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Anglican resolution is 'discriminatory' whines Mason Bigwig

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Lithgow Mercury, Australia

Anglican resolution is 'discriminatory'

Thursday, 23 October 2003

"The resolution is pure discrimination, smacks of bigotry and religious fundamentalism and is a betrayal of all Freemasons who practice the Anglican faith, Tony Lauer, Grand Master of the NSW & ACT Freemasons, said.

"(This is) especially since a great percentage of Freemasons throughout the State are Anglicans.

"Furthermore, this is a one man vendetta on the part of Reverend Winthrop, over a local issue and very petty situation that received widespread publicity which occurred in Lithgow last year.

"This resulted in all local Freemasons being publicly not welcomed at the local Anglican Church, Mr Lauer said.

"The stance taken is based on total ignorance and is a misrepresentation of what Freemasonry is all about.

Mr Lauer's full statements appears on page 2 of Thursday October 23.

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