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Chamish: Happy Rabin Week

g and compass


by Barry Chamish

Every Rabin week has its revelations but this year was the best, thanks in part, to the little old evidence leaker. Four days into the week, ending November 4, the popular radio announcer Dahlia Yairi announced the results of a survey conducted for the Israel Broadcasting Authority to determine how many Israelis believe in the "conspiracy theory" of the Rabin assassination.

The last time this survey was undertaken, in 1999, by Maariv, and Gallup, 18% of Israelis believed there was a high-level plot that took Rabin's life, while 13% answered that there might have been. This year, the figure of those who accept the "conspiracy theory" rose to 30%. A befuddled Yairi reportedly said, "That means two million Israelis believe the Shabak was behind Rabin's murder."

Actually, even more, because the figure of those who suspect such a thing wasn't included. However, it's a sure bet that half of all Israelis now believe or suspect that Rabin was murdered in a way much different than what their government is telling them.

HALF OF ISRAEL! The truth is truly out. But it's only being released to that half of the country which cares. Look at this week's press coverage:

- Hatsofe - religious right wing - Eight pages in weekend magazine. Extensive coverage of Amir's trial defense summation, which arrived precisely at the "conspiracy" theory. Headline; "THERE ARE NO TRACES OF AMIR ON THE GUN THAT KILLED RABIN."

- Yated Neeman - religious, liberal - In a two page article, which referred in large part to Hatsofe's revelations, the rather Skittish Hebrew edition (compared to the fearless English version), admitted that there is much backing for the "conspiracy theory." The author noted that the mainstream Israeli papers, "Who know how to attack like only the left wing does," backed off their incitements this year because word has reached them of decisive evidence proving Amir did not murder Rabin.

- Hashavuah - haredi, right - The headline was AMIR DIDN'T MURDER RABIN. The three page coverage included an extensive interview with Dr. David Chayen, showing medically how Amir had no opportunity to murder Rabin the way he died.

- Makor Rishon - secular, right - Two pages of new evidence in the weekend magazine, with an impressive article in the main section about Rabin's songsheet. On the night of the murder, it had a round black hole in it that sure looked like a bullet hole. The newspaper printed that photo beside a photo of the sheet as it appears in the prime minister's archive today. The hole has disappeared.

Now compare:

- Maariv - secular liberal - Eight paragraph article in weekend paper reporting Hatsofe's expose of Avishai Raviv's police testimony. The more damaging report on Amir's trial defense is excluded.

- Yediot Ahronot - secular liberal - Nuttin'

- Haaretz - secular, extreme left - Nada.

- Ha'ir - secular, extreme left - Had a long article about Rabin's bodyguards who suffered mysterious deaths. Mostly debunking junk BUT with a huge revelation. A third young bodyguard died of an unexpected heart attack a few days before he planned to testify at one of Avishai Raviv's trials.

And that's it for the secular left. They're covering up the truth. Case closed and Period! But the desperation of the ruling tyrants is shining through. Just look what's going on: From Haaretz we discover that Margalit Har Shefi's letter to President Katzav which led to her early release, was a forgery, and she could be shipped back to prison. From Maariv, we learn that the Rabin family want a true hero to be prosecuted. They speak of Shlomi Halevy, the Bar Ilan student and soldier in the Intelligence Brigade who, five months before Rabin's murder, reported to the police and Shabak that Amir was threatening Rabin's life. Why would the Rabin family want him tried? Perhaps to get to the Shabak.

Because that's what Dahlia Pelosoff Rabin told Haaretz last weekend. She said she can't wait for Raviv's trial because she knows he is just the tip of the iceberg. Well, now she's going to have to wait six months because the trial has been postponed until April. That's nine times now. Only one person is protesting and I haven't the details. The message was that a protest rally is to be held outside Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein's office on November 4th, demanding that Raviv be tried and the Rabin murder re-investigated. The address of the organizer is [email protected]

Expect a reply in Hebrew.

Now how do we really know there is a Rabin coverup? Because a highly significant convention took place on his Hebrew memorial day, and other than in Arutz Sheva's newsletter, no Hebrew media covered it. Have a look at Yated Neeman's review of the proceedings below to get a feel for how important this event was.

The hit lecturer was Joel Skousen, editor of the World Affairs Brief, who journeyed from Utah, in part, to attend the convention. He explained New World Order philosophy and how the hidden rulers can deliberately create radical regimes like the Taliban or PLO, fund and arm them into power, only to have a useful enemy to make war on down the line. It was nice to have Israelis hear it from someone else.

This author has been writing steadily that Shimon Peres is a tool of the European illuminati, headed in part by King Juan Carlos of Spain. Peres will meet Arafat in Spain shortly. Please, someone, connect the dots already.


Mubarak on a two-day visit to Spain

Egypt-Spain, Politics, 10/31/2001

Later the President will meet King Juan Carlos on a lunch banquet attended by the delegation accompanying the President and Senior Spanish officials. Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher said that President Hosni Mubarak's coming visit to Spain acquires special importance at this stage.

Maher said that Mubarak will have talks with Spanish King Juan Carlos and Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, and will address the forum on means to expand cooperation between the European and Mediterranean countries.

He told diplomatic editors on Tuesday that the talks would also deal with relations between the two countries, international and regional issues, developments in the Palestinian territories and means to bring the Palestinians and Israelis together at the negotiations table.

The talks will further cover cooperation to achieve security and stability in the Mediterranean basin and means to push forward development efforts in North Africa and the Southern Mediterranean, added Maher.

Maher said that round-table talks would be attended by him together with Palestinian Minister of local government Saeb Erekat and with the possible participation of Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres

Ambassador of Egypt to Spain Hussein Kamel Haridy said President Mubarak's talks with King Juan Carlos and Premier Aznar would focus on three key issues namely the situation the Middle East, terrorism and the Spanish Presidency of European Union.

I'll be coming to New York and Toronto soon. Please contact the following addresses for information on lectures:

[email protected] - Toronto
[email protected] - New York

And for those who don't think Peres had a role in Rabin's murder, broadcaster Yehoshua Meiri has a scoop. It seems that a really damaging tape recording is floating around. On the day before the signing of the first Oslo agreement, two reporters, Shimon Shiffer and Nahum Barnea were taping an interview with Peres at his office. The interview was interrupted by a phone call from a Peres Labor Party politico, Giora Einam. Peres had the reporters to leave the room for the duration of the call. They did but left their tape recorder on "accidentally." Rabin wanted to attend the signing ceremony and Peres didn't like the idea. "Something's got to be done about that s.o.b," Peres shouted. "We have to do something about him. The bastard's been haunting me for sixteen years and it has to stop."

American Yated Neeman, Nov. 2, 2001

2nd Rabin Assassination Conference Held This Week

The 2nd Rabin Assassination Conference was held this Sunday at the Yerushalayim Windmill Hotel, on the day before Yitzchak Rabin's Yartzeit. This year's conference was accompanied by two new developments concerning the investigation around the Rabin assassination: first, the range of people who are beginning to question the official version is beginning to encompass large numbers of mainstream individuals including academicians and professions. Second, mention of a possible conspiracy is beginning to filter into the mainstream newspapers.

For the first time since the assassination, the moderate Hebrew Yated Neeman printed this Monday a two-page spread which gave expression and validity to the so-called "conspiracy theory." The article mentions the unanswered questions surrounding Yigal Amir's trial and quoting newly released police documents which show that forensic tests done on Amir shortly after the supposed shooting indicate that he had not shot real bullets. NRP's Hatzofeh's weekend edition featured a lengthy article about Amir's recent request for certain leniencies in his prison sentence, in which they point out the many questions around his conviction.

Even more daring was the article by Kol Ha'Ir concerning the 3 Shabak agents who were murdered at the same time as was Rabin.

Readers of this column received many scoops concerning this mysterious affair over the past year, and we proudly take credit for being ahead of all others in knowing details of the government cover-up. The Conference was held from 4 in the afternoon until 12:00 at night, with over 200 people in attendance from all over the country. The speakers came from a wide range of backgrounds, and each spoke about the Assassination from his area of expertise.

Barry Chamish, the investigative journalist who has devoted the past 6 years of his life to unraveling the threads surrounding the affair, gave a Video presentation. He distributed copies of new police documents which came to light in the past month which prove that Yigal Amir could not be the killer. With theatrical flare and great humor, Mr. Chamish showed how the government levels kept changing their version of whether Rabin was shot with two or three bullets. He covered the chronological order of how the assassination took place from when Rabin descended from the stage until he was pronounced dead. Chamish also minced no words in declaring that Shimon Peres must have been the schemer behind the assassination, since all those who were surrounding Rabin that day (the rally organizer, the Shabak officials, the body guard, the driver, etc.) were all intimately connected to Peres.

Among the interesting video clips which Chamish showed was a replay of the Kempler film which filmed the assassination, a BBC news program which revealed who was the secret passenger in the back seat of Rabin's car, and a PBS interview of Peres in which he declares Rabin was killed by 3 bullets, one of which was from the front (official government version was 2 bullets, and no bullets from the front) and that he went into the hospital morgue to view the dead Rabin, and gave him a kiss good-by.

The next speaker was Mr. Yaakov Werker, a C.P.A. and a chairman of the Israeli Economic Organization. Mr. Werker, a high-ranking government employee, introduced himself by saying he realized that Rabin was killed by a cabal the very first night after he heard that Yigal Amir hadn't been immediately cut down by Rabin's Shabak guards after the first bullet, and that people had heard calls of "it's only blanks". Mr. Werker has pursued his own investigation of the case and interviewed numerous people involved, including Roni Kempler, Margalit Har Shefi's parents, Rabin Commission chairman Shamgar, and numerous Chevra Kadisha workers who were involved in the burial of the murdered Shabak agents. Mr. Werker was the one who gave the incriminating documents to Dahlia Rabin-Pelesof, which lead to the Olam Ha'Isha interview two years ago in which the Rabin family members for the first time demanded a re-investigation.

Mr. Joel Skousen, a political analyst from the U.S., spoke about the dirty side of Secret Services, the different illegal schemes and drug-money -laundering they use to generate income for illegal government initiatives, and the way they abandon their operatives who are exposed. His words provided some insight into how Yigal Amir was prevailed upon to become the patsy for an assassination attempt of the Prime Minister despite the inevitable long prison sentence this would land him. Dr. Michael Bronstein spoke about how the Shamgar selected those facts which would result in a conviction for Amir and avoided those facts that disproved his guilt. He showed how the forensics tests of the bullets prove that the bullets which killed Rabin could not be the bullets which came from the gun held by Amir.

Prof. Hillel Weiss of Bar Ilan University spoke about how the Rabin Assassination introduced a period of delegitimizing and demonizing religious and rightwing society.

Mr. Michael Raz is a police investigator who wrote a book about the State's most famous cases where justice was perverted by a conspiracy of high-ranking government officials. In several cases, he showed how innocent people were sentenced to sit jail in place of the real criminals. Drawing on his experience in the Police Investigations Unit, he claimed that the State Prosecutor's Office (headed by Edna Arbel today) is the government body which runs the Shabak and covers up for its illegal work. He spoke of falsified polygraph tests and blood tests which he had witnessed. He mentioned high-ranking Shabak officials who were rewarded with ambassador jobs for cooperating with illegal agendas of government officials, such as Carmi Gillon in Denmark and Sando Mazor, who was formerly in charge of police investigations and torture, who is today in Romania.

Mr. Raz also explained the reticence of the Rabin children to demand an investigation into their father's assassination, despite knowing it was a planned Shabak assassination. He said that such an investigation would expose to the public some of their father's more depraved deeds, such as planning a fake assassination attempt to win public sympathy and demonize the opponents to his Oslo Agreement, and fielding agent provocateurs such as Avishai Raviv to demonize the settlers and provide an excuse to deport them.

Dr. Chein, a hematologist from Asaf Harofe Hospital, explained the medical significance of Rabin's hospital reports and the hospital reports of his bodyguard, Yoram Rubin. According to the trajectory of the wounds recorded by the hospital staff, Rabin had to be in a bending over position, and shot at point-blank range by one bullet, and 20 cm by another bullet. Amir never got this close, and he only shot at Rabin when Rabin was in a standing position. This view lent credence to Chamish's claim that Yoram Rubin, the bodyguard, shot Rabin in the taxi.

Yoram Rubin claimed he was wounded by a bullet from Amir, but the medical documents show that his only wound was a scratch under the armpit which could only have been shot at a certain angle which Amir was incapable of. Rubin spent a week in the hospital with a large cast on his arm for this scratch. The nurses report that the only treatment he was given for his "gunshot wound" was iodine.

Towards the end of the conference, a Investigative Committee was formed of Dr. Weiss, Mr. Werker, Dr. Aryeh Zaritzky of Ben Gurion University, and Dr. Chein, whose mandate will be to honestly continue investigating the assassination in contrast to the government investigative commission whose goal was to cover it up.

Throughout Monday, Israel Radio held programs commemorating Rabin's "Legacy." One of the most quoted speakers was Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, who reiterated that ultra-rightists in the Jewish state were engaging in the same incitement that had preceded the 1995 assassination. It was positively ghoulish to hear Peres ascribe blame for Rabin's assassination on rightwingers: "It's the same incitement, it's the same people, it's the same blindness of people, the same lack of all sense of proportion and responsibility to the state".

Peres also spoke about the recent verbal attacks on him by rightists, who charge that he has fostered terror by continuing to hold out hope of negotiations with the Palestinians under Yasser Arafat's leadership.

The memorial events at Mt. Herzl began Sunday with a ceremony at the President's Residence in Yerushalayim. Inexplicably refraining from mentioning Yigal Amir by name, President Moshe Katzav significantly declared yesterday that there would be "no absolution and no pardon" for the killer of the former prime minister.

"The murder of a prime minister by a Jew, with the intention to foil a political move, is the type of action that can destroy the state," Katzav said, adding: "Israeli society is still tortured, pained and fragile. Our lives are not as they were."

Mysteriously echoing the words of Aryeh Deri's followers, Katzav declared, "We'll continue to remember; and we won't forget, nor forgive."


The author's books, including, THE LAST DAYS OF ISRAEL is available through www.amazon.com,

The new e-mail address for the 2nd edition of Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin is [email protected]

The Hebrew and English editions are available from the author as well.

Please visit http://www.webseers.com/rabin

The toll free numbers to inquire about all books are:

USA - 1 877 RABINYY 7224699
ISRAEL - 1 800 RABINY 722469

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