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John Kerry's Catholicism: Is he as Catholic as he is Irish?

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Michigan News

John Kerry's Catholicism: He as Catholic as he is Irish?

By Paula Devlin

Apr 1, 2004

Judging the heart is completely subjective and left to the Almighty. Poor, frail humanity must make judgments based on actions. That's; what parents and courts are for: to judge how behavior measures up to the law. The ability to judge behavior objectively is essential to maintain order in society. If everyone is left to act based on private feelings, anarchy results. Feelings are notoriously unreliable, unpredictable and blind to reality.

Now comes a man with pretensions to the White House claiming to be Roman Catholic but who does not allow his religion to interfere with his public behavior. That man is a hypocrite, professing one thing and doing the opposite.

His hypocrisy began with his application to Skull and Bones. At that time, 1964, it was strictly forbidden for Catholics to belong to any secret society, particularly Freemasonry. Bones has all the earmarks of a Masonic lodge, and Mr. Kerry went into that commitment with his eyes wide open. As a result of that, he was automatically excommunicated from the Church of Rome.

Lucky for him, the Freemasons had enthroned Satan in the Vatican sometime between the pontificates of John XXIII and Paul VI. The obfuscating documents of Vatican II removed any mention of membership in Freemasonry as automatic excommunication. But the fact remains Mr. Kerry has not been a believing Catholic since college. Any fool can go through the motions; it takes grace and raw courage to live one's; faith.

As we witnessed in The Passion of the Christ, real men hold to what they believe to the death. Had Kerry been faced with what Christ had to face, would he have gotten a job with Pontius Pilate, partied with Herod or blown sunshine in the ears of Caiphas? It's; hard to imagine this sixty-year-old political playboy, who provides photo-ops of himself snowboarding or cycling, taking seriously anything except his own narcissism - much less having convictions that require courage.

Mr. Kerry cannot call himself a Catholic and support abortion or gay marriage. His annulment, while approved by the apostate church of post-Vatican II, would never have met the strict criteria prior to Vatican II.

His arrogance and rudeness towards a Secret Service agent are completely unacceptable. He does not even have the etiquette that his socioeconomic history would indicate. He fails as a gentleman. He is not a leader.

While President Bush is not a candidate for canonization, he has followed a more righteous path. His membership in Bones was notable for its limited enthusiasm. His DWI marked a troubled man. Yet, to give credit to his wife, Laura, and himself, he made a mid-course correction and changed his life. When he announced to the world that the man he held in highest esteem was Jesus (and I am taking him at face value), he announced that he was committed to values beyond this world's;. He did have a change of heart, a conversion experience, if you will. That does not make him omniscient or immune to the intrigues of the court, but at least we know that he made a commitment to something more important than himself.

That both presidential candidates are Bonesmen is troubling because of its occult connections. However, Mr. Bush shows himself to be a man of apparent character and integrity while Mr. Kerry exemplifies American rot. While I do not agree with President Bush's; cavalier attitude towards the debt and deficit nor with his denial of the serious problems with illegals, I hold the hope that he is open to the action of grace and the wisdom of the ages.

While the rank and file Democrats still believe that FDR's; New Deal is the party's; MO, the hierarchy has moved on. They have given us our first white trash president, a constant reminder that one cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's; ear. Now they purport to offer us a reinvented Count Dracula, reminding us that you can make a sow's ear out of a silk purse.

The Democrats have moved on from down-home populists to pragmatic psychopaths, followed by a collection of RINO's. In the quest for power, many have followed Dr. Faustus into deals with the devil without reading the fine print. Voters must exercise extreme prudence with politicians who seek power for its own sake. Like everyone else, they must be judged by their actions and held accountable for them.

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