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Prince Hall Masons Celebrate 'St. Johns Day'

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The Willmington Journal - 'Part of the Black Press USA Network'


August 26, 2005


Why did the freemasons choose St. John the Baptist as Patron? One would suppose they’d name an outstanding individual, but St. John the Baptist, was a humble man who held his obligations to God above all! He continually preached repentance, virtue and humility with unbelievable steadfastness until he was martyred.

After the 16th Center, St.John the Evangelist was also adopted as a patron and St of the Craft. The Gospel of St. John is the most Masonic, for the central theme is light. It portrays Jesus as “The Light of the World”.

Jesus is love and St. John was constantly admonishing the cultivation of brotherly love.

The Prince Hall Masons of District 19 celebrated St John’s Day on Sun. June 19 at 5 p.m. The event was held at St. James AMEZ Church in Snowfield. The host for this event was Winnabee Lodge #786, Bro. Donnie L. Frink, Jr., Worshipful Masters and members.

The emcee for this occasion was Rev. M.C. Herring, pastor of Mt Zion Missionary Baptist church in Longwood and Asst. Chaplain of the Grand lodge.

The program included a processional of the Masonic members, the singing of “Leaning on Jesus”, a scripture read by Bro. Richard Davis, and the chant, “He’s There All the Time” led by Bro. Charles Godwin.

Bro. Alphonso Robinson truly made us feel at home, and after a warm and sincere welcome a beautiful response was received from Rev. Aaron Moore.

The purpose and the reason for the celebration of St. John’s Day was given by Bro. Allen Turner. After a selection by the choir and offering, the introduction of the speaker was given by Rev. Moses Herring. Rev. Gary Godwin, the speaker, delivered an outstanding message on “Love”, and used scriptural references from St. John 13;34-35. His topic was not only beneficial to the Masonic members, but also to all present. The true meaning of the life of St. John the Baptist was really defined so everyone could understand. We were told also that love should not be talked about, but lived. Love is action, and not just a word to be used but to be shown through action.

We should all love one another, as Christ loved us. The challenge was given to us when asked, “How many can say, we truly love as Christ loves us?” These words were given to us for much thought for individual self-examination.

The Masonic Choir under the direction of Bro. Time E. Gore, Past District Deputy Grand spiritually stirred our hearts with their selections, and added fuel to the powerful message.

After the roll call of lodges by Bro. F.H. Hooper, remarks were given by Sis. Geraldine Armstrong, District Deputy Grand Matron and she introduced the worthy matrons and members of the chapters in District 19. Bro. James Lightfoot, District Deputy Grand Master of District 19 stated how pleased he was with the attendance of the Masonic members and encouraged us to continue working together in harmony and love.

Special recognition was given to Sis. Henrietta Evans, a 95 year old active member Jephthah Chapter IV. Also, the lodges and chapters of the Order of the Eastern Star of District 19 were well represented.

Following the grace and benediction, refreshments were served in the dining. The program and the fellowship were great.

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