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Freemasonry in China

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China, Xi Jinping, Barack Obama, freemasonry, masonic, freemasons

China, Xi Jinping, freemasonry, masonic, freemasons

News & Research Articles

Freemasonry Watch . Info - LEAKED: Canadian military ordered to salute China President Xi Jinping, alongside North Korea (VIDEO) - 10/01/21

Hanoi (AsiaNews/EDA): Ho Chi Minh (Nguyen Ai Quoc) was a Freemason - 14/10/2015

Hong Kong/China - Joanna Chiu Blog: Hong Kong freemasons angered by cash controversy ‘cover-up’, Assault trial of Freemason in 2012 ‘unusual’ - 08/05/13

Associated Press - China's Top Cop Says He Sees Cooperation With Triad Gangs - 08/04/1993

Freemasonry in Singapore, Hong Kong & San Francisco

Freemasonry in Russia, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) and Russia

Further Reading

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