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Refutation of the New Age Movement

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Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

Resources to combat the New Age

Astrology and Horoscopes

Astrology refuted

Catholic Encyclopedia: Astrology

Reincarnation Refuted

File 1: Reincarnation refuted from Scripture

File 2: Two celebrated cases of "reincarnation" refuted

File 3: St. Irenaeus refutes reincarnation

File 4: Did the Catholic Church teach reincarnation until 553 AD?

The Resurrection of the Body as taught in the Creed

Catholic Encyclopedia: General Resurrection

Catholic Encyclopedia: Resurrection of Jesus Christ

New Age Teachers

Teilhard de Chardin: Rogue Theologian

Anthony de Mello: Dangers in his Writings


The Cross and the Veil

Questions to ask Christians who practice Reiki

New (10.17.2004)

The Occult Nature of Reiki

Other Resources

Catalog of the Cults

The Occult Origins of Reflexology Sean Hyland

Angels of the New Age Kind by Mary Drahos

Q & A Questions from readers

A Closer Look at the New Age Movement Fra John Carlo Rosales, FFI

The History of Tarot Cards Fr. William Saunders

The Age-Old New Age Movement by Harold J. Berry

Catholicism confronts New Age Syncretism Bernard D. Green

Spiritualism Herbert Thurston, S.J.

Conflict between Maharishi and Christianity Cardinal Sin, Archbishop of Manila

The Theosophical Movement

Theosophy: Origin of the New Age Part I C.C. Martindale, S.J.

Theosophy: Origin of the New Age Part II C.C. Martindale, S.J.


The Masonic Religion by William J. Whalen

Christianity and the Lodge by William J. Whalen

Papal Condemnations of the Lodge William J. Whalen

Carl Jung and his Influence

The JUNG CULT: The Church's Greatest Threat since Julian the Apostate by Paul Likoudis

Jungians believe Traditional Catholics impede "Renewal"by Paul Likoudis

Interview with Richard Noll, Author of "THE JUNG CULT"

The Enneagram

ENNEAGRAM by Ralph Rath

Enneagram versus the Catholic Church by Rick Kephart

The Enneagram Theory of Personality St. Catherine Review

"A Course in Miracles"

A COURSE IN MIRACLES by Edward R Hryczyk

A Course In Brainwashing by Tracy Moran

Other Links


MAGIC REALISM -A book review of The Occult Roots of Nazism, Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology" by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

Sean's Faith Website

Blessed Virgin Mary

The Holy Eucharist

The Church Fathers


Jehovah's Witnesses

Reincarnation/New Age

Historical Files

Online Books


Canon of Scripture

The Papacy

7th Day Adventism

Sola Scriptura?


Anti-Catholic Forgeries

Pro-Life Resources


Islam Examined

Conversion Stories

Catholic Charismatic Renewal

False Apparitions

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