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Prezent: How Onisoru broke a freemasonic lodge

The former CNSAS head's attempt to join the freemasonry was supported by a freemason politician who has had his file checked by the council managing the Securitate archives, Prezent writes.

Friday, May 5, 2006

While he was still the head of the CNSAS (the Securitate Archives Council), Georghe Onisoru wanted out of the blue to become a freemason. He knocked at the Temple's gate, as they say in the discreet language of the freemason brotherhood.

"Out of curiosity, but I gave up," the former keeper of the Securitate files secrets explains, kind of amazed that his discreet attempt came out. However, the freemason world has another explanation for his failure to adhere to the "United Europe" lodge.

A source that asked to have his anonymity kept told the weekly that behind this urgent initiation, which was supposed to skip the previous phases, there were two personages with key positions in freemasonry: Ion Bazgan and Eugen Ovidiu Chirovici.

The attempt of Bazgan-Chirovici duo to force a quick entry in the freemasonic brotherhood faced opposition from several lodge members. Bazgan reportedly broke the "undisciplined" lodge and, together with another 22 brothers, he formed another one. Our source says that this lodge has initiated Onisoru, with great discretion and joy, but those involved deny it.

Was Onisoru so important to the freemasons that the lodge leaders broke old traditions? Or the freemasonry has secrets to hide which Onisoru knows, so they decided to buy his silence? (...)

Bazgan, who is a Liberal MP, does not admit anything. He only says Onisoru "knocked at the Temple's gates" but at another lodge. According to our sources, leaders of the Great Romanian Lodge, of which Bazgan was also a member, analyzed the case in May last year, but, instead of sanctioning the breakaway brothers, they approved the setup of the new lodge, led for a few days by Ioan Bazgan. (...)

The fact that Bazgan had a direct connection to Onisoru - from at least two points of view: that Onisoru was supported by the liberals for the CNSAS leadership and Bazgan's file was debated by the CNSAS to determine if he was a Securitate collaborator - should have made him not to get involved in supporting Onisoru for freemasonry membership.

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