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Diario de Noticias - Portugal: Over 80 Masons in influential positions

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Diario de Noticias - Portugal

Over 80 Masons in influential positions

12 novembro 2011

Dossier Freemasonry in Portugal - Great Research DN

Grasses Miguel, one of the most influential ministers, Carlos Zorrinho, Chief Whip of the PS, as mayors or Isaltino Moita Flores Morales, former ministers and Rui Pereira, former presidents of RA as Almeida Santos, Jorge Coelho as entrepreneurs, and many deputies society personalities are part of this semi-secret organization. The figures, history, values, ceremonies and polemics. Read all the e-paper of DN on this research work to be published until Monday

From today until Monday, the DN publishes a work that reveals the hidden side of Freemasonry.

Find out who are Masons, what they do and how they relate. Themselves as 'brothers' take, one thing is certain: "There Masons everywhere."

A great debate on the afternoon of Monday, in the Auditorium of the DN, this closes Great Research into Freemasonry. The panel speakers for this conference-debate includes figures of Portuguese freemasonry. Is between 17.00 and 19.00 and will be broadcast live on site

The book "The State of Health" - the result of an investigation published in DN between 1 and 4 July - will be released on November 29. It is already the third book of the research team of the DN, after "The State That the State has come" and "The State Parliament."

Read the first part of this paper (12 pages) on the e-paper of DN.

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