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Is reincarnation an accepted Jewish belief?

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Is reincarnation an accepted Jewish belief?

by Mrs. Sarah Levi

The answer is yes.

With regards to the skepticism, well, this is certainly not a new occurrence--it actually stems from generations of debate over this little known yet intriguing notion.

The debate over reincarnation was very much a controversy between the Kabbalists and philosophers. "Kabbalah" literally means "reception." The traditions of Kabbalah were transferred from one generation to the next, an unbroken chain since the original knowledge was taught over 3,300 years ago on Mount Sinai. Those who did not receive these well-guarded traditions argued against reincarnation based on their logical thought process. It did not seem to make sense to them, and being that they had not received it as tradition, they felt that it did not exist.

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