club for old men and rednecks to go to and give each other important sounding titles.

Now I am donning my asbestos suit...

-- Chuck Easttom

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Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

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Chuck Easttom 32 vs Ted Berry 32

----- Original Message -----
From: Chuck Easttom
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
Sent: September 15, 1999 11:23 AM
> In article 7rol1q\[email protected],
> Ted Berry [email protected] wrote:
> Note from TB-The following original article has been truncated to make
> it easier for discussion. See the orignal post for the full detail.
> In article 7rohnv\[email protected],
> Chuck Easttom [email protected] wrote:

[Ted Berry]
> I am indeed surprised to see this post. You had been involved in this
> NG and Freemasonry for a long time

> > I see too extremes in this newsgroup:
> > 1. Anti masons who , in their paranoid delusions, blame masonry
> > for every evil in the world.
> >
> > 2. Staunch apologists who refuse to acknowledge real problems.
> >
> > I would Like to set the record straight and tell the truth:

> Truth is made up of those things we experience and choose to accept as
> reality. Everyone (including me) approaches the world looking through
> a filter. And so therefore, we can each only speak for and from our
> experiences.
> And I think anyone knows, that to show this NG even the slightest
> dissatisfaction with one's membership is to give fodder to those who
> would use it. This makes it difficult for anyone to stay in the middle
> ground and have discussion on the "issues."

Truth is not nearly so nebulous as you assert. Truth is that which is real, or true. For example: It is true that I am setting at a PC right now, it is not true that I am on the moon. Truth is much simpler than you suggest.

> > Now for the other side, or put another way: why did I resign? Well
> > I can only speak for Oklahoma Masonry (and I travelled extensively in
> > Oklahoma):
> >
> > 1. Racism is rampant here.
> >
> > 2. We are not even a little bit selective about the white people
> > we let into lodge
> >
> > 4. Few Oklahoman masons take it seriously.

> I thought these fit together, so I have separated them from #3. Your
> #4 comment says it all. If it is not taken seriously, then it will
> fall apart, and rightfully so.
> Local Masonic lodges will be made up of the people from its community.
> It is not my intent to insult the folks from the area of Durant
> Oklahoma. But you will likely find that the lodge will take on the
> character of its locals.

I don't doubt that one bit. However even in the small town of Durant we have dozens of men of character, education, etc. None of whom will join the lodge.

> When I was in a rural town in Massachusetts, my lodge was made up of
> farmers, machinists, etc. These folks were predominantly white,
> because the town was predominanlty white. I am now involved in a lodge
> in Washington DC and it is made up of the type of people you would
> expect to find here; lawyers, accountants, World Bank, IMF, etc. The
> racial mix here is quite diverse as you expect within DC.
> The lodge will represent the community.

I have found a far higher concentration of racism in lodge than in the general Oklahoma population and a generally lower level of education than census stats show for our state. But again , I am not saying this is masonry's fault, I am saying that in Oklahoma masonry's only standard is that you be white.

> > 3. We lead a man to believe that he will learn great philosophical
> > truths. This is what originally attracted me to masonry as I have
> > always been a student of philosophy. Yet the "teachings" of masonry
> > are the most mundane and common place lessons that virtually all men
> > have already heard elsewhere. When we charge a man for degrees in
> > which he learns "lessons" that he already knows, we are in effect
> > defrauding him.

> This is an interesting point of contention. But let me ask you a
> question. While I do not have the reference at hand, Jesus says his
> commandment is that "You love one another, as I have loved you."
> Do you think this is an obvious approach to life? Do we need thousand
> of pages in the Bible to learn this? Do we really need dozens and
> dozens of Christian denominations to teach us this? Do we need a
> bureaucracy the size and scale of the Roman Catholic Church (no offense
> intended) to teach that we should "love one another"? Do we defraud a
> Church member by asking for donations to make this information
> available to the congregation?

To answer your questions: No an extensive ecclesiastical bureaucracy is not required to teach this lesson. You also note that a church requests donations, you can get the teachings for free. Masonry demands payment.
> The lessons of Freemasonry may be simple, common sense truths, but
> when I look around this world (and when you looked around your lodge room)
> I see the application of these truths to be quite lacking.

That simply makes another point (one that I failed to make in my original posting). Trying to teach a lesson by veiling it in allegory is an incredibly bad way of teaching. And from what I see in Oklahoma MAsonry its efficacy is definately questionable.

> I am truly sorry that your experience has been such. And I wish it
> were different. My experience has been quite different.
> --
> Ted Berry 32' PSD
> Benjamin B. French Lodge #15 Washington DC
> Albert Pike Consistory, etc. Valley of DC
> Eastern Star Lodge, Rehoboth, Mass
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> Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

Chuck Easttom
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Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

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Chuck Easttom 32* vs Eugene Goldman 32*

----- Original Message -----
From: Chuck Easttom [email protected]
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
Sent: September 15, 1999 6:36 PM

> In article [email protected]
> [email protected] (Eugene Goldman.?) wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Sep 1999 16:33:03 GMT, Chuck Easttom
> [email protected] wrote:

[Eugene Goldman]
> *But maybe its different elsewhere.
> Based on the fact that my personal experiences in Tennessee,
> Louisiana, Nevada and particularly California Masonry has been the
> antithesis of yours in Oklahoma...
> Based on the fact that (for the most part - issues of nontraditional
> forms of Masonry aside) my experiences in venues such as this - open
> to Masons all over the world - has been universally opposite of what
> you describe...
> Based on the fact that certain areas of this country are fairly
> well-documented to host a disproportinate share of individuals such as
> you describe...
> I can't help but wonder if your experiences aren't more indicative of
> the demographics and culture in which your Lodge is located than it is
> of the fraternity.

I have no doubt that demographics plays a part. However I have seen local college clubs (made up mostly of Oklahomans) run by 18 year old kids that displayed more maturity and enlightenment than the average Oklahoma lodge.

> Has there been any support of the sort of attitudes you describe on
> the part of the fraternity, as matters of policy, official positions
> or public statements? Has your jurisdiction promoted, in any way,
> these sorts of feelings on the part of the membership? If so, then
> perhaps other jurisdictions might want to revisit the issue of
> fraternal relations with them. If not, why do you associate these
> things with Masonry?

Oh our Grand Lodge officers will say the correct things in public. Get them to a private function however, and the racist talk is more reminiscent of a klan meeting. It is also interesting how many men,not just members but lodge officers, in Oklahoma masonry of men of low repute. I am not blaming the teachings of masonry for this, I am frankly saying that in least in Oklahoma masonry has lowered its standards to such a point as to no longer have any substance or character at all.

> Granted, our investigation procedures are a lot more haphasard than I
> would like to see. far too much varyance. At the same time, I do
> know Masons who do take their job as investigators or sponsors very
> seriously. It just seems to me that the make up of a community plays
> a far greater role in contributing to the overall state of affairs
> than you might be considering. I know Scout Troops, right here in San
> Diego, that could be described exactly as you did this Lodge. Is
> Scouting, therefore, tainted? No. Tarnished perhaps. A lot worse
> for wear, sure. But it will recover. So will the fraternity. The
> bigots will, sooner or later, die off and rational men will replace
> them. In the mean time, you were probably right to disassociate
> yourself with the bigots in your community - be they Masons, Scouts,
> PTA members, congregants or co-workers.

I knew this would be the standard answer. I am well aware that all groups have "bad apples". I became disenchanted with Oklahoma Masonry when I realized that a rather large portion of our OFFICERS where men who I would frankly be ashamed to associate with in public.

> |O| Be well. Travel with a light heart.
> Who said that?
> Brother Gene .*.
> MBBFMN #387
> And in case I don't see ya' - Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night!

Chuck Easttom
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Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

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Chuck Easttom 32* vs Manny Blanco M.M.

----- Original Message -----
From: Chuck Easttom [email protected]
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
Sent: September 19, 1999 7:35 PM

In article [email protected],
[email protected] (MasonTruth) wrote:
> >From: Chuck Easttom [email protected]
> >Date: Sun, 19 September 1999 12:46 AM EDT
> >Message-id: 7s1pqf\[email protected]
> >
> >Here is the problem: how we define good men. I doubt very seriously,
> >since these men live in a different state than you do, that you know
> >them well enough to decide whether or not they are good men. But since
> >they came out for a few hours, acted friendly, and shared a meal they
> >must be good. Throughout masonry, masons seem convinced of other
> >masons good character based solely on a few friendly tidbits of
> >conversation exchanged of an after-degree meal.

[Manny Blanco]
> Dear Bro. Chuck, you are assuming that they are not..All the above mentioned
> ways of inrteracting are part of what makes up Masonic Fellowship. I base
> things on a gut feeling when I meet someone. These men have displayed in and
> out of Lodge that they are sincere.

No I am not assuming that they are not. I simply reserve judgement
until more data is available.

> >I have seen members of biker gangs and ex cons that can be quite
> >cordial over a meal, especially with their comrades. This does not
> >make them good men. Now I am NOT saying that masons and bikers have
> >any commonality at all. I am merely pointing out that deciding that a
> >man is of good character because he was cordial at a single function is
> >really premature.

> To assume he is not a good man is wrong as well , wuldn't you agree. Heck I
> have met Bikers that I would trust.. I don't care what they are wearing for me
> it is the heart condition and their works that count. I am not going to count a
> man out simply because he is part of a group or a Mason from a certain State.
> Please Bro. chuck understand that I know Masonry is not perfect nor do I hide
> her faults under the carpet. It is the best thing going though and even with
> our faults we strive to do what is right and good .

My point is simple: No masonry is not evil, however it is not the "best thing going" either. I have seen several college clubs made up of 19 year old students where there was less bickering and more character. Due to certain jurisdictions desire for more numbers masonry is no longer the fraternity it once was.

> >This is where Oklahoma's problem is. If a man is not black and does
> >not have a known felony record then he must be good. If he actually
> >does any memory work at all, learns any part of any degree then attends
> >even occaisional functions then he is deemed to be an "outstanding"
> >mason. We want so bad to believe that the fraternity is made up
> >predominatly good men that we need next to no evidence at all to decide
> >that a man is of good character.

> I am not from there but have met many Masons that are. I cannot imagine that
> being "White" would be the only requirement to be a Mason. The men I met
> traveled many miles to share Masonry with others. None showed a "Dark Side" and
> all were loving and kind.

Then please explain the brief list I put at the end of this message. I have personal and direct knowledge of a number of OFFICERS who are men of very low character, but they where white. I have sit in lodge on many occaisions and listened to the discussion before a vote.

> >Let me give you a few examples:
> >
> >1. I know of one lodge Jr. Warden who showed up for meetings and was
> >quite cordial yet he was renown as a wife beater (now on his third
> >wife) and a drunk.
> >
> >2. A past master and current lodge secretary who is nothing but
> >friendly to any mason he meets and who attends most local functions-
> >yet he is a dead beat and has defrauded our Grand Lodges Masonic
> >Charity Foundation.
> >
> >3. A past master and Past District Deputy Master who always has a
> >ready smile for any mason, but is known throughout the community as an
> >incredibly belligerant and hostile man. His own brother denounces him
> >and his belligerence eventually drove his oldest son to suicide.
> >
> >4. A past master who will drop everything for any mason, but who
> >abused all three of his children (all now grown and all have had to
> >undergoe therapy for his extreme abuse).
> >
> >5. A past Grand Master who is nothing but cordial with fellow masons,
> >but is known to co workers as the most "self serving sob" any of them
> >have met and is a renown womanizer routinely cheating on his wife.
> >
> >6. A Past Grand Master who is at many lodge functions and is very
> >cordial with any mason.... also on his third wife and an overt racist
> >renown for his "nigger" jokes.
> >
> >7. A past master well known for his attendence, also well known for
> >heavy drinking and infidelity.
> >
> >8. A junior warden and 32d scottish rite mason who has actualy been
> >clinically diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and is an alcoholic.
> >
> >9. A past master with several DUI's one of which he got while a
> >sitting master.
> >
> >
> >I am not stating that these men are what they are because of masonry.
> >Their activities fly in the face of masonic teaching. But something is
> >very wrong when such men populate not just the membership of Oklahoma
> >masonry, but hold our highest offices. It is clear that , at least in
> >this jurisidction, character does not matter at all.
> >
> >I could go on literally for hours listing nothing but lodge officers
> >and Grand Lodge officers who are as friendly as they can be at lodge
> >functions yet who are men of deplorable character. And yes their
> >actions are well known to their lodges. For thoses that are from my
> >own lodge, I did complain to my current master, immediate past master,
> >and sent complaints to the Grand Lodge.

> Chuck some of these things could be dealt with by Good Counsel in a brother's
> Ear.. Some are un-Masonic and grounds for a Masonic Trial or at least an investigation.
> Bottom line is the only way to change wrong is by working from within in my way
> of thinking. I am not there nor do I know the circumstances. I am not knocking
> you for your decision as it might have been too much too handle. I might have
> done the same thing in your shoes and almost did once..I just know in my heart
> that Masonry will never let a person down in the long run.

No sir , the bottom line is how can I expect to change anything when this kind of behavior is seen in MASTERS and GRAND MASTERS? Not simply a few bad apples in the barrel, but our highest offices!

> I also disagree that all of any one State can be that way.There are reasons
> that we became Masons in the first place and those reasons are Lodged in our
> hearts. I hope that you someday decide to join a Lodge again. You are a good
> man and not having you in the Fraternity is a great loss. I hope also that you
> stay and continue to change what you feel is wrong.

When I first began to have serious concerns about masonry in Oklahoma I developed a habit of inquiring with OK masons why the became masons. IN many cases it was simply because their father/uncle/etc had been one. In others it was frankly so they could become shriners. And in a few cases it was in hopes of obtaining business favortism. The overwhelming majority sited social functions. ONly 4 men ever told me that they had joined in search of truth and understanding. Masonry has become simply a social club with standards lower than many other social clubs.

> I am sure there are others that think as you do and are good in heart.
>God Bless
> Sincerely & Fraternally
> MasonTruth
> Bro. Manny Blanco (Junior Warden)
> Moreno Valley Lodge # 804
> Moreno Valley, CA

--Chuck Easttom
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Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

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Chuck Easttom 32* vs Joe 'Schmuckatelli'

----- Original Message -----
From: Chuck Easttom [email protected]
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
Sent: September 16, 1999 6:34 PM

In article [email protected],
[email protected] wrote:

> On Wed, 15 Sep 1999 17:04:18 GMT, [email protected]
> (Eugene Goldman.?) wrote:
> >Based on the fact that my personal experiences in Tennessee,
> >Louisiana, Nevada and particularly California Masonry has been the
> >antithesis of yours in Oklahoma...
> >Based on the fact that certain areas of this country are fairly
> >well-documented to host a disproportinate share of individuals such
> > as you describe...

> Perhaps a long, lengthy, detailed description of what's been
> happening, the state of current events, and the reiteration that this caused him to
> demit should be submitted not only to the lodge of which he was a member,
> but to the state's Grand Lodge, and whatever national body has jurisdiction over
> Oklahoma.

I sent such a letter to my lodges secretary, my grand lodge, and the Scottish Rite valley I was a member of. One Mr. Jim Tresner responded on behalf of both the Grand Lodge and the Scottish Rite. He tried to down play the racism and the officers of low character. In response I started naming names and incidents. When I did that all correspondence from him, the Grand Lodge, and the Scottish Rite ceased. They frankly did not want to examine their own dirty laundry. They simply want to keep packing in plenty of dues paying members.

> Perhaps it should also be submitted to whatever nationwide Masonic > publications exist. Am I suggesting they be publicly humiliated? Absolutely.
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Chuck Easttom
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Chuck Easttom 32* vs Dr. Roger Firestone 32*

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From: Chuck Easttom [email protected]
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
Sent: September 16, 1999 6:41 PM
Subject: Re: More Masonic disinformation on African Americans

In article Q08E3.88\[email protected],
[email protected] (Dr. Roger M. Firestone) wrote:

> >Our grand lodge has 1 goal: getting more people paying dues..

[R.F.] > Is it just the money? Or is it that more members means:

[C.E.] No its just money. Of our 1 day conferrels fewer then 10% ever even visit a lodge again. Even of our regularly initiated bretheren the average Oklahoma Lodge is running about 10 to 15% of the members that ever attend at all and about 5% that actually work. So more members does not mean more people to know the ritual nor does it mean more participants in charitable work. It only means more money.

BTW Dr. Firestone, you where one of the people I was talking about when I spoke of the "die - hard apologists who refuse to see any problem with masonry". I could actually publically name the names and misdeeds of lodge officers, I could give evidence from now to kingdom come and it would change nothing.

In my own lodge there are 160 people on the books, 8 of whom went to 1 day conferrels. Usually a meeting might get 10 or 12 guys (none of whom where 1 day conferrels, those guys never even bothered to show up), and maybe 3 or 4 of those actually do any work.

BTW on that 1 day conferral issue, this year our grand lodge even went so far as to have the attendees sign a peel off label that was sent to the lodges to be placed in the by laws in lieu of the 1 day conferal recipient having to ever attend his lodge even to sign the by laws.

> * More people to know the ritual and perform it
> * More participants in charitable work and more people helped
> * More members to do work around the Lodge and keep it in good shape,
> so that just a few do not bear the burden of the task
> * More people at social occasions, making them more fun
> * More members with specific interests, so that the old bowling leagues,
> bridge tournaments, fishing clubs, and such of thirty and more years
> back can be organized again
> * More money coming in means more opportunity for quality
> communication with members and funding for all the things that
> Grand Lodges used to do
> From the one goal of getting more people paying dues comes many other
> benefits.
> Roger M. Firestone, 32 KCCH

Chuck Easttom
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Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

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Chuck Easttom 32* vs Eric Diamond M.M.

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From: Chuck Easttom [email protected]
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
Sent: September 17, 1999 6:31 AM

In article [email protected],
"Eric Diamond" [email protected] wrote:
> Chuck Easttom [email protected] wrote in message
> news:7rrc27\[email protected]

> > Consider this:
> >
> > 1. If a man wishes to learn morality can he not freely attend any
> > number of churches, read treatise on philosophy,etc. This information
> > is now freely available to all (it wasn't when the first Grand Lodge
> > was formed in 1717).

> It was freely available in 1717, if he was freeborn. Treastises and
> pamphlets on philosophy were cheaply printed and widely available. It
> is how Ben Franklin made his living for many years.. Many became bestsellers
> in England and in the Colonies.

The literacy rate was quite low and one could not just run down to Barns & Noble or go online to and get books an any idea you wished.

> >2. If a man wishes to give to charity there are countless charities
> > that would love to accomodate him.

> That's reeeeally cynical of you, Chuck. What if all charities took the same > attitude?

I think you misunderstand my point. I am stating that if one feels that masonry is a vehicle for charity (as some have stated) and that is ones primary reason for masonic membership, then why not simply give to charity and skip the masonry?

> > 3. If a man seeks socializing, there are plenty of social organizations.

> But none that are as deep or as useful to men as Masonry. Believe me I've
> looked for them. I did not come to Masonry by way of legacy. No one in my
> immediate family were masons. I was looking to hang with a bunch of guys who
> had a purpose in life, and I found it in masonry.

But that is not what I have found in Oklahoma masonry. I have found a group of uneducated rednecks that sit around lodge rooms and bicker about everything and share racist jokes.

> > Essentially no matter what you expect to get out of masonry, you can
> > get it without memorizing arcane language, performing outdated rituals,
> > and exchanging secret handshakes.

> Yeah, but doing all that stuff is fun and it helps me connect with the deep
> history of my predecessors in Masonry. Is it easy? No, but then again, it
> ain't coal mining either.

To be honest the "secrets" and ritual are reminiscent of a group of small boys in a tree house club.

> > Unfortunately I have met many masons who, in an effort to exaggerate
> > their own importance, imply that masonry has "deep secrets" . I
> > frankly expected to find some deep an enlightening truth, that simply
> > was not there.

> Wasn't there or you did not find it? The path of mysticism is not for
> everybody and it's not easy. Those who delve shallowly will discover shallow
> truths, while those who delve deeply will find deep truths. The cool thing
> about Masonry is that it provides a link for the profundity of mystical
> experience and the here and now. It allows us to put our great truths into
> practice. If you ever a mason in good standing again, I urge you to visit
> our lodge. You may leave with a different impression of Masonry. Especially
> after you talk with Jean-Pierre.

I dug into masonic history and philosophy as few masons do. I also have had some formal education in philosophy, rhetoric, etc. And what masonry offers is so commonplace as to be useless. The great culminating "teaching" of the Scottish Rite, is "the anser is in yourself", a teaching that every self help book, wanna be guru, and pop psychologist has already shared.

> > If brothers actually keep their oaths. But when you do, as Oklahoma
> > has done, and allow any man (who is white) to join then you will , of
> > course, get men who will not honor their oaths.
> > I have seen in 1 lodge alone a past master defraud our masonic charity
> > foundation (with the consent of the sitting master), another past
> > master freely broadcast the secrets of another mason (personal secrets,
> > nothing criminal). When I first was raised one past master (and past
> > district deputy grand master) gave me a brief lesson on how to sidestep
> > the letter of many of my obligations.

> I am so sorry. That is awful. I understand why you did what you did. But I
> don't think it is typical of Masonry around the world. If it is, I'm sure
> I'll be right behind you.

I freely admit that it may be different elsewhere

> --
> Eric Diamond, MM
> Oriental Lodge No.33
> Chicago, Illinois USA

Chuck Easttom
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Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

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Chuck Easttom 32* vs Sam Schwarzman 32*

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From: Chuck Easttom [email protected]
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
Sent: September 22, 1999 6:27 PM
Subject: Re: The secrets of Freemasonry

>In article [email protected]>
> [email protected] (SClarke505) wrote:
> Chuck:
> I had a long talk with your former Lodge's Secretary about you and
>why you changed your positions. Ray T.(I will omit his last name for privacy)
>is a real fine guy and the man that taught you the ritual.

First of all he taught me only the memorization needed for advancement. I attended a weekly class nearby to learn the degree work.

Secondly I was not going to name names but since you think old Ray is such a "fine guy" try this:

Ray is a dead beat who refuses to get a job and work. Other lodge members tried to disuade me from hosting a fundraising dinner for him when his step son died. They told me that it was his own fault he was in financial trouble. After the dinner where I personally cooked the meal and helped count the money, we had a little over \$300. Ray and our then master Chadd reported 1200 to the masonic charity foundation. I repeatedly complained that this was fraud, and clearly violated the tenents of our charity foundation.

You may also want to know that this "fine" gentleman is on his third wife, is a very strong racist, and an 8th grade drop out. But I have long since realized that all one mason needs to judge another to be a "fine man" is a single polite conversation.

>You have only been a Mason a couple of years (I think he said since 1997)
> but you talk as though you have great experience in the craft.

I grew up in a home with my father a mason, my mother a star and myself a demolay, the few years I have been in I was very imersed. I also have read a tremendous amount of masonic history and philosophy, all of these are facts ray is well aware of.

>You talk about Masons not being able to hold down jobs but you seem
> to have more problem keeping your own and although you have been down
> on your luck from time to time, brothers have helped you.

That is a bald faced lie. When I first joined the lodge and Ray met me I was a software engineer with a consulting firm. I left that job and took one at a local university, after almost two years I left that job last month to take a job with a software firm. At no time during my masonic membership have I required or recieved ANY financial help from any mason or masonic order. But Ray does tend to stretch the truth.

> Remember how a brother installed an alternator in your car without

No charge my asss. BTW ask Ray who took the computer he uses and personally paid for the parts and the upgrades to it.

> I still look forward to you coming back to Masonry but you have to get
>your own house in order. Chuck, please read your past posts earlier this year
>and compare them to the present, think before you type.
> Which is the REAL Chuch Easttom. You are a good hearted guy and I
>still like you but you seem to be lashing out at people that have befriended and
>helped you.

I am a good hearted guy , but seeing that my former lodge secretary is now a liar as well as thief convinces me that I did the right thing demitting.

>You cannot fight bigotry from afar and I know that is eating you up but
>that only alienates you and sets you up as an enemy. A few short
>years ago, no one would have thought that mainstream Masonry would
> have relations with Prince Hall, this has changed, not because of
> outsiders but because of good men on the inside. There are a lot of good
> men and Masons in Oaklahoma but as the old saw goes, "your having problems
> seeing the forest because all them dang trees keep get'n in the way".
>Think about what I'm saying to you Chuck, please.
>V.'.W.'.Sam Schwarzman, PM
> Guiding Light/Olympia F&AM #808
> South Bay F&AM #1145
> Freeport LI Chapter # 302 RAM
> Holy Land Chapter #8 RAM (Israel)
> Mort Weitman Post # 50 Masonic War Vets
> 1st Nassau Dist., AGL

--Chuck Easttom
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Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

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