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The 'Above Top Secret' [email protected] Cyber Patrol claims to have reported the 'cess pit' and 'trash heap' Freemasonry Watch to the F.B.I....

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theron dunn

posted on 27-10-2004 at 01:51 AM Post Number: 901852 (post id: 923745)

>quote: Originally posted by PublicGadfly >>quote: Originally posted by LTD602 >>Fremasonrywatch is one of the better known trash heaps on the internet.

>>Not only is it NOT considered credible, but its very purpose is to wage war against Masonry by any means necessary. The site's owners have already been in legal trouble, and the site is being monitored.

>EXACTLY what does this mean?

>Is this some MORE cyber-stalking by the Mason Defender brigade?

>You know the guys, they also inhabit ATS- they stalk any site that has a viewpoint that is not pro-masonry and try to get the ISP to nuke the site and publish addresses and phone numbers.

>I downloaded Mason Defender threads (scream theron) showing all the interactions. Even calling the FBI on to someone- real 'free speech'

>This denies what?

You BET I called the FBI, and filed complaints based on the internet harrassment of one individual. I filed complaints with the CHAT/DISCUSSION hosting services that FW abused, and had SIX of their chatrooms taken offline by the hosts for clear violations of the TOS of those services.

I do not care what trash they post or discuss on those sites, FW is, as LTD noted, the cesspool and trash heap of the internet, but when they violate the law and the TOS of their hosts, they pay the penalty. All they have to do is obey the rules of the forums they set up...

Slander, defamation, copyright violations, impersonations, Spyware, etc are violations of the TOS. Try is HERE and see what happens... your posts will be locked or deleted and your access cut off. Well, FW tried it, and I, as is my right under the constitution and the law, exercised my right to complain...

ALL of us that were being abused illegally, complained, and guess what, the admin folks shut them down. Am I proud to have been a part of it? YOU BET! You take a swing at me and I will not waste time getting even.

You have a difference of opinion? Fine, knock yourself out. I exposed the host of the original FW site, a nice woman just outside of Dallas Texas and her fundy evangelical David Icke operation. She didn't like it, and kicked FW off her servers... even an Icke Accolyte didn't want to be PUBLICALLY associated with that vile pit of frauds.

Nothing I have done is illegal, immoral or fattening. If you want to attack me or masonry, go for it. I have no problem with opinions, but stand ready to be called to task if you try to hack my system, send my viruses, send spyware, impersonate me, post things in MY NAME that I would never in a milliion years write or say, use my likeness illegally etc etc.

This is not a threat, I am simply acknowledging that I was a key player, along with many of my brothers, in making the nasty little children at FW pay for harrassing me. I am not ashamed, I am PROUD.

Free speech is an essentially American right... Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech... first amendment... but with freedom comes RESPONSIBILITY. The folks at FW thought they could attack me willy nilly without repercussion... guess what? They were wrong.

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