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Rev. Jermiah Wright a 32nd Degree Prince Hall Freemason: Democratic Party Forum

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Rev. Jermiah Wright, Barack Obama

The Democratic Party Forum

Mar 28th 2008 at 3:35 pm EDT


There is not one shred of evidence that he is Muslim. Grandpa told me that Barack Obama is a 32nd degree Prince Hall Mason, and goodstanding member of Royal Arch Masons,and Nights Templary.

Reverend Jesse Jackson is a 33rd degree Mason.

Reverend Jermiah Wright is also a 32nd degree mason. There are many very colorful high profile people that are Prince Hall Masons, to include Louis Farrakahn. I just can not understand why Louis Farakahn has been accepted as a high degree Mason, if he is totally contrary to most of the requirements and precepts for acceptability as a Mason in most of the Masonic Orders of the Nation and the International Masonic Orders known as Universal Masons..

The Prince Hall Masons belived to be of the Afro American Community are extremely prolific in the United States. There is a memebership of over 300,000, not including the Prince Hall Eastern Star Mason auxiliary composed by women only. Women can not be Masons.

There are hundreds of auxiliary orgs. that are under Prince Hall Masonry which is composed by huge numbers of members that could not rate accepted as masons due to requirements that were very scrutinized as to their background checks.

Reverend Al Sharpton being one a major activist in said organizations and member there of along with a huge number of Obama supporters and people in his campaign staffing....

Grandpa told me that Prince Hall Masonry is not exclusively for Blacks, he told me that a select group of people that are not of black heritage, but yet not anglo european caucasian, are Prince Hall Masons.

Grandpa is very learned on Masonoic Orders and high profile individuals that belong to many Masonic Theosophic Orders both Universal as well as international and Universal Masons Brotherhoods.

The enlightenment grandpa gave me on the subject makes me wonder if his control and knowledge of several languages and the inside intricacate trappings as to function of the Orders, might be related to the possibilty of him being of the masonic Universal Massons Orders.

However I guess that If and when he wants me to know he will clarify this to me. I do know for a fact he wears a peculiar ring with an eagle emblem and a diamond in the middle of the eagle in a triangular shape . The Eagle has its wings pointing downwards, and it is engraved on the sides with greek Character letters. The ring is really beautifull, made of Platinum and Yellow gold. He has different jewlry and rings which I thought were class rings.

Does anybody know what the Eagle ring might stand for?

I have never asked grandpa about it.

Peace to all here little Dine'

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