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Freemasons deny recruitment attempt of Scottish Members of Parliament

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Edinburgh Evening News

Freemasons deny MSP recruiting bid

25th March, 2004

SCOTLANDíS freemasons today denied hoping to recruit members by advertising in a magazine read by Holyrood politicians.

The latest edition of Holyrood magazine includes an advertisement placed by the Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland, the organisationís official name, listing famous masons.

But Bob Cooper, curator of the library at Freemasonís Hall in Edinburgh, said the aim was to show the part played by masons in Scotlandís cultural life. "Each issue has a particular theme, and the theme of this issue is the arts and culture," he said. "We are simply letting people know that people such as Sir Walter Scott and Arthur Conan Doyle were freemasons. We are pleased to be part of the cultural scene - itís as simple as that."

Mr Cooper said the masons had previously advertised in the same magazine when it focused on issues like health and the elderly.

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