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A SBC Pastor tells of his continual harrassment by Masons for openly teaching about Freemasonry's incompatability with Christianity

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From: PastorL
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005
Subject: Masons. I confront them as a pastor...former SBC
To: [email protected]


Glad I found your site. I began confronting Masons in 1993 as a young Bible college student and Southern Baptist minister to be. They literally blackballed me I was told by "ex Masons" who knew...this was in SC at the time during my first Pastorate. My story goes similar to the men on Eph 5: 11 web site. I moved back to NC and began working at [redacted] senior center in [redacted] where Masons from my ex home church (SBC) and other Masons would come in gloating...I would discuss their secrets with them as I would get there locker keys and towels (I had been voted out from the church by them in SC and moved back to NC) they would get furious as I mentioned the passwords like Tubalcain and Mahabone, Hiram etc. One came right to me at the counter and said I better be careful from now on and gave me a cut throat symbol only to be rebuked by his partner....

I still plead with my mother who attends this church to get out. I still remember these men coming and taunting the pastor at business meetings as a young man. I knew something evil was going on. Now I know what it was.

I am now in [redacted] Ohio working at a large [redacted] near [redacted] for the past few months because the old "cornerstone" Mason at [redacted] got me in trouble causing me to resign...(I am Pastor/ founder of a Bible Church in [redacted] now, because Masonic trouble at the church I came up to pastor in another town) fist week at [redacted] I debated a Mason and to make a long story short, they have been coming in weekly to "complain" or they send their wives in to complain like at [redacted], [redacted], and now [redacted]! ....Of course [founder] was a Mason and these mad Masons in Ohio want me out bad! It is truly BIZARRE. I spared many details...could probably be a mini-series!

Sadly, even several "Fundamental" (OBF and the IFCA) groups of Pastors have distanced themselves from me now because I do confront "Christian" Masons. They have in-laws who are Masons and some have Masons in their church but will not confront the issue. Ironically these men proudly separated from from "New" evangelicals for biblical reasons of separation but now separate from me!

Grace and peace,

Pastor L.
[redacted] Bible Church
[redacted], OH [redacted]
() [redacted]

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth"

3 John 4

From: PastorL
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005
Subject: Re: Masons. I confront them as a pastor...former SBC
To: [email protected]


Thanks for your response...good info, I may do some of it. I was fired last Weds by the [redacted] Manager at [redacted] because of "customer complaints". They are fighting my unemployment claim too. Here is some of the letter I gave the [redacted] manager and was sent to headquarters in Dallas because I appealed my termination ...and lost..they said there was no "conspiracy" by these "Masosnics"...


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