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Iron Man 2 'Rasputin' Filming at the Pasadena Calif. Masonic Temple?

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Superhero Hype

Iron Man 2 Filming at the Pasadena Masonic Temple?

April 05, 2009

by SuperHeroHype

Interesting listing found on City of Pasadena's site

We've received word of a listing on the City of Pasadena's official site that says a certain "Iron Works Productions LLC." will be shooting a film titled "Rasputin" at 200 Euclid Ave S on 4/5 and 4/6.

Now, late last year, it was discovered that the shooting title for Iron Man 2 would be "Rasputin" and 200 Euclid Ave S is the address for the Pasadena Masonic Temple (see official site).

If you happen to be in the area tomorrow, make sure to check it out and let us know if you see anything!

Source: Retroman

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Locolouie 1 comment Rasputin is filming most of their giant explosion scenes at Mystery Mesa in Santa Clarita, Ca On 7/8/09 & 7/9/09. From the notice I received, it should be one hell of a show

michael clement 1 The cast for the fantastic four reboot are jon cryer as mister fantastic,scarlett johanson as the invisible woman,john cena as the thing and chris eagon as the human torch and now for the villains billy zane as rama tut,charlie sheen as doctor doom,the big show as galactus,daniel day lewis as the silver surfer,antonio banderas as diablo,angus scrimm as the red ghost,jason statham as the super skrull,jack nicholson as phycho man,paul rudd as the mollacue man,danny devito as the mole man,keeanu reeves as klaw the master of sound,tony carroll as blasststar,terrence stamp as the wizard,eric roberts as hydro man and reese witherspoon as medusa.

Chujong 1 comment I was looking for a thread to comment on Iron Man 2... must have clicked on the wrong link. What is this "Mason"-thingy?! Oh well, I better leave before someone notices me.

jajpowers 1 comment My family was driving through Pasadena on Sunday and decided to stop for lunch. We passed the Elks Lodge at that address and the entire parking lot was filled with movie trailers and security. There was a large car carrier filled with Washinton DC police cars. We thought about stopping to gawk, but we were too hungry. Today we decided to Google it and found this blog. Now I'm depressed. Did I really drive right passed Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, John Favreau, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc.? If any part of Iron Man 2 takes place in Washington DC, then the mystery is solved. Iron Man 2 is being listed as Rasputin.

Shieldbearer 1 comment Tony Stark believes in Thor as he is an Avenger with Stark is not an Athiest.

Gorillamonsooon 1 comment @purityofevil We care! @ Ico freakin HIlarious bro

@The One how could you miss the joke?..unless, just like when you signed your "im a mason now" papers, you didnt read the entire thing

@Freemasons i meant no disrespect...please dont find me and cancel my bank account and have me fired then placed on a list of fugitves to be hunted by the c.i.a

purityofevil 1 comment Yes I know a misspelled a bucn of [email protected], i was just trying to get a point across and I dont type very accurayely when im irritated.

purityofevil 1 comment I work in film, more specifically the international shipping of film.....Do you realize that these idiots just gave away the films security title: RAPSUTIN!!!! If I were involved in anyway in this movie i would be realliy pissed off that these idiots are going around throwing the security title around for everyone to see, do you all realize how much money is put in to keep a film from being stolen once its shipped intenationaly. The piracy rate is ridiculous and I imagine that with a movie as popular as this its going to be preety damn hard from keeping the movie out of the wrong hands......especially when you jag offs are letting everyone know what the security title is....good job!!!

mojojackson 1 comment The One:

As I understand it, the Freemasons, like most groups in America, once had rules forbidding non-whites from joining, but that is all in the past. I base this on the fact that my friend, a Black man, was invited to---I don't know what the word would be--pledge? Apply? Try out?---for membership in the Freemasons.

Spike 1 comment so... iron man... anyone? hello? damn...

ico 1 comment d conjuker23

I'd believe you more if you knew how to spell people, which is with an O. It looks like you're trying to spell pineapple.

"we are pineapple trying to help other pineapple."

conjuker23 1 comment I am a Freemason. Masons arent trying to control annything we are peaple trying to help other peaple . If you want to know about the truth of Masonry ask one. And if you think that Masons have dark intentions then what do you think of the Shriners hospitals for children. And you might want to talk to the families of the children that have been helped by them.

ico 1 comment The One

There are alot of stories about them being very selective, i remember hearing they are like 98% white, and i was just joking about that and i know there are some women in the masons but most of their lodges specifically say "no women allowed".

The One 1 comment ICO

Are you sure or are you just guessing. Just so you will know there are female Masons in Ireland. The only country with them. Also this fraternity of brothers is more diverse than you think. But sorry i missed the joke. Its cool.

ico 1 comment The One

It was a joke. Did you not read the rest of the post? The fact is that most people in the masons are white men and basically no women.

The One 1 comment To ICO. You dont have to be white to be a Mason. Where did you get that from???? Who turns the lights on and off in your house?

Santo 1 comment I will laugh my ass off when two thousand nerds descend upon the Masonic temple only to find that they are not shooting Iron Man 2, but ironically enough, a movie called "Rasputin".

en ohhh 2 the en double youu o 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand ICO is full of it-

Masons are whats wrong with the world.

Aaron 1 comment I think the Freemasons are the ones behind Fox's inability to produce a palatable comic book movie. It's a conspiracy to force us to accept mediocrity.

ico 1 comment The Freemasons are a fraternal organisation that are widely involved in charity and community service activities with an open door to candidates (as long as you're white of course). We use symbolism to teach moral and ethical lessons of the principles of "Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth". We are less a secret society and more of a society with secrets. Freemasonry worldwide disburses substantial charitable amounts to non-Masonic charities, locally, nationally and internationally.

We in no way have any connection to 9/11, the Bermuda Triangle, the Illuminati, the New World Order, Micheal Jackson, the Vatican Secret Archives, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the fake moon landing (i mean real), the KKK, Skull and Bones, the Knights Templar, Bill Clinton, Area 51, Coca Cola, Jack the Ripper, Chuck Norris, the election of George Bush and Barack Obama, chemtrails, reptilian humanoids, Superhero hype, the Octomom, the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Kurt Cobain, God, vampires, mind control, the Shamwow guy, The assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and

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