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Climate Change & Dr. James Hansen, Director of NASA’s Goddard Space Institute

The New Science?

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Adrian Vance

The New Science?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

44 government paid scientists using $4 billion of your money every year, $90 million each, are spending on projects other scientists say are nuts. The 44 were identified in hearings by the Joint Congressional Committee on Energy and the Environment earlier this year.

They are the same men that Dr. James Hansen, Director of NASA’s Goddard Space Institute at Columbia University cites as co-authors on virtually all of his papers. The only exceptions are the testy pieces personally attacking critics like Michael Crichton who wrote “State of Fear” about the global warming panic and unidentified critics he calls “Swift boaters” fancying himself a John Kerry pumping his Zepplin-like ego.

Dr. Hansen ignored water vapor in his talks and writings until many questions were asked about this well-known principle greenhouse gas. Not only is water vapor four times the absorber of heat energy as CO2, molecule for molecule, but there are 200 times as many water molecules in air as CO2 for 800 times the effect of CO2. Water vapor is responsible for 99.875% of all atmospheric heating, but atmosphere expert Dr. Hansen ignored it for 17 of the 19 years he wailed about “global warming.”

Even now Dr. Hansen casts water vapor in a secondary role claiming carbon dioxide has to heat air before water will evaporate. This would require a new, undiscovered, not in the literature mechanism with molecules under intelligent control by tiny pilots or divine intervention. We have asked Dr. Hansen to explain with several notes to all three of his email addresses and all have been ignored. This calls for a Church of Global Warming as it is much more a religion than science.

Dr. Hansen also claims that carbon dioxide from your auto, range, furnace or campfire, being man-made, stays in the atmosphere 500 years and cannot be absorbed by green plants or water like natural CO2. Again, this would require intelligent control by tiny pilots or divine intervention. And, how is it that greenhouses have seen up to 100% increases in their yields with propane-fired CO2 generators for 100 years in utter defiance of Dr. Hansen’s tiny pilots or God?

It is obvious that James Hansen, et al, the 45 co-conspirators, are playing the oldest game in academia. Each writes a few papers every year, take turns serving on review committees, rubber stamp their friend’s papers and expand their “published” credits by a factor of 45. They now have the power to crush dissent, but science is not on their side.

Global warming may be happening, but man has nothing to do with it. Even if it were a factor the United States should not cut its’ energy production and use in half per Kyoto and Al Gore. This would kill 270,000 elderly and infants from cold and 90,000 from overheating every year as 15,000 died in France two years ago when a heat wave struck a country without air conditioning. We are six times their size and three times as many die from cold as heat every year in thus country.

Man makes six gigatons of CO2 every year. America makes 25% of that, 1.5 gigatons, but nature makes 180 gigatons with forest fires, volcanoes, decaying limestone, plant and animal matter. We make 0.833% of the total. Cutting America's contribution in half, 0.417% would be insignificant for a gas that is already insignificant but for one thing:

Governments can tax carbon. They cannot tax water vapor. The Hansen gang has been trying to hand Congress new taxes, but they should realize America is overtaxed. Every time taxes are cut, as they were by Kennedy, Reagan and Bush, federal revenues went up. This is because the relationship between government and the people backed up the curve toward optimum and the economy expanded.

If the Hansen gang wins and carbon taxes come we will fall into a depression twice as deep as the Great Depression as it cut us down by 25% thanks to the Smoot-Hawley Trade Tariff law written to pass taxes off on Europeans. They didn't pay. It we cut energy 50% we will have half the food, fiber and material at twice the price with federal revenues falling. Science may have given us the modern world, but it also produced some new monsters.

Adrian Vance

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