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Americans United For Life - The Elena Kagan File

Kagan's First Case as Solicitor General Was Suppressing Pro-Life Free Speech

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Americans United For Life

SCOTUS Nominee

'Get the Facts on Kagan's agenda-driven pro-abortion record'

Elena Kagan Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan & Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR)

Crossed Legs is a Secret Masonic Recognition Signal Often Used by Freemason Politicians. The Spouses and Daughters of Freemasons, often initiated into the cults closely controlled women's orders, are an integral part of the 'Masonic Family' filling important positions in the secret Freemason political network.
The Kagan File

•Legal Analysis of Kagan Appointment
•The "Judicial Hero" Memo
•The "Abortion Connection" Memo
•The "Abortion Funding" Memo
•Kagan, Marshall, and Abortion, Part I
•The "Pro-Abortion Politicians" Memo
•The "Partial-Birth Abortion Ban" Memo
•Kagan, Marshall, and Abortion, Part II
•The "Judicial Hero" Memo Revisited
•The "Foreign Justice" Memo
•The First Two Weeks
•The "Abortion Record" Memo
•Kagan, Marshall, and Abortion, Part III
•The "College" Memo
•Kagan, Marshall, and Abortion, Part IV
•The "Week Three
•The "Pro-Life Speech" Memo
•The "Proudest Association" Memo
•Kagan, Marshall, and Abortion, Part V
•The "Week Four" Memo
•The "Governmental Motive" Memo
•The "Assisted Suicide" Memo
•The “Human Cloning” Memo
•The “Agenda-Driven Judge” Memo
•The "Week Five" Memo
•The "No Impartial Justice" Memo
•The "Comparative Law" Memo
•The "Oxford Thesis" Memo
•The "Week Six" Memo
•The “Campaign Contributions” Memo
•The “Confirmation Mess” Memo
•The “Health Care Reform” Memo
•The “Questions for Kagan” Memo
•The Case Against Kagan

Kagan's Judicial Hero

•Human Events: Kagan's Judicial Hero
•AUL's Kagan File: The "Judicial Hero" Memo
•"Enlightened Despot", by Richard Posner
•"Barak's Rule", by Robert H. Bork (PDF)
•AUL's Kagan File: The "Judicial Hero" Memo Revisited
•AUL's Kagan File: The "Proudest Association" Memo

AUL Media Alerts

•Judge Bork to weigh in on Kagan nomination in exclusive RSVP-only news event
•Yoest applauds Sen. Sessions in call for postponement of Kagan hearings
•Postpone Kagan Hearings
•Yoest notes Kagan is "stealth candidate" with a "fill-in-the-blank" approach to law
•Dr. Yoest reacts to President Obama's Kagan nomination announcement
•Dr. Charmaine Yoest on Elena Kagan's Nomination
•Yoest: Short list to replace Stevens includes those "who have a radical track record" on abortion

AUL Blog Posts

•The Kagan Nomination
•A response to Media Matters
•Judiciary Committee SCOTUS Scorecard
•Kagan Confirmation Process: A Timeline
•Background information on "radical" short list of potential SCOTUS nominees

In The News

•LifeNews: Kagan Article Shows She May Use Motive Test to Strike Pro-Life Abortion Laws
•The Interim: Kagan: Obama’s girl for the Supreme Court
•LifeSiteNews: Memos Show Kagan’s Hand in Clinton-Era Abortion, Assisted Suicide Policy Decisions
•LifeNews: Judicial Expert: Memo Makes it Clear Elena Kagan Would Back Roe, Abortion
•Idaho Chooses Life: Obama Supreme Court Nominee a Radical
•LifeNews: Support for Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan Trails Previous Supreme Court Nominees
•LifeNews: Elena Kagan Calls Judicial Activist Judge Her Judicial Hero, Proudest Association
•LifeNews: Kagan's First Case as Solicitor General Was Suppressing Pro-Life Free Speech
•USA Today: Kagan campaign for Supreme Court: Both sides step it up
•LifeNews: Americans Expect Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan Will be Confirmed for Supreme Court
•OneNewsNow: Kagan's past still raising concerns
•Washington Times: SAUNDERS: With friends like these …
•The Catholic Thing: The Kagan Nomination
•LifeNews: Americans Expect Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan Will be Confirmed for Supreme Court
•OneNewsNow: Kagan's past still raising concerns
•NewsMax: Editorial: Kagan Put Foreign Law Before Constitution
•Christian Examiner: States opting out of abortion plans in new health law
•Boston Globe: Kagan memos as Justice Marshall’s clerk may draw GOP fire
•Medical News Today: Memos From Kagan's Clerkship For Thurgood Marshall Include Abortion Cases
•Washington Times: SAUNDERS: With friends like these …
•USA Today: Kagan campaign for Supreme Court: Both sides step it up
•LifeNews: Elena Kagan's Pro-Abortion Position is Clear, Just as Obama Promised
•Kay Daly: DEMAND that the Kagan hearings be postponed!!
•DFW Catholic: Senate urged to wait for Clinton documents before holding Kagan hearings
•LifeNews: Voters Oppose Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan Nomination, Say Confirmation Likely
•Catholic News Agency: Senate urged to wait for Clinton documents before holding Kagan hearings
•Corporate Counsel: Enough With the Mystery: Kagan Vetted for Views on Business
•Washington Whispers ( Archivist Confident Clinton Library Can Deliver Kagan Docs
•Washington Times: EDITORIAL: Kagan's Foreign law trumps con-law
•Politico: Abortion group wants later hearings
•LifeNews: Pro-Life Group Asks Senate to Postpone Hearings on Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan
•Washington Whispers ( Anti-Abortion Group Seeks Kagan Hearing Delay
•Ethika Politika: Disrobing Pro-Choice Euphemisms
•OneNewsNow: Kagan: Support unconstitutional measure for political gain
•LifeNews: Elena Kagan's Reliance on Foreign Law Worries Pro-Life Group on Abortion
•National Catholic Register: Kagan's Paper Trail (or Lack Thereof)
•National Review Online: Kagan's "Judicial Hero," Aharon Barak
•DFW Catholic: The "Foreign Justice" Memo
•Dakota Voice: Kagan: Favoring Foreign Law Over U.S. Constitution
•LifeNews: Barack Obama Sees Approval Ratings Decline After Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan
•LifeNews: Hearings on Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan Start June 28
•LifeNews: Thurgood Marshall's Pro-Abortion Record Good Indicator of Elena Kagan's
• Supreme Court contender: Public funding of abortion
•LifeNews: Americans Still Divided on Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Pick Elena Kagan
•LifeNews: Kagan Memo on Partial-Birth Abortion Shows She'd be Hostile to Pro-Life Laws
•RealClearPolitics: Abortion foes capitalize on health care law
•LifeNews: Report: Elena Kagan Has History of Working for Pro-Abortion Judges, Politicians
•Jacksonville Observer: Obama Steers the Court Sharp Left
•LifeNews: Republicans Likely Won't Filibuster Pro-Abortion Kagan, Promise Tough Hearings
• Kagan was member of pro-abortion group
•Human Events: Who Gets the Gag? Elena Kagan's First Amendment Problem
•LifeSiteNews: AUL: Kagan Donated to Pro-Abort Group
• Kagan's hero: 'Most liberal activist judge' in world
•Eagle Forum: Obama Steers the Court Left
•Fox News Video: Hot Button Confirmation Issue
•Fox News: Kagan's Nomination Sparks Speculation Over Her Abortion Views
•Vital Signs: Elena Kagan Is Very Bad News
• Pro-Life, Pro-Death: Revisited
•Hill Country Times: Obama Steers the Court Sharp Left
•NRO Symposium: Elena Kagan Is Obama's SCOTUS Pick; Now What?
•Baptist Bulletin:World News: May 12, 2010
•LifeNews: Democratic Senators Confirm Supreme Court Pick Elena Kagan is Pro-Abortion
•Dallas Blog: Kagan Pick Disturbs Pro-Life Groups
•LifeNews: Elena Kagan Donated to Pro-Abortion Women's Group With Ties to Emily's List
•NewsReal Blog: Elena Kagan: A Cookie-Cutter Leftist Nominee
•Washington Post: Right Now - Last call, 5/11
•Crosstalk Radio: Obama's Supreme Court Strategy
•DEACON FOR LIFE: Yoest Notes Kagan is 'Stealth Candidate' with a 'Fill-in-the-Blank' Approach to Law
•Illinois Review: Kagan is 'Stealth Candidate' with a 'Fill-in-the-Blank' Approach to Law
•Jezebel: Elena Kagan's Abortion Rights Stances Unclear
•Ethika Politika: Order in the Court?
•Review Messenger: Pro-life Death? – Revisited
• Kagan possesses 'anti-military' attitude
• Kagan: Anything but impartial
•A Woman's Place: The President's Nominee...
•Crosstalk Blog: Kengor: Pro-Life Death?
•Women of Grace: Pro Life Leaders Voice Serious Concerns About Elena Kagan's Views
•Texas Insider - Phyllis Schlafly: Obama Steers the Court Sharp Left
•Men's News Daily: Elena Kagan: Pro-Life Death?
• Dr. Paul Kengor : Pro-Life Death?—Revisited
•LifeNews: Pro-Life Death? Revisited: Electing Obama Yields Another Pro-Abortion Judge
•Human Events: Kagan's Judicial Hero
•beliefnet - The Deacon's Bench: Catholic group has "grave concerns" about Kagan
•California Catholic Daily - Pro-life groups worried
• Seven questions for Elena Kagan
•LifeNews: Pro-Life Groups React to Obama Nomination of Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan
•Iowa Independent: Grassley, Harkin sound off on Kagan nomination
•Daily Caller: Conservatives try to corral Tea Partiers in opposition to Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination
• Sotomayor Flashback #3 of 3: Cloaked as 'Both Sides,' Nets Pushed 'Abortion Rights' Advocates' Concerns
•Christian Post: Justice Nominee Kagan Stirs Some Concerns
•ReligionDispatches: Religious Right Aims To Portray Kagan As "Pro-Abortion"
• Conservatives Note Kagan's Anti-Military Views, Lack of Judicial Experience
•Politico: What the Elena Kagan pick says about President Obama
•Caffeinated Thoughts: Obama's 2nd SCOTUS Pick: Elena Kagan
•Main Justice: Interest Groups Rally Troops for Kagan Confirmation Battle
•Mary Richards and Me: "rule of law" no more
•Catholic News Agency: Pro-life groups criticize Elena Kagan's pro-abortion stance
•Washingtonian: SCOTUS Watch
•Legal Times: Advocates React to Kagan Nomination
•LifeSiteNews: Obama Nominates Pro-Abort Elena Kagan for Supreme Court
•Daily Caller: Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination: Conservatives respond
•Time - Swampland: First Reactions to Kagan's Nomination
•The Other McCain:Does Elena Kagan Support Roe v. Wade?
•LifeSiteNews: Obama to Pick Pro-Abort Elena Kagan for Supreme Court
•USA Today - The Oval: Obama to nominate Kagan
•ProLifeBlogs: AUL on Kagan's Nomination
•LifeNews: Barack Obama Names Pro-Abortion Activist Elena Kagan to Supreme Court
•National Review Online: Filing Early
•American Principles Project: Supreme Court Nominee Review
•LifeNews: Pro-Life Groups Condemn Obama Abortion Litmus Test for Supreme Court Pick
•Roll Call: Judicial Interests May Cash In on Supreme Battle
•The Atlantic: Pro-Life Group Warns of 'Vigorous' Opposition to 'Radical' SCOTUS Short-Listers

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