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Holy See: 1962 Good Friday Prayer for Jews Is Modified

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1962 Good Friday Prayer for Jews Is Modified

Changes Go Into Effect This Year

VATICAN CITY, FEB. 7, 2008 ( Benedict XVI modified the prayer for the Jewish people prayed in the Good Friday liturgy according to the 1962 Roman Missal.

The Pope's changes to the prayer were publicized Tuesday in a note from the Vatican Secretariat of State.

Vatican Radio clarified that "the possibility of using the 1962 Roman Missal during the Sacred Triduum is exceptional, and only affects certain groups."

Here is a non-official English translation of the Latin prayer:

"Let us also pray for the Jews, that God our Lord should illuminate their hearts, so that they will recognize Jesus Christ, the Savior of all men.

"Let us pray. Let us genuflect. Rise.

"All-powerful and eternal God, you who wish that all men be saved and come to the recognition of truth, graciously grant that when the fullness of peoples enters your Church all of Israel will be saved.

"Through Christ Our Lord, Amen."

* * *

The statement from the Vatican Secretariat of State reads:

In reference to the norms contained in "Summorum Pontificum," issued "motu proprio" [on his own initiative] on July 7, 2007, regarding the possibility of using the latest version of the Missale Romanum previous to the Second Vatican Council, published in 1962 with the authority of Blessed John XXIII, the Holy Father Benedict XVI has established that the "Oremus et pro Iudaeis" from Good Friday's liturgy included in that Missale Romanum will be replaced by the following text:

Oremus et pro Iudaeis

Ut Deus et Dominus noster illuminet corda eorum, ut agnoscant Iesum Christum salvatorem omnium hominum.

Oremus. Flectamus genua. Levate.

Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, qui vis ut omnes homines salvi fiant et ad agnitionem veritatis veniant, concede propitius, ut plenitudine gentium in Ecclesiam Tuam intrante omnis Israel salvus fiat.

Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

This translation should be used starting this year in all Good Friday celebrations using the cited Missale Romanum.

[English translation by ZENIT]

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