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British Rap Star's Lyrics stir controversy

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BBC strikes wrong chord by airing risqué rap song

April 6, 2004

London - The BBC faces criticism for airing a controversial rap song that compares Queen Elizabeth II to Saddam Hussein and accuses Britain's royal family of murdering Princess Diana.

Great Britain, written and performed by Scor-Zay-Zee - a hip-hop performer who recently converted to Islam - is a strongly worded diatribe against the British way of life.

"The BBC should not be playing this song," John Beyer, the director of Mediawatch UK, told The Sunday Telegraph yesterday.

"There is no justification for giving airspace to something as offensive as this," he added.

The rapper claims that Britain's young people are being "brain-washed and put in a daze" by an out-of-control consumer culture.

The lyrics also manage to take potshots at Britain's support for Israel and its relationship with the US, which is labelled "The Devil".

The song accuses the royal family of carrying out thefts and killings: "Slavery made the riches of Great Britain, the queen wears stolen diamonds, her husband's a Freemason, they killed Lady Di.

"The queen lives in a house like Saddam Hussein. They're both rich so I guess they are one and the same," it adds. - Sapa-AFP

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