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L'Express: Carlton Lille DSK: Girls and Freemasons: Margin in the case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, many Freemasons appear in this file pimping

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Carlton Lille: girls and Freemasons

Margin in case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, many Freemasons appear in this issue of pimping. The judges felt that hides a real network. Info or intox?

published 18/12/2012

By François Koch

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When the case of Carlton broke, Freemasons implicated were suspended by the persuasions of responsabes concerned. But the scandal has spilled over the entire institution. / Philippe Huguen

The protagonists in the case of Carlton Lille Slideshow >> Click on the image to see our slideshow. >> Click on the image to see our slideshow .

DSK sex and Freemasonry ... More than a year after the start of the case known as "Carlton", we know a little more about the background of this issue of procuring including several actors have helped to provide prostitutes to former CEO IMF. The three judges themselves do they not written in an order dated the end of 2011, they saw it as the work of "Freemasons, freethinkers and political networks"? If there is no evidence to date that denominations are involved as organizations, the overrepresentation of "brothers" gave Lille a foul smell of sulfur. In a regular at the discretion middle, like unpacking fact disorder, and raises many heartburn side lodges northerners.

Bait to help "fall" hostess bars

In fact, the "cast" has something to intrigue the judges: six of the eight indicted for "aggravated pimping by an organized gang" are Freemasons . Four of them belong to the Grand Orient de France (GODF) Kojfer Rene , 70, a former public relations officer of the Carlton Hotel, Francis Henrion , 46, former director of the institution; Riglaire Emmanuel , 44 , a lawyer, and David Roquet, 44, former executive of a subsidiary 'of Eiffage (construction company). Important point: the first three are part of the same lodge Lille (Friends together), the fourth being affiliated with the lodge Themis Cambrai. The police chief Jean-Christophe Lagarde , another local person concerned, is the member of the Grand Lodge of France (GLDF) part. About Fabrice Paszkowski , 45, boss of a company paramedic, it is part of the Great traditional and symbolic Lodge Opera (GLTSO). Only DSK himself and the owner of Carlton, Hervé Franchois are laymen.

To understand the functioning of the group and its links with the masonry, it is first necessary to look at its central René Kojfer, the man of the "com" - and much more - at the Carlton. No doubt, the person has a sense of fraternal support. "When the Commissioner Lagarde arrived in Lille , I helped him find an apartment, "he says in L'Express. In the process, he also gave him access to the "held" (ceremonial meetings) from its housing (single visitor) ... and "daughters" of his Belgian friend Dodo Brine, pimp very famous overseas Quiévrain. The same young women who subsequently make the trip to Washington with Dominique Strauss-Kahn .

René Kojfer, fan of mixing genres and people do not hesitate to offer festive trips to his friends and his "brothers." In 2010, he gets invited to lunch at the famous Dodo, in Tournai, Belgium, accompanied 's Eric Vanlerberghe , 65. Amazing character that turned into a retired private detective police and domiciled in ... Carlton before the outbreak of the case. This member of the lodge Themis was one of national dignitaries GODF in the late 1990s.

During this same meal well watered, a French policeman year, also affiliated with Themis among the guests. That day, Kojfer the opportunity to "eat a girl," according to the formula used since before the judges. A little later, while phone to a friend, Vanlerberghe involved in his back, shouting: "I'm with Kojfer, you want a bitch?" This question is today Vanlerberghe be "assisted witness" in the investigation into the network Carlton powered by Dodo.

Is that from January 2011 the phone Kojfer is listened to by the French investigators, who eventually give in to the demands of their Belgian counterparts, anxious to catch their fellow pimp. Gradually, they are discovering life Kojfer. A real thriller ... Since the 1970s, it actually serves as bait to help the police, especially her boyfriend Eric, to "fall" hostess bars. The pair had an unstoppable strategy Kojfer played the client, "rose" with a girl, and his partner waited for the couple to be naked to intervene in flagrante delicto.

In 1981, the same sponsors Vanlerberghe Kojfer within Themis at Cambrai. Ten years later, it gets its transfer to the lodge Merlin de Douai and Lille to Friends reunited. Y was he provided active? His "brothers", perhaps anxious to distance themselves, describe it as very little hard. "This is wrong," protested the person, while admitting he floored dressed once in ten years. "I am a benefactor of Freemasonry, he says, as piqued. I sponsored five to eight brothers in boxes!" Police, especially ...

"Judges are fixated on freemasonry"

The case of Carlton summarize it thus a history of false brethren feet nickel? "Judges are fixated on freemasonry" is annoyed Kojfer softly. But how surprising when you consider that crossed his path, and even crosses, many "brothers"? Thus, at the end of 2011, while in prison, the Jewish chaplain who visits him is the GLDF. Another example? To write his "memoirs" entitled The Man of the Carlton (publication planned, he said, in January), Kojfer claims to have "taken as a member negro editor GLNF [French National Grand Lodge]."

Meanwhile, the character continues to intrigue. It has even become a catalyst such fantasies as some imagine in organizing large sex tours. In 2011, the daily Nord-Eclair argued, on the basis of an anonymous witness, after the Masonic meetings "bus went regularly to rue Thiers [where the temple lodges Lille] to brothels Dodo Brine. " "The publication of this infamous gossip was monstrous," the brothers resent the Nord - Pas-de-Calais interviewed by L'Express. According to Jacques Mutez , Assistant (GWP) of the mayor of Lille trade and handicrafts, the origin of the rumor is identifiable: "Due to a pairing with Charity Lodge, Grand Orient of Belgium, the members of our workshop, the Northern Lights, go once a year in Charleroi for a common ritual held, not for having sex! "

When the case of Carlton broke out, the officials concerned have suspended faiths challenged. Arcizet Guy at the time Grand Master of GODF declared in La Voix du Nord : "When giving engaging behaviors that type, is guilty as well as the pedophile priests in the Church. scandal reflects on the entire institution. " The high official hoped to isolate the scandal individual abuses. But the damage was done, and slow to heal. "Members of the Friends mourned together, says a renowned builder in the region, reading in the press that their dressing room was a den of libertines." These brothers have all suffered more than their "workshop", born in 1976 to a split in the moral evolution is deemed austere. They hate ribald songs for the feast, while others have willingly bawdy feast. Clearly, if the morals of Kojfer, of Henrion and Riglaire had been known upon their arrival, they have suffered a veto their entry into houses. Although the brothers Lille claim: "These are three casting errors, especially Kojfer." "I wonder what he was doing masonry", was even surprised David Roquet, the former executive of a subsidiary of Eiffage, before the judges.

And yet, what would Kojfer without brothers? Suspension deprived Friends together. "They have disappointed me, one of them is from me." If cleared by the courts, he already announced his return: "I will masonry ... but probably in Belgium." Closer to Dodo.

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