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Freemasonry in Pakistan & Afghanistan

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Military Junta, Pakistan, President Pervez Musharraf, Freemasons, Freemason, Freemasonry,

Pakistan, Freemasons, Freemason, Freemasonry,

Freemasonry in the News

Global Village Space: Freemasonry’s ‘Jadoo Ghar’ once existed in Pakistan - 23/01/2019

Pakistan - Dawn: The truth behind Karachi's Freemasons - 16/07/2014

The News International: Freemasons: The secret club of world’s most powerful men - 24/11/2012

Pakistan Today: Buried by Zia, Freemasons now haunt Punjab govt - 26/11/2011

Bloomberg: Pak Masonic Military Junta Suffers Setback: New Prime Minister Orders Judges' Release - Bro. Musharraf Watch - 24/03/2008

Bro. Hamid Karzai to Attend Davos Meeting in Switzerland


Delving into Davos: Where is Osama?

Telegraph: Pakistani officials know where Osama bin Laden hiding: Hillary Clinton - 11/05/2010

Bloomberg News - Pakistan Arrests Opposition Leader to Block Protests: Report - 15/03/2009

New York Times - Afghan Opposition says Bro. Karzai’s Presidential vote delay unconstitutional - 29/01/2009

Globe and Mail - Taliban turning to more complex attacks: Report - 26/01/2009

Washington Times: Pakistani revolution predicted - 20/10/2001

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